keys to performing at the highest level peak performance mind-body connection welcome in much love trap you're a really beautiful day really nice surf actually and I want to share something useful with you which is the connection between training physically in the environment playing sports lifting weights studying movement and performing with the mind so if you're a physical competitor such as the Magic the Gathering player you're going to benefit from your mental player Magic the Gathering you're going to gain from physical training and a lot of people over looked at at the same time if you're say a basketball player you're also not just a physical player your mental player you're a strategist if you want to be entering the league making a splash like wands a ball strategist right now right so that's a key that we're going to explore a little bit say you're coming from the perspective of mental performance magic player poker player eSports whatever right so I do play magic on the highest level I'm I'm good at this I'm trying to get to the World Championship and take it from there we'll see how that goes but definitely one of my biggest edges in this arena is my physical fitness it's not hard it's going to be hard when I go into days wake up at 5:00 a.m. fly to Japan 16 our time zone ahead change and try to perform this weekend unfamiliar environment eating food and I'm trying to beat the local players who woke up in their own beds right it's a difficult thing so me training for this physically instep studying what I'm going to eat and studying what I'm going to bring with me and studying the human sleep so I can get sankt as fast as possible that has made a huge difference in my performance and allowed me to perform better and it's it's a huge it's a huge thing being left on the table in magic which is why we have the game shaped group which I'm working on building so if you're into getting healthier or you're into peak performance mentally and you want to improve your high performer Dan or your yeah really it's really really four competitors you're a competitor and you realize you've been neglecting this you should apply to join that opening it up right now which is going to be cool excited to that putting more work into that and just generally like man you forget that your brain is physical organ and that every piece of tissue in your body cell is made from things that you bring into your body mostly through food water breathing right your brain is literally made out of what you ate so you want to build it out a good material then you should probably eat good right and the brain the whole system it's all physical so there's that and then from the other perspective say that you're coming from surf or something like that surfs very strategic so you probably already know that but from basketball or something like that and you think like I need to have the best shot I need to have the best handle the tightest handle I need to be the bounciest well you still don't want to miss the fact that hey it's a five-on-five strategy game we have to call other positions we have to have self-awareness other awareness we have to understand have some kind of semblance of how we're going to run our offense and our defense or whatever be able to adjust on the fly I need to know how to put this guy in the right spot if there's a switch take advantage other awareness recognize hey maybe the ball should be going over here or it's very very very deeply strategic game and the best players are the best strategist so my recommendation for you I don't have a group for you guys I just think you should play more games like magic is a cool one computer games most of us are sitting in on the screen too much these days so magic super good one for that yugioh chess poker stuff like that computer games are fine you know Gordon Hayward some other guys are known for playing Starcraft in the league and stuff like that so that's really helpful but you want to perform at the highest level you need to recognize the mind-body connection really train your mind and really train your body and you'll perform better at both so you know want to be a world-class athlete mental or physical it's really all the same and me I'm really hoping and wanting to raise the level of fitness in on pro magic because a lot of people are like hey there's no money in this or whatever fucking impress me guys come on right you want more magic more money from what you're doing be more impressive right so that's how got more money in pro magic as you be fucking cool and people will want to be with your brand or your fucking cool money will come your way you know you're fucking and when I say cool I mean you have it together you're fit mentally and physically right so that's something that's that's that's something you know there's some guys I'm not going to say call it individuals but just in general that's that's the next frontier of competitive for pro magic eSport stuff like that is like recognize that yo your athletes and you need to be training like athletes right again it's easy to be good at these things if you just do it every day and train every day most people are going to play every day a lot of people aren't even willing to do that they burn out but if you're willing to train every day you can be great at anything train physically train mentally game shape play games stay in shape train so hope you find that useful let me know what you think leave a comment down below for a feedback and as an exercise what is uh what's your what do you compete in I want to know what do you compete in in the game is a sport leave that comment down below and how are you how are you training the other part if it's a sport how are your training the mind if it's a mind game how are you training the body and leave that in the comments and I'll make sure to hit that subscribe if you haven't already share this with people who could use it hit that share button and make sure to turn on the bell so you get notification when the stuff goes up and follow me on the other social media well too many links too many plugs much love really appreciates you and hope to see a growing body in mind peace


  1. What's up Travis. I just started to play basketball again after years of being away. The counterpart to my basketball is playing gears of war on Xbox but I find that sitting in a chair for an extended period of time hurts my body especially since I work. I really need help in developing my lateral movement and agility since I had ACL surgery 8 years ago 🙂

  2. I love ur videeos bro keep em coming

  3. Basketball.
    you should have more subscribers
    and what game are you talking about

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