Kaees Alexander RDA – Is It The King, Like Alexander? Cameo w/ Swell Mod!

got an RDA today from case it has an interesting top cap and airflow it's called the Alexander welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm Tony yeah today we're taking a look at the case Alexander RDA it's a this one's a little different by the way I am using this on top of the swell mod this is the mod that we have been working on with Vandy vape for quite some time let's say we but me gonna change that real quick here it just change the display yeah nice and colorful yeah well we're gonna get into this one here in a couple days I'm still waiting on a couple of things from Vandy vape and working with the app and all that kind of stuff yes there is an app for this yeah we'll go into all that later on but this is really about the Alexander RDA today I've just been using this mod to test just about everything that comes in because I got to test them on look what I'm using today comes from the monster group this is fruit monster it's a blueberry raspberry lemon and it is quite tasty hundred mill bottles this is a three milligram is standard liquids so there's 50% blueberry 25% raspberry and 25% lemon it's a 75 25 VG PG so you might even be able to use this in some of the pod systems and say you can use standard liquid too so the outer sleeve for the Alexander RDA pretty simple it's got a little dot on there to tell you what color it is this one's obviously stainless steel we got black right here social media over here on the side along with the scratch and check and back here on the back it says the features are inner chamber with dotted slant air inlets lotus leaf shape post list dual coil build deck that's not easy to say easy to build and easy to guide the e-juice to cotton got a resin drip tip on here deep juice well they do you have a squonk pin in here and i have installed and used the squonk pin but i put it back to standard pin because i wanted to use it as a dripper and they use 304 stainless steel when you open up the box you've got the little tray obviously it's a little baggy in here and you can see that is the squonk pin right there got a little hex head screw driver and i kind of like it that way because it doesn't get in the way when you're trying to dunh say like a ohm reader or something like that so that's kind of cool you've got extra grub screws and there are extra o rings then you got a little card here that says vaping case for you and there's social media on there and then some details on the Alexander RDA basically what was on the back of the box let's pull the barrel off of this real quick so you can see all right this obviously needs to be dripped on dual coil and that's what it looks like when it's built now you can see right down the center of that this deck is kind of lifted up and there is a well that's underneath that deck which I'll show you here in just a second and an unbuilt one these coils come in the package they're coming out to 0.15 ohms basically like a little Clapton coil that's in there but yeah because that hole is there in the center it will squonk up it does get up to the top of this thing so it can get up into the coils here but definitely soaks that deck that's down there and pulls it back down let me show you a picture this before I wycked it it's really simple man I mean you just cut those leads drop it in there it's a post list deck and then you tighten up the grub screws from right there back to the picture and just make sure that they're up off of the deck like you see here down on the bottom of the base it says Alexander RTA case these guys they like to name their products after Kings and Alexander was a king pulling a deck out of here you've got dual overhangs on here and that is what the deck looks like without a build in it so you can see there is it's a pretty decent size well that's inside of there these are kind of lifted up and you got your positive and your negative that's your positive right there because they have a peek insulator down inside there so when it's squonk sit just comes up that hole right there it kind of goes down into the well down there and it does suck it back down it squawks fine and it's kind of leak resistant because your air flows are up pretty high and you've got this whole you know doming area up here but this is kind of interesting I'll show you in just a second you got tabs right here and those tabs stick into those little divots that are on the side there so it does lock in place and you're not turning the barrel for airflow you're just turning this top cap for that so that works out pretty good pretty easy like I said I mean you know post this deck back those out drop your coils in there and tighten them back up what I've got in there right now I use five point five I might go like six point five next time just to get those coils up a little bit higher when you put the cap next to it the coils are just about at the airflow they could be just a tiny bit higher I think yeah a pretty simple build deck they say that looks like a lotus I guess it kind of looks like a this flower they do have resin drip tips on here there 810 style you've got the o-ring on the inside of there and yeah no oh ring on that some nice knurling around the top here so you can grab it to turn it there really tight when you first get them though one oh ring on this and you can see the airflow right there well those are your air flow restrictors that's your actual air flow right there divide it into four little ovals then the air goes in there and check that out so that's your doming I mean that's a lot of doming that's one thing we talk about a lot when we want flavor from an RDA is good doming and that is good doming the airflow is are slightly angled but because you've got this dome up here as it kind of goes up the dome that kind of gives them a little bit of an angle and there is an o-ring at the top of this dome as well and that all fits together so it seals up real good it says it's pretty tight when you first get it so you can close off the top row of ovals or you can close it all the way down to just one hole but you can't close off the bottom row of ovals and I would like to be able to do that personally I end up using it with all four of those open just wide open it does look good on top of a mod though it's it's it's just the right size yet g10 panels boy I'm excited to show you the full thing on this mod of course it is a Tony be project this well so that's the Alexander RDA now I worked with them on one RTA in the past and I know that they like to use names of kings for their names of their products so Alexander all it makes perfect sense is it the king yeah I don't know about all that it's it's a good RDA I don't know that it's the best RDA I've ever used the airflow that's on this it's interesting with that dome that's inside of there I haven't been able to figure out if you can remove that I don't think you I don't think you can they've got it in press fit in there somehow I like the size of it it looks really good on top of a mod so that's good the only issue I really have with it is it has a little bit of a whistle and I'd like the airflow all the way open so we're going to do this with the airflow all the way up and you can see what I'm talking about I don't know if you could hear that let me get this down by the microphone here I think it's just a little bit turbulent because you have an inner wall and an outer wall so it's going in through the outer wall of the barrel and then it hits that inner thing in there and that's got a honeycomb to it so I think the honeycomb is meant to smooth the airflow out which kind of does but it's just there's some kind of turbulence in there as you can see it's a bit of a cloud machine so that's good for people that like that the flavour is actually quite good because there is literally a dome inside there and doming is one of those things that we look for when we're looking for good you know flavour in an atomizer you know especially an RDA the deck is it's nice it's you know it's basically a post 'less deck it's kind of a lifted post list deck a little bit like the pulse v2 maybe just not quite as pronounced but what's nice is that when you look straight down in here if you're dripping and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do this one dripping is because when you look right down the center if you drip it right down the center it goes right into that thing and right underneath the deck so that's good it's got a pretty good well in there so it fills up nicely and it it performs little coils that they put in they're actually pretty nice I'm at 0.15 ohms on those and 85 watts and yeah it's it's working out and yeah four coils that are actually included in a package they're pretty good as far as building this thing one of these is going to be a good tool for you a coily tool or something where you can measure those leads because it's otherwise it's going to be like let me clip them and then oh that's too tall let me clip them oh that's too tall let me clip them at least with this you can figure out what length it is and then just use that every time you build it I think next time I build this I'll probably put the coils up a little bit higher so that they're closer to the airflow it's almost like there's a chamber between the actual airflow and the outside all right so I've closed just the top part of the airflow it's a little bit smoother it's it's quite a bit more of a restricted airflow or restricted lung hit and definitely hotter but I don't seem to get as much flavor that way I just like the air flows all the way open perhaps if there was a way to shut down the bottom portion of the airflow so that just the top ones so that it is still on that curve of the dome so they're pointing down yeah so there we go so it's definitely a competent RDA and it's something a little different if you want to try it out I do want to give you a chance to score as a matter of fact somebody's gonna score two of these you can keep them both vape it forward with one of them whatever you like to do and all you have to do is fill out the google formats right down below the video in the description it's a ten dollar paypal fee in order to claim it cos shipping only and if you live outside the country and you still want to enter you can look for Coopers vaping view down there he's a friend of the channel he has you know he comments on all the videos and he's volunteered to be your friend in the u.s. basically he'll give you instructions on what to do you still have to pay the $10 PayPal fee and you got to pay for International shipping by the time you get through that you probably could have bought one or two of them totally up to you but I want to thank you so much for your support here in the channel likes comments shares subscriptions they mean the world to me and I really appreciate you so if you like what you see go ahead and hit that thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red 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  1. NOTE ON SWELL MOD: I'm waiting on a couple of things from Vandy Vape before I do the presentation video for the mod / kit. I want to make sure I have everything I need to properly present it. You can find info on the VV website, and I promise, the video will be up ASAP! Thank you so much for your support 🙂


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