– Guys, I cannot believe the
amount of positive responses that I got back from the past
three meal prepping videos. It just absolutely blows me away. So thank you so much. This video today is for you guys. I’m gonna take it up an extra
notch and I’m going to provide you something really special. Today is a complete seven-day
meal plan that comes with all the calories, all the macros
planned down, all of the recipes and the entire
shopping list that you need to get started. I’m going to show you how
to make all of the recipes for the meal plan right now,
with the exception of bacon and eggs because I’m pretty
sure you already know how to make bacon and eggs. I’ll give you that one. And stick around till the end
of the video because that’s where I’m gonna share with you
how to actually get the meal plan and all of things that
are included in this video. So, let’s get started. (light music) So we’re gonna start with some
buttery steak and broccoli. So, grab a head of broccoli
and cut up all the florets off the actual broccoli head. Put them to the side and
you’re going to steam them for about 10 to 15 minutes
just until they are tender. Place them on a plate and
then we’re gonna get started with the steak. So you’re gonna salt
both sides of the steak. Be very liberal with the salt. Don’t be scared of the salt especially on the ketogenic diet. And you’re gonna heat up
a frying pan to very hot. And then place it in and we’re
gonna sizzle it for about two or three minutes each side. When you flip it, place the
butter in and put some rosemary over the top and just
start spooning the butter over the steak. It is going to taste absolutely
delicious and the rosemary gives it a really, really nice flavor. (light music) So now we’re gonna move
on to the scrambled eggs with avocado. So you’re gonna crack three
eggs into a bowl and mix it around with what I call
this magic whisk here. I have put the link to this
in the description below. You’re gonna add some salt
and pepper and you’re gonna cut up half an avocado by
simply going around the outside of the seed and heating up a
frying pan, putting some butter into the frying pan, about
a tablespoon and putting all of the eggs that you
whisked up just before. Now, it’s going to be very,
very quick and you’re going to just move it around
slightly and remove the eggs when they are still a little bit gooey. Now, you can cut the avocado
up however you like but this is just a fantastic meal for breakfast and it’s really, really nutritious. So this is a lamb chop and
we’re gonna make a feta salad with this as well. So do exactly the same as
you would with the steak with the lamb chop and add
some rosemary over the top and spoon the butter as you go. It really is the best way
to cook any style of meat in the frying pan. And you wanna keep all
of the juices with it. Now, get about a cup of
spinach and you’re just gonna crumble some either Danish
or Greek feta over the top and get some olive oil in
there with some salt and pepper and mix it all together. (light music) Now, I’m not sure whether
you’ve steamed chicken before but this is a really simple way to do it. And you can cook all of your
green veggies at the same time. So you just mash it out with
a meat tenderizer in between two bits of baking paper there
so it’s really nice and thin. So this is bok choy and you
just wanna cut the ends off it and wash the inside because
it tends to build up a lot of dirt on the inside. Now, take a stick of ginger
and the actual recipe calls for shallots but I’m using
basil today, whatever you want. But this is a trick to chop
basil without bruising it. You wanna roll it up and
then slice it like you would anything else. Add plenty of sesame seed oil in there and mix it all around. This is going to go on top of the chicken once it’s done steaming. So you wanna steam it in
there for about five minutes each side and put the
Asian greens on top of it. And so, look at that. It’s fantastic. It comes out really, really
juicy and you serve it with the Asian greens that have been
steamed there and also the sauce that you made on top. (light music) So for breakfast, you’re gonna start off with an avocado smoothie
which is basically a cup of spinach, a cup of almond milk, two tablespoons of chia seeds, some ginger which contrasts nicely with
the avocado, half an avocado and a tablespoon of coconut oil. And so you’re gonna put
some ice in there as well if you desire but it’s up to you. Blend that until it’s really,
really well mixed together. You pour that into a cup
and drink that for breakfast and it’s delicious. Bunless cheeseburgers
are really easy to make. Now, with beef patties
you wanna push the inside of the beef patty down so
that when you’re cooking it, it doesn’t become raw on the inside. And you’re gonna put some cheese on it when you flip it over. We’re just gonna cut up
some onions and a little bit of tomato as well. And you’ve got a leaf
of an iceberg lettuce. Now, these are perfect because
you just put all of the ingredients inside so you’ve
got some mustard there. You put the beef patty with
the melted cheese on top and a little bit more mustard
and some tomato and onion. Wrap that all up and it
seriously tastes like the best cheeseburger you’ve ever had. And if you’re using good quality meat, this is really healthy for you. (light music) Throw out the taco seasoning
because tacos are basically a mix of paprika and cumin. And if you get those two
right, you can make mints taste really, really good. Now, the trick with using
iceberg lettuce is to cut it from the stalk like I did just
then and then slice the end floppy bits off so you’ve
got a really nice shell. And you’re just gonna spoon
that mint into there, add some tomato and a little bit of shredded cheese and some sour cream in there
and you have a perfect taco. (light music) Cobb salads are really delicious
and all you need to do is cook up some bacon, also boil
an egg and you’re going to cut up some lettuce and
put that into a bowl. I’m using iceberg lettuce but
you can use romaine lettuce if you like. Some cherry tomatoes in there. Using the bacon that you’ve
previously cooked, push with the back of your knife, don’t ever
use the blade of your knife to get anything off a chopping board. You wanna have some cheese in there. And you wanna cut the egg
so it’s nice and runny and that’s a perfect Cobb salad
that’s really, really delicious. Sesame beef coleslaw or
otherwise known as crack slaw is basically just some
mints, some coleslaw mix, some vinegar, some soy
sauce, some sriracha sauce and a whole bunch of sesame seed oil. And you’re just going
to cook all of that down until the coleslaw has become
quite soft and you’re gonna add some sesame seeds in there. Eat it for dinner and store some for tomorrow’s lunch as well. It’s a really delicious meal. (light music) Now, rib eye with Brussels sprouts is probably one of my favorite dinners. You’re just gonna cut up a
whole bunch of Brussels sprouts, add some paprika and any kind
of herbs you want in there with some olive oil. And you’re going to bake
that for about 20 minutes in the oven and they
come out super crispy. So you’re gonna have that
with your rib eye steak. And you just cook the rib eye
steak exactly how I told you in the previous section of this video. And it’s going to come out
really, really delicious. (light music) Thank you so much for watching, guys. Make sure you go to the URL
on the screen right here because that’s where you’ll be able to get the free meal plan with
the entire shopping list and all of the calories and
the macros planned out for you. Again, thank you so much for
watching and see you next week.


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