Kid with mental health problems thinks he is the greatest boxer in the world Charlie zelenoff

you're fighting in three fight you're fighting pull out so now right there exposes the entire you know crap that you idiots said about the whole white sport you know how you Cornell said that I challenge you know fighters challenged guys until them yeah what suppose have a wide smart that I go off and throw bombs and them okay that's not true because I exposed you people I beat the shit out of a Special Ops soldier like tomorrow dot 1 X 1 plus s harm Yoshio window something inside of you since my stick my neck can you mention you get killed it's okay like it needs a doctor sir doctor please seek man it will see you back here on Tuesdays I don't know I want you to continue to take your medication well in the brought away that's mine or this part or this part or this part oh god I want he doesn't even have a fucking gun yo dude fuck are you fine you're going to fight Oh all right all right for and you said friendly fucker our world did say Channel no I wasn't motherfucking friendly no you were trying to fucking sleep no I guess you were all right oh fuck you think you doing I'll bet all right it's over and Boston are not under man now you said five seconds friends okay well hey Tech's forehead right tips for here right tents for here right kid we're not trying to smart you're right I'm not going to fight good yeah you you bastard we'll have a look at that motherfucker man heavyweight man fucking bitch ass box right client see now you know for you you you you you Arlie Charlie Charlie Z is a old trial easy mentally ill delusional schizophrenic expose expose expose expose expose


  1. gta

  2. Who said he’s got mental health?
    It’s a light he’s a YouTube he’s always fucking people up.

  3. Dum someone just K.O his ass For real and Have it recorded and let him know that he is undefeated so he can stop his bullshit

  4. I had not seen videos with this dickhead for months!! No idea how I bumped on this one today…🤔
    However 4:05 still very satisfying.

  5. Lmao insane he actually thinks he’s a bad ass huh?!

  6. 4:16 is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while 😂🤪 . . . .buddy raised his leg up about to cave Charlies head in 😂

  7. This dude still alive….why

  8. tell him go do boxing then he wouldent even last 1 round

  9. I would literally kill him

  10. If you're gonna try to roast and/or expose someone you might want to not seem like a total idiot😂

  11. Where is this dude i challenge him to a "lite sparring"

  12. Damn. Someone's going light that kid t f up one day. It's kinda sad.

  13. oh boy

  14. I knew there had to be some deep, deep, deep underlying issues with this guy. He is very serious about him being a great boxer but runs away from great boxers like an adolescent little girl haha.

  15. Someone needs to kill this dumbass already.

  16. Ik he has mental problems but
    You know…

  17. Hes not even that good. Im an amateur saying this, id deck him good ones to the side of his head for being disrespectful. Who is he

  18. 'you were trying to sleep me.
    No I wasn't!'
    How calmly he says 'yes you were' cracks me up 😂 Charlie messing with nice people getting messed up

  19. The video seems to have been made by someone barely literate.

  20. this video editing got mental health problems….what makes you think that repeat every line 4 times was a good idea?!!

  21. Lets spar Charlie bitch you a hoe ass dude man

  22. Pfftt, eating paint chips isn't hurting me! Yo! wanna friendly 5 Jujimufu…lol

  23. I hope whoever made this video gets hit by a train.

  24. ill bet charlie made all 11000 youtube accounts that gave a thumbs down/dislike to this video hahahahahahahaha seriously though i would not doubt it at all

  25. I wish this guy comes to Holland ask me to 'LITE SPAR' and i wil sucker puch this mofo with bare hands

  26. I would love to see him try that on Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali he would get knocked out first round. That kids a joke

  27. what is the big deal

  28. Your a Wannabe Boxer, Phony Tough Guy and a straight up POS!

  29. I kinda feel bad for him

  30. UBF? ultra butt fuck

  31. This guy is clearly retarded…like man its sad… why isn't he in a mental hospital…he clearly is disabled

  32. I hate him, what a stupid fucker

  33. Shite editing but fucking hilarious

  34. I wanna see the mental guy get knocked out

  35. I saw the video where an actual boxer beats him and puts him in his place , btw very bad editing bro. Shouldve sticked to the basics of just regular transitions and txt

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