Kamala Harris CAUGHT Flip-Flopping

during kabbala Harris's first Town Hall with CNN she was asked a question about medicare-for-all and whether or not she supported it now she gave a pretty strong answer and it appeared that she was very supportive of medicare-for-all but then later there was a little bit of equivocating happening there was a little bit of a concession to some of the more moderate democrats when it came to this issue and so recently Jake Tapper asked her to clarify what her true position is and here's what she had to say you said on stage with me in January that when it comes to private insurance quote let's eliminate all of that let's move on yes now you later said we don't need to get rid of all private insurance so but let's clear that we were together yeah and you'll remember and roll the tape that well you support the Bernie Sanders bill which essentially care fraud but I really do need to clear up what happened on that stage it was in the context of saying let's get rid of all the bureaucracy let's get all of the well not the insurance company no that's not what I meant I know it was interpreted that way if you watch the tape I think you'll see that there are obviously many interpretations of what I said what I meant is let's get rid of the bureaucracy okay we're gonna roll the tape for you so she asked we'll do that because we care about the facts here so so far Jake Tapper's done nothing wrong he's challenging her on something that any good journalists should challenger on well you said get rid of private insurance then you walked it back so which one is it great question no problem at all her answer I mean there's the awkward laughing because she got caught and so all right move past the style go to the substance and she says no no III just meant get rid of the bureaucracy I'm not sure that's what you meant at all and those two things are they don't make sense so like do you want to get rid of private insurers or don't you so let's roll the tape and and see what she actually said back then what is your solution to ensure that people have access to quality health care at an affordable price and does that solution involve cutting insurance companies as we know them out of the equation I believe the solution and I'm and I'm actually feel very strongly about this is that we need to have Medicare for all correct me if I'm wrong to reiterate you support the Medicare for all bill I think initially co-sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders you're also a co-sponsor on on said I believe it will totally eliminate private insurance so for people out there who like their insurance they don't get to keep it well the listen the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the paperwork all of the delay that may require who of us has not had that situation where you got to wait for approval and the doctor says well I don't know if your insurance company is gonna cover this let's eliminate all of that let's move on so she could say hey I said eliminate all that when referring to all that paperwork etc but clearly he asked would you get rid of private insurance and she began by saying yes and she ended by saying let's get rid of all that so and by the way that's actually a good answer right she should have just stuck with it instead of doing what politicians do afterwards she had her spokespeople walk it back and now she's somewhere in the middle of the road and even after the second tapper interview I'm not exactly sure where she is right so she does seem to be wishy washy when it comes to this issue but later in the interview she gets a little more specific so I want you to watch and tell me if you're gonna give her any credit let's take a look at the next tape no no no it does not get rid of insurance it does not get rid of insurance and and and listen and let me just tell you where I am was like where I am alright I support Medicare for all it is my preferred as a principal you man not Bernie Sanders bill I support the bill okay I support the bill as the bill gets rid of private insurance for everything right for cosmetic surgery but for all get rid of all insurance okay it doesn't get rid of all insurance but for all essential healthcare benefit but but why ask the question why the question is at the answer to that question is because Medicare for all and the vision of what it will be includes an expansion of coverage so Medicare for all will include vision it will include dental it'll include hearing aids so I loved the second half of that answer yeah wish she'd have stayed on that and she'd have emphasized it more but she is trying to equivocate yes she's she's trying to put out there I'm not saying get rid of all private insurance but I'm for Medicare for all which would get rid of all private insurance except supplemental insurance for things like cosmetic surgery if you're gonna have that position go in defending it and then you'll be a champion for it and we'll rally and we'll be like hey that's it that's wonderful but when you equivocate you're doing it for a reason and we know it so you could turn around and say to people who are not in favor of Medicare for all why didn't say I get rid of all private insurance and turn around the people who like Medicare for all and say I did say I'm for Medicare for all you want it both ways and it's not the old days in the 1990s you could have done that till the cows came home now you're gonna get caught and now what could have been a good answer is now turned into a bad answer because you look like a politician yeah I agree with you and that the second part of the interview was much stronger but the way that she words everything is for future plausible deniability hundred percent pending on where the country's headed depending on where the party is headed and so she doesn't want to get pushback from those who were super supportive of Medicare for all she doesn't want to get pushback from those who are not supportive of Medicare for all which is the Democratic establishment for the most part now there was one tiny snippet of this interview that was incredibly strong and I want to give her credit for it let's take a look the bill also says quote every individual who is a resident of the United States is entitled to benefits for healthcare services under this act not every individual who's a citizen but every individual who's a resonant so you support giving universal health care Medicare for all to people who are in this country illegally let me just be very clear about this I am opposed to any policy that would it deny in our country any human being from access to public safety public education or public health period I love that yes so normally when she says let me be clear about this she's about to be unclear about it but not in that case right in that case she was clear about it now so a very solid answer now let's to go to Jake Tapper okay can you frame things from a more Mitch McConnell point of view correct answers no you cannot and so if if Jake was a was like the BBC and he's challenging all comers very aggressively that's fine and he could turn around and say look I don't have a point of view on Medicare for all or not Medicare for all I'm just asking tough questions of common law Harris should we get rid of private insurance or shouldn't we okay that would be one thing and in King Jake Tapper's say he's been tough on the Trump administration from time to time definitely is he tough on establishment Republicans hell no hell no he never challenges Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz that way no way so what's wrong with the framing he says are people like their private insurance are you gonna get rid of that private insurance well yes why because you're not telling the whole truth of the American people when you frame that question in that way we get rid of that assures to give you better insurance what do I mean by better it covers more things so if you're we're like alright now my insurance has a low copay good news this has no copay what my insurance is pretty good because it covers cancer and heart attacks I mean it doesn't cover other issues good news Medicare for all covers all of that and everything else all the way through dental and vision now every time the tappers of the world frame it as you're getting rid of private insurance and they don't tell you the other half of the equation which is that you would get better insurance that is journalistic malpractice yeah and and you know going back to the last video that we showed you the way he asked the question was 100% inaccurate so he specifically mentions that the proposal would cover residents of the United States and then he proceeded to ask her do you support health insurance or I'm sorry coverage for people who are here illegally well first of all it would cover residents who are not here illegally and secondly residents pay taxes so why wouldn't they have access to the health care provided under Medicare for all he says which undocumented people also pay taxes payroll tax and sales tax and since they're not documented they never get that money back in fact studies have shown that they pay more into the system than they get out of the system but when tapper frames is that way it makes it seem like Oh while the right wing is right these people are just they're here illegally and milking off of us by getting like treatment forum for a gunshot or for a heart attack we're not letting them bleed to death on the streets and they didn't pay into it but actually they did and so that is why the framing is all wrong so that's why when when they said about Saddam Hussein hey did he do 9/11 seventy percent of the country thought he did when we went to the Iraq war because they the media said Bush says this Cheney says this Bush says this Cheney says this and they never corrected them they just said I was into 9/11 so that was terrible journalism can I at least I mean at this point they always admit like oh well you know there were some problems during the Iraq war coverage and we should have done better okay how how should you have done better you should have given the full information instead of the talking point from both sides or either side you should have actually pursued the truth rather than what the Republican Party says or the Democratic Party says but have they learned from that have they fixed it no so when the Republican talking point is they're gonna take your private insurance away that you like so much why do you like it it has low deductibles am I can deal with my premium and you don't tell them that the new plan has no deductibles don't premiums don't go pace and covers more well then you that's horrible it's misrepresenting what the reality is now if you were to say hey taxes are gonna go up for 5% of the country in order to make this happen that would be true okay then say that and you want to give that context no problem about ninety five percent of the country has lower costs under this system five percent does have higher costs okay be upfront about that we're not looking to hide the ball but when you make it seem like Medicare for all is higher taxes and people just don't even have insurance that's insane and if you say oh no no everybody knows that no they don't no they don't because all they ever here's television pundits tell them how there's no private assurance and so look Kamala Harris stop going with you or your consultants are telling you and what your gut as a politician is which is equivocation you're actually right on Medicare for all you're right on supporting Bernie Sanders bill come out guns blazing don't say on that one hand this on the other hand that say Jake understand you did half of that here you could have done the whole interview on that yeah we take away private insurance cuz we gave you better insurance be strong comel Harris's has it in her to be super strong yes so bike all means do it already thanks for watching this free clip of The Young Turks don't forget to become a TYT member today for more exclusive content join now at TYT dot-com /join


  1. It’s not free if tax payers pay for it 🤦‍♂️

    Libs gonna lib

  2. Lying piece of shit. She always has been.

  3. I like Kamala Harris, but I’m turned off by this. She clearly flip flopped on Medicare for All and was disingenuous about it.

  4. Free? Buy one get one free sounds better. And in regards to free healthcare, the one you buy is the one that's free.




  8. This isn't a flip flop. This is just Cenk and Ana looking for a reason to not like her. I don't like Harris, but this is an unfair attack

  9. Doesn’t seem like a flip-flop as she still backs Bernie Bill which has not eliminated private insurance as its available in supplemental

  10. I don't see it as flip-flopping by politicians. While it could be that, I see it more likely that she became better-educated in a subject and altered her view.

  11. They're giving way too much credit to Kamala. If she's posturing like a lawyer/politician then she's not trustworthy.

  12. The Dems will choose either Biden or Harris. They won’t give it to Bernie or Yang. Those two are too risky in the general election. Progressive ideas will NEVER come to fruition. 😔

  13. Never trust cops, never trust Copmala

  14. Kamala is so tough she will crush trump

  15. People LIKE their private insurance = My insurance is better than the shittier insurance my buddy has and/or I like my doctor and he takes my insurance.

  16. How is this being misunderstood? Sounds very clear to me…

  17. All those ignorant fools are clinging on to their life saver thinking "I ve got it made"
    Aiding the scammers robbing the government AND their own pockets

  18. Cenk just doesn't get it…its not about better or worse…its about freedom….a fair amount of Americans still do not want to be forced by the government to provide for other people or even themselves…being stubborn as an individual is what America was founded upon

  19. What? A politician talking out both sides of their mouth. This is the first time this has ever happened in all of history.

  20. Kamala Harris is so sleazy.


  22. Kamala Harris doesn't want any guns. So, let's go old school using Sticks and Stones on her.

  23. Be Strong Kamala, Don't be a weak-sauce politician.

  24. Wow I'm in shock ! A little criticism from TYT ??? If I disagreed with her I'd be a racist !!! Kudos !!

  25. I feel like you guys got it all wrong, I'm going to be with Kyle kulinski on this, he says that you need to explain to people that it does not get rid of all private insurance you can still use private insurance for supplemental care and I agree with that explanation. I think you guys are overthinking or under thinking and overblowing this. You have to think about low information voters who will hear that and not like it, so you have to turn it around all them when they asked that to make the question seem like what it is, a smear, which that is exactly what that question is meant to be. The question is meant to chip away support for people who don't really grasp the concept, which there is alot of.

  26. Flip flopper in chief

  27. I'm a bit indifferent and sceptical of Harris but I got to say, there's a bunch misogynistic undertones in both the left and right comments.

  28. "Bernie for 2020" gonna make sure trump in 2020.

  29. She's actually smart for answering the way she did. You guys want to corner someone with language and nik-pic. She's not Bernie.. she's waayyyy smarter and a much better politician. When Joe drop out.. she'll be the front runner!

  30. The nation that cried no taxation without representation cannot then deny healthcare to residents who pay tax. 🙄

  31. As much as I dislike Kamala, I don't think this is a flip-flop. Yes, the way she worded her answer was very politician-y, but her whole point about saying that she wants to keep private insurance was in regards to supplemental non-essential care. I take more issue with Jake Tapper's framing than with Harris' actual answer.

    Now does this mean I trust her to not pivot in the general and actually fight for M4A when in office? Absolutely not. However this segment was a little misleading on TYT's part.

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