Ketamine users on health problems caused by drug

and um lots less well as cystitis cramps in your belly like he gets serious pains it caused digestion problems and it just causes you lots of pain and for an ultra scanner the Bri and they said I had sort there weren't quite sis but some kind of systems all over my bladder do you think there needs to be more awareness though then ya know then he spent a lot more awareness in the whole kind of I mean there's leaflets that go around that I've seen quite a few around but nobody I mean most of the time the end time I want anybody end up every pick some up is turns my keyboard right it's commonplace it's you see people walking around the street with a polo which is white crust of came in around your nose or snail trails which is came in on your sleeve and it's just accepted you stand off and 15 quids worth can last you a month of nights out and then you can both quite easily end up doing 15 quid in one line and that'll last you an hour you get a lot pain over time things yeah like these like cramps really K cramps cystitis the pence I've suffered have been very very very very sharp pains in my stomach they've had me screaming out in agony for days on end when I when I went to toilet outside getting blobs of blood and read about badder pains your brother starts shrinking so after going to toilet like every couple of hours if I knew that this would do this to me when I was that young I will not on it when you die how much do you know I believe but actually you can't stay away from it and do you believe that kind of you know your body can recover always been since December it's got bear but I wouldn't say I wouldn't say I'm recovered definitely not I still get a lot of pains I don't know this is going to affect me for the rest of my life I don't know


  1. FDA approved it for Depression.

  2. Yes, ketamine abuse CAN cause these problems, but only when it's HEAVILY abused for months/years. Simply trying the drug, or only using it 1-3 times a month in reasonable doses will not result in serious adverse effects

  3. wooks everywhere

  4. how the fuck is 15 quid gonna last months??? a zip in usa goes for 1000-1200usd how much a zip goes for in europe??? its fucked too cause with a real tolerance a zip only last me a 4 days to a week. Finally somewhat sober stopped for 10 days and my bladder got almost completely better but ive been doing it a little bit recently like the last 4 days and my urine is already starting to burn again.

  5. Ketamine cures cancer

  6. That man is beautiful.

  7. Spit the drip

  8. I didnt know pirates used ketamine ☠

  9. All these guys are very articulate.

  10. Going to the toilet every couple hours is normal tho

  11. I’ve done about 6 lines of k in my life and it’s honestly amazing but after seeing this I probably won’t be touching it again stick to my greens I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. I like that, addicts stating "there should be awareness, etc"…how about DONT DO DRUGS! That's all the awareness you need

  13. unsynced eye blinking = neurological damage

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  16. I have never abused drugs, but I am a survivor of meds including Zoloft. My doctor never warned me that Zoloft is hardcore dope with side effects similar to street drugs. My life has been ruined by permanent side effects, but I am raising awareness to prevent more tragedies. I often relate the most to ketamine addicts, as Zoloft is basically a harder version of ketamine. Almost everything in ketamine's chemical structure, Zoloft has, too. Zoloft's alternate reality is similar to ketamine's, and so is Zoloft's high, which can happen even when taken as directed. Please read my full story here:

  17. I iv ketamine a lot I get 4 grams and do it every 2 weeks over the weekend I like it but I'm getting over it

  18. lose grams on the special k diet

  19. Man i'd love a line right about now


  21. Ket is for horses

  22. What if you are using ketamine therapy? Does this apply to addictive use only?

  23. Just say no mkay

  24. All of this is happening to me its sketching me the fuk out and my insides are Fuked

  25. In the 1990's they started to put toxic preservatives in Ketamine, making the drug much harder on the body causing the health issues mentioned in these videos. They fail to mention the alteration and the toxic crap they added to K where before these problems did not exist.

  26. It should be noted that the cystitis damage ketamine causes only rears its heads in chronic users, over long periods of time (i.e., years). So quite prolific quantities of the drug must be consumed before it begins to wreak this kind of havoc on the abdominal and bladder system.

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