Kettlebell Workout – Kettlebell Bottom Up Press exercise

yes coach Nixon anello I want to talk to you a little bit about one of my favorite new tools to use here performs University the kettlebell this is an exercise that the kettlebell folks call the bottom up press I use that same name some people that understand the kettlebells are using it but I don't see it enough in the strength and conditioning community and success we've been having here with our athletes using this exercise is fantastic so I'm going to show it to you now basically what you do is you take a kettlebell a little bit late at first because to love stability you hold it with the bottom up like so parallel grip you want to keep your eyes on the kettlebell don't rely on the mirror and then you basically perform a fundamental shoulder press staying in neutral posture which is the thumb back and then slowly bring it down though the way I like to teach it is the control pace up but whatever you can get it up there at but about three seconds plus down keeping a neutral spine if that bell starts to fall you want to have your hand in there to catch it you want to talk about a fantastic shoulder exercise for building rock-solid joint stability and all and a new creative exercise to give you a new muscular similar stimulus and you get new results give the bottles up kettlebell press and try

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