Kayaking For Fitness

PaddlingTV is brought to you by Necky kayaks and the new RIP recreational kayak. A lively and playful kayak for beginner to intermediate flat-water paddlers. Check out the new RIP kayak at NeckyKayaks.com Kayaking is becoming a popular fitness tool.
It started getting recognition as a fitness activity because adventure races usually involved
a kayaking leg. And so, more and more people began training in kayaks. It didn’t take long
for people to realize that kayaking was a great alternative and complement to other
fitness activities, such as biking or jogging. One of the great things about kayaking as
a fitness activity is that you can get a great workout without inflicting the same kind of
pounding on your body as say, running. Which means it’s also a great option for people
who have problems with their knees or hips. Being one of the few outdoor activities that
really focuses on the upper body, it also offers people who like to exercise regularly
a good balance to their routine. It helps avoid many of the common over-use injuries. For fitness paddling, any boat will do the
trick, although a narrower kayak will glide through the water more efficiently and allow
you to go faster. Of course, this doesn’t really make much difference unless you’re
racing. And there is a real cost for the added speed, because as the kayak gets narrower,
it becomes less stable. Olympic sprint paddlers use kayaks as narrow as 18 inches at their
widest point, which is about half the width of some recreational kayaks. Just being balanced
in these kayaks is a challenge for most. If you’re interested in paddling for fitness,
ask around at your local outdoor store, paddling shop or paddling club. See if there are any
programs of that sort in your area. Some clubs even run races for fun on a weekly basis,
and these laid back events provide an excellent opportunity for getting to know other paddlers
with similar interests.


  1. this can easily be avoided by using an electric motor

  2. Either you get it, or you don't. After my first paddle, I was hooked. After my first rapid, I was hopelessly hooked. I now own five 'yaks, and take anyone I can convince to go. Usually, they have a blast, but there are a few that just don't get that thrill,peaceful sense of mind. Sadly, my wife is one

  3. Kayak the Bay, Ltd. in Put-in-Bay offers season passes for kayaking. One of my kayakers used his pass before he went into the Marines to get fit. He used a heavier paddle and paddled faster than normal kayaking. At the end of the summer, Allan was pretty buff looking. I have had many people with knee replacements go kayaking and really enjoy it. Happy paddling- JUST DO IT.

  4. Kayak the bay.com I have many couples in the same situation who come to rent from me. My suggestion is to go and enjoy it yourself, while she takes pictures or enjoys what she likes. Fortunately, at Put-in-Bay, we have many other activites so everyone is pretty happy. Have you ever thought of a double and a picnic lunch? That might make it more enticing.

  5. fitness, in those tanks. I'll take a k1 any day

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  9. If only people saw more alternatives forms of fitness like kayaking. It doesn't always have to be something you hate.

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  13. We just featured an amazing kayaker named Kelly Allen! We've completely fallen in love with the sport!

  14. thanks for sharing this knowledge. i have been bicycling to work for about 2 years now, something was missing. i just bought a kayak today after studying what i need . i am excited to get started and reap the benefit of this activity .

  15. Nice little promo vid on kayaking! I ride a narrow canoe, called an 'assegai' (Zulu spear), on Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg, South Africa. I swam the entire boundary of the dam while learning to balance the boat two years ago. Only now am I starting to work properly on my rotation and arm work!!

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  17. come kayak in South Africa! we have the best rivers, best water, best clubs, best races and best people! always an adventure!

    This is a video I made of our last weekend out:

  18. Glide through water's mist
    Brisk air that energizes,
    Reviving the spirit

  19. Yeeeessss. One day when I've secured a job, and I have time, I want to do kayaking for both fitness and fun. Heck, if I wasn't so scared of alligators, I'd even be tempted to live near a lake one day. I really don't know why I was so afraid of kayaking before. A kayak is pretty sturdy, and as long as you stay in calm water, there is little chance of it flipping over. It's so much fun and relaxing and proves as a great bonding experience with friends. To paddle on open water surrounded by nature is just so perfect. I am literally on a mission now to get my family to try kayaking at least once.

  20. Since we're talking kayaking for fitness, how about something for training during the off-season? Not all of us live in places where you can paddle year-round and the indoor ergometers aren't common at most gyms. The best analog I've found so far is a stationary arm bike. Has anyone found something else?

  21. Love how the end of the video pretty much just says go ask somebody else

  22. I'm retireing soon and want to pick up this exercise form.  The intracoastal waterway is nearby.    But I have one question:  Is this rough on your back?   because it doesn't look like this would be comfy sitting in that boat.   Anyone got some info?

  23. I wonder if there’s Kayaking in inner London?

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