Ken Starr calls out House Dems for exercising ‘raw power’ against Trump


  1. This channe is annyoying AF with all these FUCKEN commercials. BYE BITCHES


  3. bill and hilary clinton are about to assume their rightful thrones over the ineptness and impotence of the trump conservatives too stupid to stop them.
    God has blessed America with his mighty liberalism and will condemn the conservative satanists to eternal damnation.

  4. If you are for Trump, you are for Putin and ISIS. GO TO HELL!!

  5. Semen on a dress = a shadow trump government? Right.

  6. This is not a trial it is more like a grand jury pursuing evidence to indict or not. Ken Starr knows this but is just being a tool. All the evidence when collected will be presented in the trial and bear in mind the mountain of evidence it will take for a republican to vote for impeachment will have to overwhelming.

  7. Guys, Schiff is leading the march. ADAM SCHIFF!!!!

    He leaves breadcrumbs everywhere he goes. 😂

  8. I feel it is time for open season on democrats!

  9. Remember the blue dress

  10. It's a shame! Illegal proceedings that the Republicans and President Trump should not participate in! Demonrats be damned!

  11. If the stalinist dems are railroading the prez why wouldn't they enslave us, make us destitute and send millions to their intended gulags

  12. This is rich coming from Starr. If secrecy is so bad how come Dj Trump and all people from Trumps administration was allowed to hide in closed sessions?

  13. Where's Barr? When is going to step in & help out?

  14. And when they say “ HERE IT IS”…it will be what THEY WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SEE/HEAR!!!

  15. They don’t care about the American People or the Constitution!!!

  16. Really rich to have Ken Starr suggest Clinton impeachment was valid, yet an inquiry on all the chaos that is Trump (which includes criminal acts) is not.
    You can’t argue that Trump didn’t call for a an investigation of Biden, so argue process.


  18. Democrats are moving to flat out Fascism.

  19. Democrats want it done in Private because they are scared of the truth they know they have not got the right to do this, the people voted for this President with no help from anyone including Russia, they have been telling lies right from the start Strozk and his lover and so many others, Pelosi is a deranged woman and Mueller her boyfriend both hate Trump. This is totally immoral and it will fail this is a pretend impeachment to stop President Trump getting Votes he didn't do anything wrong they know it. There are no Whistleblowers it's a set up. You have the transcript why would you need a Whistleblower, this is all fake they will look so bad they are using this because they are trying to stop the President being elected it Ain't going to happen. They should be stopped and thrown out of congress Pelosi isn't normal she is bent and working in a criminal manner so is Schiff he should have been thrown out for his fake speech and his lies regarding the two fake whistleblowers. No need, why are so many people allowed to listen to the Presidents calls they could be spies selling this stuff this is why there are leaks to the press. Very very bad!!

  20. Schiff is a Fascist.

  21. ken starr has no moral high ground

  22. What is the point of having whistleblower status? To be protected? If your protected what's the reason for remaining anonymous? Especially in a government position, this individual should be brought forward to testify his alligations and either be Hailed as a Hero for fighting corruption or be Ousted for being a Bipartisan Hack.

  23. trump's impeachment will be the same as nixon's. will be the same articles of impeachment!

  24. all that is in the dark SHALL COME TO LIGHT

  25. Why did he not say ABUSE of power? – why call it RAW power? It's concealed so public can't see how these people are being treated.

  26. This is not the American political system that is for the people and by the people. I am tired of the Democrats double standards.

  27. its actually a coup not impeachment

  28. Schiff is acting like a DICTATOR.

  29. if they can do all this to trump and slander him and step on his 6 ammendment the people dam sure wont get a say in this impeachment

  30. they are never gonna get trump out of office. and the globalists will lose big time in 2020. in the meantime, i guess we will continue to have to put up with these shenanigans

  31. Robert Ray CHOSE to have mercy on Clinton if he paid his accuser & confessed. How I wish he had gone ahead & prosecuted/impeached! But still they would have followed the rules, like DEMS are NOT! Guess GOP's will become hardened, also?

  32. Do USA a favor ! Take out a demonrat leftist, and bury it !

  33. Ha whiney babies…. wah.. why the secrecy..poor us…
    Yeah that's all the Democrats need is having your partisan hacks there so you can strong arm everyone into stonewalling…
    They are gathering information and they will share when they are done…
    And haaaa…traditionally? Nothing impeachable? You guys are hypocrites

  34. Nothing but a soft takeover..fight now..fight hard.

  35. How many times could an adam schiff shift…………… Indeed how many times has he

  36. "THE PEOPLE IMPEACH A PRESIDENT." The DEMORATS are trying to remove a president with the main stream media helping them out. PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!

  37. "Secrecy is bad unless there is a compelling need for secrecy." I agree. Why did Trump have a secret meeting with Putin? Why did Trump have a secret conversation with Erdogan and then ignore earlier advice from US military advisors to withdraw US troops from Syria without first consulting with Congress, Nato or the Kurds. The only people not taken by surprise were the Turks—and maybe the Russians. Why did the Trump administration try initially to hide the transcript of Trump's conversation with Ukraine's leader? Why did Trump withhold Congress-approved funding for the Ukraine without the knowledge of Congress? Oh, and let's not forget Trump's tax returns. Yes, indeed, secrecy is bad unless there is a compelling legal/constitutional need for secrecy like preserving the safety of a whistle blower or obtaining testimony as part of an impeachment inquiry.

  38. It would now seem that the democrats “inquiry” has now turned into a “court of justice” or “trial” where the defence is no longer able to view prosecution evidence or to properly cross examine witnesses. And much evidence is given “in camera” to deliberately control via “leaks to the media” exactly what the public gets to hear.

    Even “kangaroo courts” are fairer and more public than this utter outrage and disgrace of the judicial system in the USA.

    Democrat politics and behaviour has fallen well below the disgusting behaviour of the Nazis in the 1930’s.

    The democrats are now clearly the party of crime and they don’t care about their lawless behaviour. Vote for them, and see your society disintegrate into totalitarian anarchy.

  39. The People are being left out of this process. The House of Representatives is just that….a body of Representatives of THE PEOPLE. America's Representatives are being silenced! The Voters are being surpressed as our Representatives are being silenced! This will not stand! American Voters are being surpressed!

  40. Ken Starr exposing secrecy and manipulative tactics of corrupt politicians who are not representatives of the public.

  41. Subpoenas help government employees ignore the instruction from the Trump Administration not to testify. Closed testimony helps a witness to be honest by minimizing the risk of intimidation. There is also the question of politically sensitive information—remember many of those testifying are US diplomats and other government employees. Whether the testimony remains secret is too early to say. As for whether Trump has committed impeachable offenses, the Senate impeached Clinton for lying under oath and obstruction of justice. Trump doesn't stand a chance of remaining as president if the same criteria are applied. Just because Starr speaks quietly and sounds rational, doesn't mean what he is saying is any less propaganda than what Hannity, Carlson or JJ spout in a more deranged fashion. The House Democrats are acting in accordance with the US Constitution and if Trump is innocent he should cooperate and encourage others to cooperate, instead of keeping secrets that make him appear guilty of even more high crimes and misdemeanors.

  42. Seems very Shciffty

  43. A feeble case is the best Starr can offer.

  44. Starr carefully avoids comment on the issue of Presidential corruption. Instead he focusses on the issue of secrecy. Don’t worry, Ken, the truth is coming into the light and you won’t like it.

  45. Since Trump is such a prolific corruption investigator, I assume he is the point person on an investigation into Giuliani.

  46. Starr is the ultimate lowlife

  47. Certain democrats don't give a rip about the Constitution they swear to uphold.

  48. Bring a vote…The citizens of this country are pissed ! ! ! How can you impeach a president with NOT ONE DROP OF EVIDENCE OF A CRIME???????????

  49. Serving subpoenas puts a message in the public's mind that the receiver had done something wrong…that's why they do it….

  50. of course they are afraid of the truth and showing their faces. If they open the trial up we will all know that Schiff is the whistleblower

  51. Ken Star. You are an honorable, bi partisan man! There should be many more like you!

  52. Do we need more proof that all the Democrats are about is lies, secrecy, leaks! Trump will win this, and there will be hell to pay in 2020!

  53. As a Canadian/North Americian, President Trump is You're Best Choice entering 2020.
    Beware of those many evils…like the Left…
    Be Astute in your decision..may God bless you!

  54. President Kennedy warned us about closed-door politicians like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know." JFK’s words condemn today’s democrat party.

  55. We let this happen by turning House over to Dems. Next time people get pissy at their Representatives and do not vote, they need to remember 2019.

  56. Ken Starr is a traitor.

  57. Adam Schiff is taking things so too far. If America will swallow his BS than we really are circling the drain and never needed Trump more than we do now to drain that swamp. America deserves so much better from our Congress. We hire them we should be able to fire them. Such an abuse of power is going to create a social war Left VS Right. Walk away should be promoted and pushed to the fullest and wake up the Dem's

  58. What rubbish. Ken is twisting it all.

  59. The Senate enquiry should Supeona Schiff.

  60. The US Constitution provides that IN ALL CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS. the accused shall enjoy the right to confront his accuser, (the whistle blower), and bring witnesses to testify in his favor. IT does not say in all "judicial" criminal proceedings" it says in "all" criminal proceedings and impeachment is such a proceeding. They all gave an oath to up hold the said constitution. SO you see they do NOT have the raw power to do what they are doing, what they are trying to do against the constitution is in violation of their oath which in it self is a high crime hence an impeachable offense.

  61. No pay for play on trump's Ukraine call. Transcripts are out,whistleblower had 2nd hand info,and met with Schiff after he lied and said he didn't, but 2nd hand info not admissible in a court of law,,what's done in the dark will come to light,insurance policies didn't work,some ran on impeach the president impeach that m'fer,pretty bias no transparency on the dems keep it closed door,pretty sad for dems,I'll be voting trump in 2020,due process heard of that dems? Even trump has the right to face an accuser,go get them Rudy!

  62. Ken Starr is the same person who thinks a blowjob is impeachable but inviting foreign governments to interfere in a US election isn’t. Tells you how stupid conservatives are.

  63. look who is talking…..

  64. What we have is a rogue House that is going to force some unpleasant consequences. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  65. Regime changers over and over. Undemocratic Democrats. Oxymorons.

  66. My money is on John Bolton being the "whistleblower"

  67. Adam Schiff is the face of everything that is wrong with our political system. the Dems have gone full communist.

  68. Serial liar and inveterate criminal Adam Schiff is attempting to run a fraudulent secret criminal trial. Just like communist China and Russia!
    Drain the swamp President Trump!

  69. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Oh dear fear runs it all now. Just be honest and run a clean Campaign. You can't beat him any other way!! People see what's going on now. Cheats and liars exposing themselves. They are draining their own a Swamp now.

  70. Jacksonville Care Practice adds run multiple times in this segment,They will pay a lot of money to Google.

  71. this hate towards Trump is misdirection by the people in charge of the investigation in everything they have supposedly made in any of their investigations. There is something insidious in all of this hullabaloo being spread by the Dems. The man was a businessman, an entertainer and an entrepreneur. What could he have done to enrage all of these vindictive people and especially the members of Congress? We have endured three years of this comedy while these representatives of the people do nothing except lie and make unfounded charges.

  72. Ken Star who wanted Clinton impeached for cheating on his wife thinks cheating on country with foreign enemy okay

  73. I don't get this? The House is a co-equal branch of government which has the sole constitutional right to choose how, when, and if to begin an impeachment inquiry and or put articles for impeachment up for a vote. The Trump Administration has clearly demonstrated it has concealed suspicious, potentially criminal activity by the President and his surrogates. The House Committees are acting in response to the almost dictatorial stance taken by the Trump administration which is openly corrupt, racist and divisive. We even hear the president mouth off about a possible civil war if he is impeached and removed, his rhetoric is frankly disgusting and dangerous even globally? It's no wonder the House Committees are playing this the way they are and of course all the facts will emerge in due course for everyone to consider, especially The Senate. We should be content for this process to play out until the facts are known, then WE the people can vote accordingly in 2020. Never mind what this corrupt Senate decides.

  74. "People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people" Dems, you`ve been warned!

  75. Remove Pelosi and Schiff

  76. it seems like the democrats are spoiled little kids and like getting their own way,I'm curious what will happen if they get their way to reverse the peoples vote and actually remove trump,will America take it laying down?

  77. The crime before us democrates hatred of a duly elected president…

  78. The backbone of the Left/Dems is the Dead News Network, CNN, ran (into the ground) by Jeff Zuckerberg. Watch Project Veritas for the latest leak on Zuckerberg. Amazing how one pathetic news channel can drive the entire left in the wrong direction.

  79. President Trump deserve another 8 years, because they've stole his first term from him.

  80. A closed door questioning will not be excepted buy the public at all. Sorry no one will believe the system at all that has failed every time. We the people are not happy that some one has taken the stance of GOD. to make this decision. An will not abide buy it’s out come.

  81. Haha…this safespace is hilarious. What a freakshow.

  82. General Mattis, John Bolton and Fiona Hill was correct to be worry.

    Abandoning our allies the Kurds. Kurds that provides a safe zone for minority Christians, Yazidis, etc.

    Withdrawing US troop from Syria in middle east, while increasing US troops to Saudi Arabia in the middle east. Yemen wars

  83. What is going on??????.A coup is going on.

  84. impeach house democrats.

  85. schiff for brains is a power mad turd.

  86. the dem-wits are laughing like hell cause they are getting away with this sh8t…

  87. Look who is talking about moral right

  88. China told them to get rid of him. China style.

  89. Ken star the BJ hunter!

  90. TRUMP 2020!

  91. Why issue a subpoena to Fiona Hill when she’s willing to testify? Because the criminals in the WH Issue 11th hour gag rules on witnesses who they don’t want to talk. This is not overreach. There’s no textbook way to impeach a president. Here’s a guy who lead the charge impeached Bill Clinton for lying under oath (at least Clinton agreed to show up, more than Trump would ever be allowed to do) about an extramarital affair, pretty standard behavior for a modern politician. Yet the right can’t see the innumerable impeachable crimes of this president or the danger in giving him a blank check of their trust.. – The White House’s own transcript shows he committed an impeachable offense. But just go on living in the safe space of the Fox bubble. Suckers.

  92. The American public needs to think how they each would feel if a big powerful organisation were to hold a court hearing on if the individual is guilty of something with no right of refusal or the ability to question potential accusers or for any one in public to asses proceedings. The only good thing that will come from this worst form of corruption available to the Dems freely it seems, is the fact they are going to get smashed at the next election. Let the boohooing continue free flowing in 2020.

  93. What body oversees the congress? A small group of that body at that.

  94. what they are doing is killing the freedom of vote we the people not we the democrats or republicans get that right

  95. This is the same precedent the Dems set when they employed the “nuclear option”. This will bite them soon and much later…as before.


  97. All I can say is these CRIMINAL DUMBOF$#@ingCRATS….. better hope they get treated BETTER… than they are Treating Republicans and this President! BECAUSE???? PAYBACK IS ALWAYS a BIGGER BADDER…. MEANER…. MOTHER F#$%ER than they think they are putting out!…. I want to hear them SCREAM for MERCY…. they won't F'ing get! You Make Your Own Bed You'll All Have to Sleep in and these MORONS…. are so Brainless and Psychopathic…. are heading for Destroying their Worthless… Marxist C0CK SUCKING Party of iDIOTS!

  98. WHERE IS THE "FREE PRESS"??????????????????????????

  99. Where's Barry I'm waiting for that Mic drop statement?

  100. No wonder enlightened and free loving US Americans is feed up with fake news like CNN and hope wicked CEO Zucker will be removed. Could be nice for us Europeans could use or see by cable Fox News instead the others bias mainstream media that is nothing else the public media bureau of Deep State, the swamp and Democrats. Anyway thanks for electing Trump and please 4 more years to keep America 🇺🇸 great in 2020. Cheers from Denmark 🇩🇰

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