Ketogenic Diet: Anti Aging & Longevity Benefits

Keto diet and longevity. So most people
realize that keto is great for burning fat and losing weight but then they hear
on the other side a lot of opponents claiming that the body needs
carbohydrate and if you cut it out too extremely you won’t live as long and
it’s unhealthy and side-effects and so forth so let’s take a really close look
at the mechanisms and what’s really going on here. So there’s a lot of
studies out but one review study I found which was interesting was ketone bodies
mimic the lifespan extending properties of caloric restriction so back in 1935
they found out that rats lived longer if you fed them less so they reduced their
diet they reduced their caloric intake basically starved them by feeding them
30 to 50 percent less than a normal rat would eat and they found when they did
that continuously then the average lifespan of the rat went from 500 days
to 820 days so about a 60% increase in longevity and ever since then there has
been this association between calorie restriction and longevity and they’ve
been able to duplicate this in a number of different species so it’s not just
like rats they’ve done it with tiny tiny things like yeast or nematodes or fruit
flies but they also done it with mice and primates so what is it about calorie
restriction that makes you live longer that’s what they try to figure out and
they had different theories maybe it’s that the cells turn over slower there’s
less wear and tear maybe it’s that the body fat is reduced when you starve the
rats maybe the fat is so bad that it it’s to
sit on your body that it it does bad things and makes you live shorter maybe
it’s the inflammation because we all know inflammation is is bad and starving
reduces overall inflammation may be body temperature because once you restrict
once you starve it the body thinks I don’t have as much to burn so I better
conserve it and turn down the furnace I can last a little longer or insulin
they’ve noticed that a lot of these things seem to do with insulin so let’s
look at insulin just a little bit closer and realize that insulin is what they
call a mitogenic hormone what that means is it increases mitosis and mitosis is
cell division or cell replication so anytime a cell makes a copy of itself
then it divides one time and they found that you only have so many copies
available it’s called a hayflick limit and it’s tied in to longevity and
telomeres and so forth which is a genetic marker of how long you can live
based on these cell divisions and we found that insulin increases the
turnover rate it increases the rate at which cells make copies so that can be
good in terms of of growth or repair but it can be really really bad because it
also increases cancer because it makes the cancer cells turnover and replicate
faster too and it’s been associated with atherosclerosis because it makes the
first of all it increases inflammation and a lot of the plaquing is in response
to that but it’s also been shown to increase the formation of the a
thoroughness of the atherosclerosis which leads to heart disease and of
course it’s been linked to aging because insulin if it tends makes the cells
turnover faster then it increases the rate of aging so when we look back
because they could never quite figure out which one of these is it but once we
look at this we realize that insulin has to do with virtually every single one of
them because insulin increases the turnover insulin is a fat storing
hormone insulin is inflammatory increases inflammation body temperature I don’t know if that would be directly linked
specifically to insulin and of course the insulin is linked to insulin so most
of the reasons for the mechanism is tied to insulin so what happens when we storm
the rats well there’s two things that always go together first is that we
reduce insulin because insulin is there to process carbohydrates and when you
eat less you’re gonna eat less carbohydrates
there’s less need for insulin you’re also going to increase ketones
so these always go together insulin and less insulin and more ketones they
always go together and it is always healthy it’s always
favorable except in one case and that is in type 1 diabetes when the insulin goes
to zero and then the ketones go sky-high which is a pathologic disease condition
as long as you have the ability to make some insulin then it is healthy to
increase the ketones and there’s different ways to increase the ketones
so we know it happens in starvation or in fasting which is prolonged periods of
not eating whether it’s voluntary or involuntary fasting is generally
considered voluntary and starvation’s considered involuntary exercise will
increase ketones and low carb diets with increased ketones so the question then
becomes which one is it that produces the beneficial results is it less
insulin or is it more ketones and we don’t have a clear answer on this but we
don’t really have to worry about it because one always follows the other so
if we get one we always get the other they both seem to have tremendous
benefits to themselves if we reduce insulin we reduced 95% of all
degenerative disease when we increase ketones we tend to get
certain observable benefits as well we can treat various different conditions
with it we know obesity and diabetes improve
with ketosis but they’ve also found a lot of other
neurological conditions that have pretty much been resistant or they didn’t get
any results at all until they tried ketones and things like Alzheimer’s and
Parkinson’s and ALS really severe neurological diseases tend to get better
with more ketones one more thing that ketones do is they’re metabolized
differently inside the cell inside your cell you have mitochondria which produce
most of the energy for you the vast majority of all energy used is in the
mitochondria and they have different pathways and it turns out the ketones go
through a more efficient pathway they can bypass a step or two and therefore
they can produce more ATP or more of your energy currency per unit of oxygen
so it’s more efficient and it produces less damage less oxidative damage by
burning ketones and burning other sources of fuel and one thing we have to
realize which this is my opinion based on a bigger perspective and a way of
observing things naturally is you don’t improve all these different conditions
you can’t improve such a wide variety of condition by making someone less healthy
so the biggest detractor for the opponents the biggest argument is that
sure it helps for for obesity and diabetes but we don’t know the long-term
effects we it’s it’s bad for this or you have to have carbs or fat is is bad and
they’re pulling these statements but they can’t really put the picture
together but the one picture I want to keep in mind is if it brings together if
you’d improve such a wide variety of conditions then it’s not a bad thing So
ever since 1935 when they first figured this out
the calorie restriction has been a huge topic it’s been something that people
say oh yeah if only I could do that if only I could restrict my calories for
the rest of my life then I would live a whole lot longer but the problem is when
you starve yourself then unless you want to be a rat and they put you in a cage
and just feed you half of what you want to eat you’re not going to be able to
keep it up because hunger doesn’t feel good the vast majority of people are not
going to be able to keep it up so we know that calorie restriction improves
insulin and ketosis reduces insulin increases ketones but you get hungry so
wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way that you could reduce insulin and
increase ketones without going hungry and I know I’ve heard about something I
think there’s there’s something I’ve I heard that could do that but no wait
wait here it’s coming to me oh yeah the ketogenic diet that’s what it is
because when people do that they reduce insulin they increase ketones
but they don’t go hungry and this is not so easy to understand for people who
haven’t tried it but once you try then you notice that your body wants fewer
meals because fat is very satisfying then you can go longer between meals so
in the end you end up eating a little bit less maybe not less calories
probably a little bit but maybe not but the main thing you get is reduced
insulin and increased ketones so you get these anti-aging benefits you get all
these health benefits because it is primarily about the insulin and possibly
some about the key but it’s certainly not about the
calories the reducing of the calories only results in changed insulin and
ketones it’s not the calories per se so please share this video with anyone that
you care about because we want to get as many people as possible healthy we want
to help people understand the true principles the true mechanisms around
health not just memorize a laundry list of things to do because that’s
short-lived but once we understand the mechanisms the big picture then we can
start creating a long term healthy lifestyle so leave your comments and
questions below and thanks for watching


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