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and tonight that is what I think she's expecting thank you very much for coming tonight we're really pleased to have you here it is a really exciting time for health and fitness at Apple health and fitness apps are at an all-time high in terms of popularity and with the introduction of the Apple watch there's lots of great ways that digital technology is helping people live a better day one of the most exciting things though is that we get an opportunity to meet and make some new friends and one of them I'd like to bring out for you right now her story is really incredible she started her journey in 2008 as a personal trainer in a woman's only facility and she realized very quickly that many of the women that she trained were not getting the results that they had wanted from the protocols that she had learned and so she experimented and tried new programming and started to see results and then wanted to take those results in her program around the world outside of the four walls of where she was training since that time she's gained millions of followers of through social media at a level that's probably never been seen before in the fitness industry she's been on the cover of ten women's health magazines and it was just last year named the woman of the year for Cosmopolitan magazine could you help me welcome to the stage fitness sensation Kayla it seen this thank you so many people I noise they're loud now this is kinda like rowdy they started up very kind of your crowd can be shy and until you give them permission and then they explode they're awesome yeah so much so we're so excited to have you here we actually had an opportunity to do an event with Kayla in London just a little over a week ago so you've been on a whirlwind tour which is pretty incredible and you don't look jet-lagged at all I'm very jealous you are okay so it's just coffee and yeah well so I want to go way back before we ask you questions about this week and everything you've been doing lately your story is really fascinating you you um you have a really really interesting background and I want to know sort of how it all started I mean you're not you're from Australia and everyone from America thinks Australia means Sydney yeah even from like a small it's Adelaide I mean yeah so how did this all start I say we're near Melbourne so people don't understand like Sydney I'm like need Melbourne Melbourne has good coffee I'm like yeah that's that will do but um it started yeah in 2008 2009 when I started working in a women's only personal training centre as you said and a lot of I don't know if you've got this here but the women when I first walked in the boss said look we've got machines and all you do is you stand in the middle and the ladies they were older they'll use the Machine and you just have to call that next next next and I was like okay I can do this so so I sort of like put the ladies on the machines and I was like next well done next looks like that's it so um I had it my boss was like oh I'm going away on a holiday like you're the manager now and I was like okay she's like free-range like do whatever you want you know make sure the lights go around the circuit and I said okay cool and then when she left I got like a bit cheeky and the guy came to move the circuit around because a guy that came every few months he would like change the circuit like remove the machines and I said to him can you move the machines to the back of the gym so I can have this sort of free space and he was like well I won't say the lady's name that was my boss because I'll just say her name was Jay and this I was Jay gonna be okay with that and I was like yeah sure that's fine and there'll I think got my own muse like you guys know my music it's like the high intensity music and I plugged it in and I started getting these old ladies don't like burpees and and they loved it and they started seeing amazing results and my oldest client was 68 and she was like a little like Italian Nonna and she was doing burpees and jumping on things they know what burpees were did you say burpees and they wouldn't did it or yet no I just I had to show that I did it with them like yeah so I was like yeah I loved it it was so cool and then from there I'm babbling but I went on to mobile personal training where I'd go to people's houses and train and then I started my own studio and yeah started uploading transformations Instagram well that's the that's the place where a really tip so you started uploading you were really one of the first to do that and yeah what do you think about social media for you that's been different that's made it so successful like what about what you're doing has had such an impact I think the my social media and my platform is really successful because you guys know that I don't make it just about me and just about my life and my foods that I I really try and make it about you girls and your transformations and you know your stories and I feel like it's really relatable because someone can go on to my profile and they can see for example someone in New York like just sort of like embarrass you but these girls here just at the front became friends through BBG so which is bikini body guy which is my program it's now called sweat with Kara so if you guys can you know who are just raise your hands up for me cuz oh so if anyone has been like made friends or BBG Hulme raise your hand now yeah so it's yeah it's really incredible so that you've talked before about the community and how powerful that is because they all support each other and at some point you decided that it it wasn't just going to be digital that you wanted to actually go do a boot camp and show up now the story I heard was that you did it in Perth and it was expected four hundred people when you got four thousand yeah so how does that work out when you wake up one day and you think it's going to be four hundred four thousand well Perth if anyone has ever been is sort of like Adelaide and when we didn't Adelaide brew care we had seven hundred people show up so we were like oh my god seven hundred people that is like incredible if you can get fifty to a boot in a debate like you are you're doing well so when 700 people showed up we were like oh my god so we trained the girls and were like okay we'll take it to Perth and we're thinking like someone came up to us and like well Perth is kind of like a delay 400 to 700 max and with the radio station as well the radio station said like 700 would be perfect and then we were driving I remember driving to the bootcamp and I said to back what's like the deal with this line like where are these people going she's like I'm pretty sure that's the line debris cab and we're driving we were driving with the line so the line ended up being down the beach and it was 4,000 girls so we had to move the speaker's back and it was just surreal like is this the most and was beautiful was a beautiful day we got really lucky was outside in the sunshine so yeah well you can't rehearse for that no I practiced for 4,000 people so no how did that work out I mean I would pee my pants if I wasn't expecting that before I went up there like what how did yeah I did sort of thing I didn't pee my pants but like I just remember like looking over there was like the police and I was like oh no they're gonna shut this down and then I was like hi how are you going like can we grab a photo I was like okay and then everyone sort of clapped and laughs and then yeah we just I just got started and I think while I'm like if anyone's been to my boot camp I'm really nervous and I like a cry and I get all freaked out but then when I'm up there I'm I'm sort of doing my thing that I always do and yeah I feel good and you've mentioned to me that many people you said they've met but how does that feel when these girls all come together and all sudden you seen that they are actually building a relationship it's like the best feeling in the world and at the boot camp last year I remember being like oh like how long because I meet everyone at the end as I know how long have you guys been friends for like literally just met today I was like that's so nice like that you're able to come to a boot camp and and meet women and I and I said it's really rare to be in a room full of like 4,000 girls and them all wanting you to do well and then all supporting you like I think that's really where rare for women and you were seeing it more and more in this community and it's just it's amazing I'm sure that's part of the secret is the support yeah but you also because it's social media there's always the opportunity to get haters right so anyone can pipe in how do you how do you deal with that what what's your philosophy what's the community's Safiye I have like the most amazing community and if anyone seen the comments and be like one comment and like 50 people defending me or that go and interns until yeah it's great it's like someone would say like oh some people don't get it when they visit my profile like some of the common like sort of main things that they'll say is like I don't see a difference I'm in the before and after photo of a particular girl and then the girls will pipe in and say well it doesn't matter about what she looks like he matters what she feels like you can obviously see in the next photo that she's smiling and she's confident she's happy like she's glowing and that's what matters most so you can see the comments that I know like a Adrian like don't like whatever they say but yes I've got like a really powerful strong community and it's not like they're not bullying the person they're just saying look she's happier in the next photo so this is what this community is bad they're supporting each other so and you also have a lot of support I mean you've got a really great team as this has exploded and become big I know one person you even he was an Instagram with you earlier today is that you were going around New York happens to be back there Toby everybody I think people that know you must know Toby right yes you have to know Toby yeah so he not back there Toby he's the one that looks like the bouncer and I say far away what's that like working together what time he's like it's it's like I like working with your best friend so he's my boyfriend he's my best friend he's a CEO of the company now so he's he's always you know we always knew that he was going to be amazing and he is and yeah he's like my rock through this and I almost gave up at the start because it didn't really understand social media so when I first started with this ebook I had like a lot of people who I thought all my friends or like what are you doing like yeah why are you doing this why putting the girls like why trying to grow your profile and I like sort of broke down and Toby was the one being like you know don't worry about it like you're doing what makes you happy like keep going and yeah he's really helped me through all of it so good hey there he's a good boy he's great Oh as I stay my distance away from the arms but I know that he's always smiling inside so I I'm I'm also fascinated by the fact that you come from a small town you've hit this like level of fame and notoriety your community is so supportive and big and you've been asked this before but you know the typical Fitness person might be like I'm moving to New York I'm going to LA and you are really attached to Adelaide and Toby and your family and you talk about it and you're very connected so any plans to move or you stay input and tell us about your family in your home and all that staying put I love my family so much so if you follow me and you don't follow me I have a big Greek family like as in like My Big Fat Greek Wedding Greek family and there are the most beautiful people and then it's almost like they're they sort of they don't know what I do and like my grandparents like you see my grandparents if anyone they have no idea so like my grandpa is so angry that I'm a personal trainer because Perce were training is for boys and I'm weak and this and that because he's very traditional and like my grandma was angry because she thought I should be a nurse or a teacher and then I always tell this story that I was on the front page of the newspaper they're like oh oh oh this trainer like really inspirational adlai because Adelaide's very small so I somehow made it on the front and I went over to like my grandparents because I always get a newspaper but they can't read it they just get it anyway and I went over to the house thinking like they're gonna blow and I walked in the door and they were just looking at me and I was like hey and then my grandpa was like what did you do I was like oh no nothing like this is really good and he did not speak to me because he liked the front page it was really spot yeah it's like the worst thing that could happen to you being like your face planted on the front and it's like me smiling doing that and yeah it was like the worst thing ever and then I ended up in the Greek newspaper and then I was like the favorite like so yeah so I've also heard you are still training clients yeah even with everything you're doing yeah and a delayed training clients yeah now why do you do that cuz I love it and I've always done it I turned like a passion into my career but I still like I still want to train them I stopped actually training clients when I first released the guides I was like oh this is too hectic I have to travel when I keep canceling on them and then I was honestly miserable like because I was just sort of doing content and I was like like really active on social I loved as a go so I was so amazing but I wasn't able to train them and that's what I love doing a love setting up circuits and I love like watching people my favorite thing is I don't know you guys do it but I can't see it but when you say like I can't jump on that box or I can't jump that high and then after a few weeks you get on that box and you're sort of faces like it's like I like that reaction like I love seeing that so I went back to personal training I just messaged my clients I'm like you guys want to come back by yes so yeah I started begin and do you have a favorite like inspirational personal training story I have but I'm like I was I have a favorite client but I have like a favorite story and I don't know if you ladies follow on ladies and gents my Charlie on Instagram chief if you don't her name's actually Allie everyone thinks her name is Charlie but some joke I cover with the story but she was one of my clients she first came to me she looked perfectly healthy like happy has Larry and I she came in and she said today today I'm not going I'm not gonna be at a jump and I said okay why and she's like I just had surgery in the back of my head on my own oh of course my god like what do you have and she's like I have everything and I was like what do you mean it's just like I have every autoimmune disease that you can think of like they don't know what's wrong with me like yesterday the roof of my mouth fell off I was like well you're being serious and she left it up like the roof of her mouth was coming off it's like sometimes my skin like comes loose from my body sometimes I break out in a rash sometimes her hand was like extremely big and the other hand was completely normal and like she's one of my favorite clients cuz she taught me everything I need to know like I was careful with everything I learned everything from her like I got to experience like every injury that she's like I can't use this need today and would be like swollen up by this but the next day would be perfectly fine like it was a really weird case and like if you follow her on Instagram you can see like she's in and out of hospital and they put her on chemo treatment now and then they take her off the treatment it's just yeah so she's really inspirational to me I like she was told she's gonna die when she was about 11 and she's 23 now so she's just amazing so do you have particular people on Instagram that have inspired you yeah like the front burner that goes behind an old everyone here um I was just I have like particular stories that like really hit me but actually like I won't say but like last night like I heard a story from one of the girls in that area and it like was it's very upsetting and at the same time it's so inspiring I feel like every single one of these girls have a story that is it's almost like sometimes like at one point there were a little bit broken and then they met this community and then they met like the girls and they've become a friend and almost like a rock and that they're stronger together and yeah see they're hugging but like I feel like the girls are just a lot stronger together and it's not like oh we would be anywhere with without each other it's like we're a team now and like we're so powerful and yeah so they're all just so amazing like seriously so one of the things I found most interesting when I first discover you because the the guys that have discovered you are clearly late to the party like the girls figured out first and then the guys hear about you is um in the gym that I work out in I go in at 5:00 in the morning and I would see sometimes three four five six women in this very lovely high-end gym club and they're all like working out appears to be by themselves but they're on their phone or their iPad and one day I asked what are you doing and they're like every single one was doing Kayla do Kayla yeah yeah which yeah you told me you never runs that's fair enough that is now on iTunes there you go and what I found remarkable when I first kind of discovered what you were doing was I was thinking that it was an app I'd not heard of but it was really like sort of low tech yeah EDF flip the page with your finger and like do nothing and and yet at the same time you were reaching people in a way no one else had through social media but you've also evolved since then so you've got a new app and I know you know we we've got word that there's a new watch app coming out that's going to be brilliant so you really embrace technology from both sides right the social side and the technologies out what do you think about technology in general for fitness it's absolutely amazing and the fact that we're able to have it like people say like god technology and social media like so- and it's doing this and it's doing that but it could also be very positive and the app has made so many women move now and it's been able to connect so many women and they've been out of be friends through this like you said like the girls the gym like they wouldn't they wouldn't be there they wouldn't be friends if it wasn't for that so yeah I think it's going to be absolutely amazing and I don't want to say too much but yeah often coming stuff in the fall is going to be incredible it's great now we want to open up the conversation hi Kayla great to see you my name is Alexa I'm currently facing a little bit of a challenge where I finished both guides and got extremely busy with grad school and work and just life and went back to the first guy to revisit and fine found myself actually struggling twice as hard and I don't know if it's just fatigue or I just many tips you may have on that or how many people have started the program and stopped and then gone back and found it difficult again like seriously you're in the same boat as everyone else and like and you have and again like a great tip is you're probably not struggling as much as you are you're probably pushing yourself more than you ever were CPAC and I wish you had recorded yourself in your first ever session and seen how many times you went through in that seven minutes and what you look like and how your form was and you actually play back to now you're probably getting through a lot quicker now but you're also pushing yourself more but the great thing to do is connect like the girls are here like join up in a group together start training together get motivated together like how many of the girls would like to join us go on a workout like you goes I just moved from San Francisco and left my BB G oh yeah under my window workout group yeah so the girls at the front here are the ones that organized in New York baby G made up so we how many girls do we have last New York and I just crushed it without them knowing yeah did you guys ever imagine that this would start a movement because that's what I truly think that BBG is it's like women empowerment encouraging one another like people I say that you've changed my life and some people that don't know who you are they're confused and they asked how and I'm like what they created like every single person in here in this front row I would have not met without BBG so like I think you guys go up because I'm just like crying I'm good stop now I'm a crier I already said I said I would try to pull it together but I can't guarantee it but um I don't know if you guys know the impact that you've made on people's life but we hear it every single day and it's amazing I know that's not a question but um starting to print and it's beautiful and it's positive and the world needs more people like you oh thank you so much yeah thank you we're gonna bounce back to this side so when you experience like a setback or a failure like how do you bounce back from that like um what would you call it as a setback or a failure probably like a really stupid example but like they bring Donuts and like all this food crap to work and like it's really hard to say no to the free snacks like you don't if any of you guys have that problem but they bring in all this food and it's like always don't want to be the person always donut I don't want to come back guys always donuts in you're like I thought the stereotype of movies but it really is well like donuts in the free pizza like they always have New York Pizza alright so um how many people eat donuts here it's definitely not a setback if you're not it's a tasty treat that's true not at all and I always say this as well like I said this is the last the last one of these and I'm Michael she was saying again because I had a girl came up come up to me and she was like okay so what do you do when cuz I'm a town I'm not telling but she said don't pretend I'm her so I'm Italian and my grandma makes lasagna like what can I eat instead um your grandma's lasagna yes like she's not gonna be around for that long and lasagna is amazing um and I'm very realistic and I think that like when you think of something as a setback you're comparing yourself to someone else in their life so and you see their highlight reels and someone uploads like all these healthy meals me like oh yeah they never have a doughnut we all have doughnuts I have doughnuts I have lasagna we have cake it's not a setback it's a food and you can have it and it makes you feel good as well and I feel like when you start restricting things and you start craving things and you turn into this big cycle words if your grandma makes lasagna you eat lasagna you feel awesome and then you have lots of energy and you workout and it's a great cycle and it's a lifestyle cycle like you guys agree right yes also I did seven full push-ups yesterday and I will so that's amazing not on my knee you hi hi um so I'm Jessica thank you for coming and this is my friend Angela Victoria we're big fan oh okay so we want vvg and we're on round three and two and my question for you is when did you know it was time to get a nap did the people call for it or did you just decide that it was what we needed or the up yeah the app yeah that was that was you guys so that was like the constant hounding of the BBG girls I get an Afghan and now we need a nap when you do in our pocket and I was like you don't want me in your pocket but if you could if you want it and finally everything that has come from this has really come from you guys so we really listened and even when I was a personal trainer the only reason Toby suggested that we make the guy because it was actually Toby suggestion if anyone didn't know he was I was sending people away being like hi like replying on Instagram being like hi I'm sorry I mean aunt lady forever like down I'm happy to do a session with you like for free like I'll train you it's all good like one off and then Toby was like instead of sending them away why don't you create a program oh no like no one will be interested in that and yeah the girls are like I was like oh it was like maybe 10,000 followers by this time I was like would anyone be interested in a program and it was like yes yes yes yes so I made the program and then it was sort of like everyone so can you make an app so like would anyone be interested I remember the post I was like if I was to make an app like what do you guys reckon yes yay do you remember yeah you remember the clothes and then it was just like yes yes yeah so then I said to like what Toby does the like let's do it like thing and it's done in like six weeks like the road to lush just a follow-up question what do you think is your next expand should move if you were to dream about one well I'm so grateful for where I am now so I don't think of this as like a business and like oh I'm going to expand to do this next like I am can't even believe I'm sitting in the Apple store right now doing an event so and I'm like shaking if you can't see I'm just like they I'm very grateful I don't have like these big plans for this and that like we just were just on the app and obviously if you want to talk about expansion that's like Toby's brain and he's like got all these amazing like he's just great but um for me I'm just like happy like so happy and so blessed to be just here being present is great yeah I'm just yeah and I'm the only thing I'm thinking about is how nervous I am for Saturday but that's cool hi hi um so I know you said your grandma wanted you to be a doctor or a teacher it would be a nun or a nurse no offence nurses you guys are the best things ever but I am I'm good PT I think I'll stick to her but what did you want to be when you were younger I want to be when I was really young going to be a lawn mower and learn more I actually did when I was really little I've got a video by my vehicle one more like I wanted it you know I wanted yeah a real lawn mower I just want you to transform no man put a video of my mum being like what do you want to be and I want to be a lawn mower and she's like good for you but then like I just wanted to do things I always had things in my head that I wanted to help people so it wasn't like these huge jobs it was kinda like I'll be a hairdresser because I want to make people feel good about themselves on be a beautician because I didn't really know what I wanted to be and then both my parents were teachers so I went to university I'm like I'm gonna be a teacher I want to get into PE teaching so like teaching physical education I did like I was a coach for basketball so when I was like 13 years old yeah I Steve got skills I was watching you had a video dress I was pretty impressive thank you yeah so I just trained the little kids and I was like wow I can do this I'll be a PE teacher and then I did my personal training course and I was like okay well when you apply for a job as a teacher if you have a personal training certificate as well with it they're like oh you would be a PE teacher but a personal trainer but you'll get the job and then I did PR did personal training as I are I'll just defer from University or college and then I'll go back and then didn't my name is Andy Ronnie and I'm also Greek and I'm amazing I have a serious question for you what's your favorite Greek food okay so my favorite food is euros but you guys aren't cool with that do you call it euros yeah I went to London they're like what am i you're us like pita bread like mean and stuff like and I really love like when I went to Greece we basically lived off like prawns and salad and pita bread I just have all great food I really like it's just you mister yeah see we connect people don't know what that is but we connect we know it's like stuffed vegetables so I cry stuff vegetables but everyone has like different the mothers everything yeah let's not talk about that now I'm kind of hungry hahaha hi what's your advice or any tips for someone who's injured and can't work out and kind of sees themself like progress so where is your injury like Evan cushon so well you need to rest yeah with a concussion just rest when it comes that like injuries for example like broken feet and broken limbs I remember my clients it's coming so it's a train they just didn't use that body part and like you've got to really listen to your body like you don't want to train on a concussion yeah ever and if you can train there's always different body parts that you can use so the girls up with the I remember Kate one of my clients she she she fell through a trampoline so we don't have we didn't have the padding it was just like the metal Springs and she like fell through and actually broke her whole foot anyway it was horrible but she came to training and she still did she's doing her put burpees she did she actually learned how to chin-ups with her broken foot because she couldn't do legs but she just let it do just going to let it rest you've got to be really careful and yeah like I said listen to your body if you guys and and another question that comes up a lot is periods can I train on my period like colds like what do I do when I have a cold can I still train it's like more rest first like I don't know like girls get into the cycle where they think they have to you know you've got to really listen to your body if you have a period and you don't feel like training set it up that's what I do like I'm very realistic so I'm sorry if you wanted me to be like no you can train but not like that that's okay um do you think maybe you'll do a TV up next oh wow a TV oh yeah yeah that would be so awesome like we were like looking at it at the Kino like oh my god wouldn't it be so amazing to be able to have the app like on the TV and have people women work out from home yeah a lot of them do do you guys anyone work out from yep 100% so be cool to have that on bottom of a big screen definitely consideration hundra said a question about what's in your future right there Yeah right here yeah yes my name is Georgia and I live here in New York my question is I have trouble waking up in the morning I will snooze that alarm and then I won't get out of bed and then after work I'm too tired to work out so – I was wondering if you had any advice or someone like me who just struggles to wake up early I always like when people say they're tired instead of like sometimes I say rest when you need a rest like if you've had like an exhausting week like for example like I'm jetlag like am I gonna work out today no because I'm tired but you also have to work out and listen to your body at why are you tired like have you eaten enough like have you gone for a walk or have you been sitting down all day are you actually tired or is your brain just like Fuzzle from looking at a computer would I don't know where you work you don't office yeah yeah so sometimes you're actually you're mentally exhausted and going for like a walk just and you guys will know like just just going for a walk wakes you up so much is just sitting in front and seeing the computer screen you're not actually like you're not physically tired you're just mentally exhausted you've just been looking at a screen for too long so really listen to your body like have I eaten enough have a drink enough water like I've been seeing you girls need to do it even though you feel like you did a pee at night you should drink water like all through the day Bueller I don't want to get up and go to the bathroom and that's like a real thing with women but drinking water eating well going for walks really wakes you up actually thank you thank you it's a real thing with men too yeah we're not talking about men right now hahaha so we want to leave plenty of time for everyone here that would like to say hello and take a picture you take a picture so we're gonna wrap it up to leave extra time for that but I want to thank you very much for this I'm not only coming to our stores all over the world but for sharing your inspiration and for moving so many people and getting people inspired bringing that energy here so thank you very much dank give it up for Kayla thanks guys


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