Keeping Your Cat Fit & Healthy : How to Entertain Your Cat with toys

I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan on behalf of
and I have a few cats in my household and so I try to keep them entertained with toys
and there is a lot of different ways and different toys that cats get accustomed to using and
some like ones that makes noises, this one makes bird noises and so some cats like the
rolling of balls and they will go after those and they will back them around and other cats
don’t, so you just have to find what your cat likes. The most important part is when
you find what your cat likes, then get them a lot of those, but this is my cat’s favorites
one and when I throw those out, they usually go flying after them, there are so many things
out there, they are not sure. But that is the one that my cats like to pick up and carry
off and fight over and play with and so that is their favorite and I get that at Bash’s;
that is the easiest toy you can buy at the grocery store.

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