it was the first time of my life that I ever experienced something that I'd never experienced before and that thing was a success that had nothing to do with my pedigree where I came from had more and all to do with just my own ability to work really hard and if I work hard at it you know I could achieve something that was in my own hands to do it wasn't something that someone else can give me or take away from me and that was one thing that I really appreciated about this experience from the beginning so through that it taught me work ethic it taught me the importance of having a good work ethic having a larger vision of what you want to accomplish in your life is very very important [Applause] here we go track 1 will outweigh in by 40 pounds track 2 will be wide factory it's all over for me where and that assistant us also to be how about that through my work and through constant efforts day in and day out I can bring that vision into reality


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