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what's up what's up what's up ladies and gentlemen today gives an outfit which means I'm not going to train with the wigs today because I trained yesterday but I got to give you up some constant I need some value and a good run to my mother when I probably about 2 and 1/2 mile run a little bit so I'll sing it to myself what can I do for a video today and I've got two packages that came in the mail the ones from Quito sports and ones from Keough vitals they were kind enough to send me some samples I've also got some from perfect keto coming I'm going to do a review on that one as well I forgot to open these up and give you a little insight let's call that think about let's do a will open up keto vitals first because in case you see what we're getting it's like Christmas in on August 7 monthly so Kiko vials what'd I get I got keto vitals high dose electrolytes it's kind of cool promotes energy mood sleep and muscle satisfaction guarantees 120 capsules no carbs no calories take one serving of cue vials a day with width without food up to four servings daily head needed it's supplementing with vitamin D tequila bottles at the same time for added absorption it's kind of cool so basically one capsule see how big these sad boys are taking the horsepower if it is that's too big so that is the capsule so we have sodium as sodium chloride 350 milligrams calcium as calcium carbonate hundred milligrams in Pat's campus the testing cord 99 milligrams and then my medium and magnesium chloride hexahydrate 200 milligrams so obviously this is actually pretty cool with safe dungeon when you're on the ketogenic diet in to make sure your electrolytes are balanced so you gotta make sure your sodium which I use the pink Himalayan salt core and you may medium catch him instead of the main times before but the like a an avocados got about a thousand milligrams of potassium in there the FDA is regular that you cannot have more than 99 milligrams of potassium in it actual potassium supplement so finding ways to get more that is really good I like this is because I don't need a whole about the color because my carbs but they basically taken all your essential actualize their sodium potassium magnesium it put it in easily to ingest too so that's kind of cool let's take on our next perfect now thank you very much Kito bottles I appreciate them I will be feeling good now I have no doubt now let's try this one here keto sports I kind of got a little antsy and open it up a little bit but I haven't tried it yet so first time for me I must say I am impressed with packaging so like a middle aluminum container 61 calories derived from ketones we have zero fat zero carb zero protein and then twelve point nine grams of beta hydroxy butyrate and 910 milligrams of potassium I'm actually really excited about this for a multitude of reasons the beta hydroxy butyrate assaults are really popular in the exoticness ketone world but whenever you have that you're getting a huge bolus of sodium all at once which I have found to be almost kind of productive I haven't balanced up the rest of my studying in the day so I'm excited to try this it's largely regulated and unregulated but the stores looking for its balance with taxing this as opposed to some of you there is 900 milligrams of sodium that's actually pretty little compared to other products in the marketplace Kirkland so let's see few directions cubelets elevates blood ketone levels with the directions here it comes with a paper tear so you need to read the directions if you can put my name apple and I like that very person thank you very much kilo sports for some criteria to use mix 30 milliliters of the concentrate with 8 12 ounces of ice-cold water and consume for an immediate ketone boost sorry milk ears so how much of milliliter is going to be like a tablespoon hold that thought I've got a conversion where I will take too much or too little I want to get the full effect so about 2 tablespoons xn right it's a 30 milliliters in about two tablespoons I've got some water here got 16 ounces of water cracking this may be open-toe just there's a link there but I want to make sure I did this right so here we go so that's pretty good this is lime a flavour so just one of those from theirs to take spoon I don't need ketone script right now notice I detest pre and post ingestion of this I'm going to get some of those soon and then I'll do this experiment again but would you think I'll probably feel here I've come on actually pretty tasty and I didn't even use ice-cold one or seven lukewarm I was actually pleasantly surprisingly tasting a lot of keys on products and get way too much sodium in there and I'm just not not very flavorful but that's actually really good so 2 tablespoons I had 16 ounces of water it is 146 was it tough I'm going to give that about 15 minutes to kick in and then I'm going to go for a run I have not yet eaten yet today I've just had my coffee so it should be a pretty good indicator of whether I experience more energy on that run now I'll catch you a little bit real quick I just now saw this he does sports sent me a postcard a little handwritten note that's awesome thank you I appreciate that you know it's pretty cool that's up kind of an influencer I guess Anna I don't really feel like I'm there yet but I'm getting there in this industry the ketose community which is an awesome community by the way some of these supplement companies will send me stuff and now obviously their business is trying to make money you know there there won't me to promote that I believe in it which I'm all for like I believe in the breath I'll chop them up what's just is what you get with me though you know like if you send me a favor product I don't have a problem telling people it is true but the fact that y'all took the time to write a and little a handwritten postcard that that means a lot of cool yeah I'll go for this run now and see how the keto blitz kicks in along with my electrolytes from Quito violence so thanks both yell very much I appreciate it and all give me some feedback in a bit all right get done running on my phone on me but I did two point six miles I think like at 8:30 pace pretty good this is the third day of run for my party I've been running at least two miles and every day that I don't wait turn and let me say it makes it feel so good I slept in with it last night but when I sleep when I get a little groggy so I kind of wanted to jumpstart my you know energy and feel good about my day I thought I can accomplish something so one on that two-and-a-half mile run just so much better now by the way the keto blitz I'm going to try this tomorrow when I train tomorrow the back day I'm going to dentist with it the run felt great so no complaints there and I said I'm gonna get some ketone strips and test this pre and post you know ingesting the keto blisters see how much it affects my ketone levels but until then I'll see you all tomorrow for back days


  1. i take dr. bergs electrolytes, well not so good…. how is it dr, berg gets 1000 mg of potassium, but its reg at 99mg of potassium…. bullshit

  2. It is an awesome community! Everyone is very nice to one another from one blog or youtube channel to one another. Also very nice to their nice fans.

  3. Great stuff man. Maybe in the future you could give me a shout out . I will apreciate that. Thank you . Keep up the good work.

  4. Love the casual flex at the beginning!

  5. was that a benchmade knife? solid stuff.

  6. waiting on those final thoughts. i've been leaning out for a vacation coming up. nothing but steak and chicken salads for last 3-4 weeks. Anything to help maintain ketosis is great.

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