alright guys we are at Planet Fitness and we're ready to do a workout so our challenge in here is to max out every machine that we possibly can without setting off this so-called wonk alarm now have you guys been to Planet Fitness before recently recently ok not recently I tan fair oh so they don't fit your regular are they gonna recognize you we're in sunglass okay we got just the sunglasses disguise I've got a water bottle we've got some shirts we're gonna try to make this happen but how do you think it's gonna go I think we're pretty prepared we've got all the all the gear all the ammonia things I mean it's do you think it's gonna be a good training session I think you can set up the lock alarm okay yeah yeah yeah I can't really fly under the radar so this hopefully will be very entertaining let's go get it done alright guys so we made it inside I don't know if we got recognized at the front desk I don't think we did it's my first time in a place like this so I feel very out of place I'm very used to a garage gym that's a little bit more grungy this is super clean I'm not quite sure what we're getting into to be fair but we're gonna try to go start working out ease into it and I'll take my sword shirt off and we'll fit we'll fill it out so hopefully have some fun Ronnie you know I didn't know Jesus come with no sandals mustard take us where you tank tops or no you get it blossom you wipe down the equipment at your gym let's start off with the trampoline yeah [Applause] Oh God we go your ultimate Oh what what's not what's it what's in the bag Oh God interesting oh you think this is are those pizzas a Nicholas came with our guest pass yeah and got it we got when we checked in it was awful let's start with the challenge but if you've never done these porn in his spot I'm not quite sure now please help again oh there we go the face of pretty good without the Mattocks that was the max hahaha this just max out yeah I guess he did yeah oh Jesus hooks you back yeah you child it's completed it's a good start and and no and no lunk alarm so we're good you warmed up I did I feel like I'm warmed up I just stopped just set myself free there we go [Applause] next max out back at this spot you scar on the back yeah Oh number two completely there's got to be something in here you can't match that I used to be the normal guy at the end good stuff good set this is gonna be a little bit more of a challenge to get into Planet Fitness machines patio not so much the maxing out like maxing out the size capacity of the machine you like you like watching Brian Shaw try to fit in small things subscribe to a channel come on I can't even help him yes ma'am this is going pretty well for you big man oh come on they're just big choo-choo good be free how do you feel being the first person in Planet Fitness ever to workout with a mouthpiece I'm perfectly okay with that yeah feel like it brings up the intensity I'm fine I'm finding it hard not to yell I'm actually finding it like really hard as we're gaining I wanted to really yell at you right then and I held back but we're gonna see some you actually get to something maybe more challenging yeah let's see if you can tell those yells and hold Yeller give me some pizza here you go Brian nice enjoy intra pizza thank you so yeah hey mr. Bradshaw can you sign my pizza box of course oh yeah yeah I love I love shining future ba make it out – Tim – Tim yeah oh my god do you want me to sign it or just your name just Tim just Tim yeah thank you you're welcome buddy yeah have a good day yeah I don't have a mouthpiece Brian but I brought no wrist wraps I don't know why you don't have the mouthpiece with you at all times it improves everything wrist wrap taco you put it down okay we don't want to suffer one up a few moments later alright so that was the first planet fitness location it did not work out as well as we had hoped but it kind of did in a way because I was able to max out pretty much all of the upper body pressing machines feel the same feel good I understand you got a height advance so what we're gonna do is we're going to call that good with the pressing upper body machines we're gonna go to another location and maybe get into some back or some legs and keep going we'll just rotate our Planet Fitness until we've hit a whole body routine yeah we're I mean a gym a different body part I think it works yeah so what we're gonna do we're gonna go find another one so what's the most weight that's been lifted husbands that this is it it is this is a record is what you're saying yeah it's wine it cook this record I like sitting back extension I do yeah it's exciting to set records this is about talking then would you like the honor from the first record I'll warm it up for you yeah that it that regular that's it oh that's because you're this tall yeah yeah that's why the range of motion is so low you're you're in a distinctive day I met a really big advantage she's yes but I'm a pretty good workout yeah they give you these at every Planet Fitness I think that standard when you walk in the door you get up yeah anymore place right I didn't like it guys uh you guys want to spot the side so these don't fall off Brian [Applause] didn't go off didn't go off just jump right in for something like that yeah the ammonia needs to happen the thing about the log line is it talks about slamming weights the gallon jug no I know promote you to that has five and then is okay yeah it was coming off so I had to keep pushing it in yeah like that's that's maxing it out it's done you don't undo a few more machines I think we should we're continuing our task we're on a mission to make this happen and it's yeah I'm feeling good about this Jim so far they like us they do alright so here's the challenge we're gonna do this 30-minute circuit we're gonna do one rep on each machine and see who can go the fastest Unwin sounds good one go get for you all Brian I know it I know it's gonna get you yeah I know it's we gotta have a life and skinny I could pull the top [Applause] where I like this one and get it done I don't know man I'm not hanging out this isn't cheap bro please this is I got it oh we got information on you this time oh that's a disadvantage what I gotta do these two what was that I was first so its first I think are you ready keep it on me you're not to run right your phone it's out oh god luck to not doing that that okay oh wait oh I forgot the light down machines I forgot to wipe down the machine I was pretty good good my bow is pretty good yeah all right I think see if these are uh Bryan Shaw sites are not with it that Pacific one-time starter Surya ready said wait wait wait there's an army sub position we've got an obstacle I'll have to come back to that one at the end you just you just can't the human an obstacle yeah yeah I don't know what to say I was trying to beat up to sleep yeah Oh okay oh my half drying time for that meeting zeusie Oh let's go I don't know I mean Ellis you sick antic I feel like I lost you forgot to clean everything's here to move fast for a big man you're disqualified yeah yeah pizza should have trigger the buckle on it several times right now but they're really cool here yeah I'm shocked at the dead-looking not but it was a judgment-free zone yeah and I didn't get judged to be honest I don't know at this point but we do have to say that this conquering planets Fitness if it's the only option I go to this moment absolutely yes it really nice to us this is the one yeah yeah so thank you guys we have to do for the workout your end hope you guys enjoyed the video go out and be great we will catch you next time and be free and be for you


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  8. Very few people there during-so no big deal. But, be honest. They're just mocking the environment. Yuckin it up, eating pizza, acting like douches. The judgement free environment is for people taking it seriously, there to try and better themselves. These guys are basically just being the people we all try to avoid at the gym.

  9. The only reason why I’m going to be training there this summer is because it’s free for teens

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    Me taking the last bite of the last pizza:"What?"

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  24. The maximum weight in ufc is 265lbs or 120kg. A big 150kg guy like Shaw used to be allowed in ufc in the first two years 1993-1995. They caused massive damage to their opponents so the lower weight limit of 265 lb was introduced in 1995. A 150 kg guy who knew mma at the top level would be very dangerous as the strength is unfathomable. Hafbor Julius Bjornsson is 180kg (395lb). He could literally pick up Overeem and throw him out of the octagon.

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  32. I don’t really understand PF ..The pizza Etc.. , and why others make fun of the place , I do however think if an very overweight person goes into a Gym they shouldn’t be made fun of so good concept with that , Where I go No out would make fun of ya .Hell I was 30 lbs overweight 2 yrs ago when I went and didn’t give a shit if any said anything to me . I dared them lol … But more ppl need to feel comfortable in going to the gym . Why is it hard for ppl to let overweight ppl workout.Thats a good thing what is the issue with this place ? Why can’t you wear tank tops Etc…

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