Keto and Low Carb Nutrition – The Therapeutic Benefits

grant Schofield here with karyn's oh hello and we're talking about low-carb kidonia fresh and therapeutic benefits we're making a course what are we gonna put on it obviously some stuff about the science and practice of low carb healthy fit and keto diets it's gonna have science I'm gonna be out here yep I'm gonna be with dr. Simon for me if you Demi ology yeah that's a good idea and of course we can't not have our dear old dr. Katherine crops on hyperinsulinemia and deep ascribing we need that ok science all the Snyder stuff back here because that's sort of cool right like that all the stuff about anabolic and catabolic signaling and yeah keto is just taking off because the science is just on thawing before us yeah it is but you know you've gone to science geek and we have to bring it down to practice and we have to talk about actually how do you do this what do you eat how do you troubleshoot so there's got to be a lot of stuff in there about practice okay well why don't we have over my fridge here let's see if these guys have cream cheese mate but it's for the doll water cup watcher vegetables everywhere yeah I'm pleased to say I'm pleased pleased to say that the fridge is looking good but Hey look over here what is going started stop it these guys have a bit of cred and low carb high fat so eggs over here we safe to do a course well if you want to do behaviour change what else would you do so we will need to bring in dr. Louise Schofield because she's a behavior change it expert because of course it's not just about telling people what to do it's really working through how to do it as well okay and we've now also got dr. Flynn Davies Glynn Scott gonna talk about how you should do this in general practice how do you raise the conversation with someone how do you in two minutes go oh this is like a kid oh this is why you could get some doing and then this is behavior sounds good low-carb pedo interests and therapeutic benefits and I'm gonna look into all those things to do with diabetes cancer because that's a really interesting and emerging field you're doing neurological conditions so what's in there Parkinson's dementia epilepsy brain cancer which will come into both what grants is everything my mantra yeah we took migraines and a little bit about concussion as well cool stuff sorry first like a kilo nutritional therapeutic benefits in practice you

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this, I did keto for three weeks last year but found it hard trying to meal plan and get macros correct.

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