JUUL is getting rid of flavors – impact of the FDA vape flavor ban + Philip Defranco's thoughts

what's up sample box family huge news FDA news coming at you one thing that's important to note about this YouTube channel is you can watch every single video in a bathrobe and it's okay we're not even a bathroom nothing Ian and I love nudity we love seeing the shape of humans in this video series we talk about things related to vaping not related to vaping but related to things that we enjoy talking about big news this week though the FDA in they recently just reached out to the world and they said hey flavor e-liquids no no no no the primary thing that they're doing is saying no more flavored no more candies or fruits or desserts in convenience stores we don't want kids being able to go to 7-eleven and seeing creme brulee flavor jool pods didn't just admit in tobacco the FDA also mentioned that they're going to be taking age verification more seriously from that it says at this moment time they haven't actually like come through fully we don't know 100% what the regulations are gonna be like but it seems possible that they're not going to impose the flavor ban on to specialty retail online and in brick-and-mortar stores so like actual vape stores and online sales like they're not gonna impose the flavor man specifically just convenience stores gas stations even I just spent some time actually watching a recent video by Philip DeFranco he does news on YouTube daily and he had an episode specifically about FDA news and all that stuff that's happening with jewel really employment 'iv video I thought it was really good yeah I think it was a pretty good job providing information he says straight up in his a video that vaping is less harmful than smoking I think that that was a huge battle to like get to that point just getting mainstream media and people to talk about it and just say like yes it's not as bad as cigarettes because for the longest time like literally up to this year mainstream media and people are still just constantly beating the fucking horse to death saying well we don't know if it's you know not as bad as cigarettes it might be as bad as cigarettes we just haven't we don't have the data and studies and everyone's like we do 100% we know it's not as bad as cigarettes exactly like how much less bad than cigarettes maybe is still like we're working on that but it's completely obvious that it's way less harmful than cigarettes and his videos that's like the context for his video but it does talk about different things like high school students and middle school students who have gotten into vaping in the numbers because really the numbers from I think it was 2011 to 2017 yeah period the numbers for kids smoking smoking went down but the numbers for like recent recent years for vaping has grown yeah totally so that's the real concern and the other thing too is at the very end I like to what do you know his kind of opinion on the whole thing was that you know we are targeting right now flavored e-liquid mm-hmm right as a worry for kids but the FDA no one's doing anything about actual cigarettes which we know has killed millions of them yeah that one yeah totally that really spoke to me too I can't remember who on the video was saying that but the guy who were they were interviewing the same like all of a sudden the FDA cares and they're really trying to regulate a healthier alternative very strictly and put a whole bunch of different rules on things for it yet historically what have they done to try to reduce smoking kids smoking yeah there's a whole section in Philip defranco's video also that I think is notable and he talks about different countries that have used vaping and vaping alternatives have promoted it and seen smoking drop significantly I think Iceland was in there Japan was in there and I think that the hope is that if we promote cigarettes and vaping as an alternative safer alternative for tolian that would help bring down totally cigarettes are killing you know hundreds of thousands of people you would think that they would be less concerned about regulating the industry into the grave and more so about trying to save hundreds of thousands of lives if the country was operating with integrity you would think they would actually be setting up ways for insurance to cover vaping so that you know low-income people would be able to afford vaping and like they'd actually start viewing it as a true effective smoking cessation it's been proven in the world but instead they've actually made it illegal for us to even say that vaping is a smoking cessation exotic like you literally can't even say that they won't let you say it's a cessation product is that they're like they're getting to the point there are plenty of other countries who are adopting it as the number one recommended smoking cessation product and saying if you smoke you should vape because it will help you quit smoking and here they're going no you can't say that it'll help you quit smoking hopefully that's talked about the success of vaping other countries and the thing is that were those stats to those like statistics the most notable thing is that smoking dropped in those countries in a very short amount of time yeah totally it's like five years like within a couple years it drops a lot significantly so for a link to Philip defranco's video go ahead and check it down below we also have a couple articles or at least one article comprehensively talks about this whole than the use of the FDA and the flavor ban dates are always really awkward man truth but one of the best things you can do in a date in my experience and I'm kind of suave is if you don't know what to say don't say anything I've had so many silent dates that ended okay you should try it sometime in this is fact of the week dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors oh man that fact is pretty intense and it's got me it's got me going a little bit and I feel like I'm gonna go mano a mile right now i'ma do 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I'm also shocked that it's in that sample box isn't able to give me the best prices needle could ever sample box I'm shocked I'm shocked like Ethiopians history November 23rd be shocked like can ships that's fucking crazy and I can't even get my head around and I can't get around I can't get my head around how how amazing the sample box subscription is and how you can get the best my eyes are closed and I'm just thinking about trying my mind around wrapped around it but it's so huge the savings that we give you is so huge close your eyes imagine it and then open them stay looking at this video don't stay with us let's subscribe to our channel a couple weeks ago and I did example talk and we asked a question like we always do we always ask your questions like we're the teachers were the hot teachers in front of the class baby pop quiz and we asked you guys a question for a chance to win a sample box the question was what was your favorite scene from South Park and the winner is Jeff's fair agreed she says the Wow episode I've been in that deep dark place a long long time ago or the inception VR episode such a wonderful mind Jarrod spoken at public in a sense of that mine mine mine good job Jess Congrats today we talked about the FDA news little Philip DeFranco was in here too but Ian and I were always in a given mood we love to give our love to you we're gonna give away six bottles April box and all I got to do is like this video and let us know in the comments what would you do if the only flavours you can vape are tobacco and menthol thanks for watching guys we really will love your support can't wait to see you soon don't forget to Like share and subscribe if you want to get notified when we post new content find the little Bell click click ding ding get notified for all the good things to come hey Chris yeah man do you know when Billy Joel was born no neither do i but if he was born December they'd call him Billy the bitch boy


  1. Vaping cannot be called smoking cessation because they were already smoking cessation products that big Pharma controls already on the market. They’ve done the research and had LD50‘s and double blind tests done. Vaping does not have the same thing and if they tried, it would take a decade and millions upon millions of dollars to perform the tests. What will happen is that Pharma will use their nicotine inhalers and add flavors to them and it will be passed through because it’s just a slight variation of an existing product and won’t require the new drug tests. Big Pharma controls the government and that’s why flavors are being banned. It has nothing to do with children or they would realize that harm reduction is more important and endorse vaping.

  2. On the one hand, this makes sense to me. Specialty shops verify ID. Gas stations (rightly so) do not. Media and packaging do influence the young, and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that nicotine is candy. However, if they are going to use this reasoning, they need to address alcoholic beverages that use dessert and fruit adverts as well.

  3. I was smoking cigarettes at 15 if a kid wants to vape it’s not hard for them to get their hands on them

  4. I would start making my own flavored ejuice and start a black market in my home town

  5. I thought they were keeping mint ☹ R.I.P JUUL.

  6. I hate tobaccos and menthols so I’ll probably try to make the liquids I have last as much as posible or try to get them in another country

  7. i quit smoking about 30 days a go and my son said try vaping to help me not to smoke so i said ok and he also told me about zamplebox because he quit smoking as well it has been great not more smoking the cigarettes any more now he is happy i also just got my first box from zamplebox i give my son a bottle just to say thanks

  8. what is that mod

  9. I'd be the [email protected]%king Al Capone of the vape liquid prohibition. Bootleg deliciousness bitches. Glorious mouthfuls of machine gun cherry, Berryfaced Nelson, Butterfinger Dillenger, Moonshiner Delight. Lmao

  10. Mint pods are my favorite anyway

  11. Look I don't like tobacco that's why I switched, and menthol is just gross so I gotta say I might just go DIY or just sadly… Stop vaping!!!

  12. I'd vape menthol everyday and bitterly complain about the FDA on the internet.

  13. I ould vape metheol never going back to stinky camcer sticks

  14. My second hand “smoke” doesn’t kill people like second hand smoke from cigarettes

  15. Call me Shane Dawson but I think they're cracking down on flavours to benefit big tobacco.

  16. I hope they don't ban meth flavour

  17. Tobacco and Menthol? My favorite flavors! I pretty much only get that for e-juice anyways! (can my free box be all tobacco and menthol)

  18. Hopefully, people are aware of the fact that e vapor does not have the same chemical composition as e juice. Fanboys keep talking about the four ingredients in juice. It's misleading. https://www.vapingpost.com/2016/01/28/vapor-differs-in-composition-from-e-liquid/

  19. I don't get it. If it's illegal to buy these products if you are under 18 then why would banning flavors matter? The kids are getting these things illegally anyway. Adults are selling them to minors. Maybe there should be a harsher penalty for giving them to minors.

  20. Oh god if they ban flavored ejuices I would probably quit vaping

  21. Bahahahaha 😂 😂 😂 "Mind F**********ck"! oh my word you guys are getting funnier and funnier as time goes on! If they took flavors out of eJuice I would break up in the pack of cigarettes I've had unopened for the past 4 years and start smoking instantly. I'm not saying that out of defiance, I just know myself.

  22. It's about big tobacco and the money they have. The country has lost its mind. We have a bunch of people that think it's up to them to tell us whether or not we can get an extra sized Cola, french fries, or carrot sticks. We can all thank Michelle Obama for getting that ball rolling. I can tell you as a parent of a child with high-functioning autism that it is very hard to get kids with sensory processing disorders to eat certain foods. It doesn't necessarily have to taste wrong. It could be texture, the odor, even the color or shape. When they started forcing the kids to eat carrot sticks my child started losing weight. We don't need people that I call do gooders telling us how to make our own choices in a democratic country. If they really cared about the kids health they would have noticed how much smoking has dropped amongst kids. That's a pretty important thing! It's called harm reduction. But the sad thing is that these kids in the comments that should not be vaping in the first place are not realizing that they are addicted to nicotine not just the cigarette. If you take flavors out of vaping that nicotine addiction is going to drive them right back to those gross nasty cancer sticks. Adults that are former smokers worked so hard to get away from cigarettes and found in our case that vaping was the only effective tool for us. I don't want to see everybody go back to smoking but I'm realistic and I know it will happen if they take the flavors out of eJuice. And so does big Pharma and big tobacco. If they really cared about children getting access to adult substances he would do something about the flavored alcohol in the Minute Marts and 7-Elevens that are clear in the back. By the same logic that is marketing towards children and we know how many children die from alcohol-related car accidents. It's all a bunch of BS that has to do with money because it certainly isn't logical in any way. Sadly the do-gooders are buying into the spin that it's to protect our children. the Spin Doctors knew they could get that faction behind them and they spun a good story for them. these people get a mob mentality and are practically frothing at the mouth to protect their children when in reality they have no idea what today's child crosses paths with out there. it is a very uneducated and unrealistic point of view these people operating from. They just don't know all of the things that are right in their face. and we have to give our kids credit for all the things they face and all of the decisions they're having to make when they are supposed to still be able to be a kid and enjoy that.

  23. If i would be able to vape mynthol or tobacca only i would choice mynthol

  24. I would set up a Eliquid lab in my basement and use empty juul pods and refill them

  25. so happy i live in the UK!!!…but our government are your lap dogs so we will probs ban them too…darn i am a new to the thing as a tool to give up the death sticks…i may stock up on tasty flavs…the FDA sucks testicals..whoever thy are…seems some asshole politicians are getting some FAT WEDGES off the cancer industry overlords…smoking cubans and getting sucked off by all our sisters…FUCKERS!

  26. The fucking FDA needs to keep their noses out of the vaping community. FDA why don't you go concentrate your efforts on the bad food in restaurants or if you think your smart enough go solve WORLD HUNGER you fucking clowns. If flavors were banned here in Seattle I would quit vaping all together.

  27. Harm Reduction is the what this whole industry is all about. Nobody has ever made any statement saying that vaping is 100% safe. Hell, nothing is 100% safe! If a much safer alternative to help people like me who have tried everything to quit smoking but vaping flavored ejuices was the only thing that got me off and kept me off of 2+ packs a day for over 15 years.

  28. I’m glad America has some common sense on this matter. Australia, and a few others just want to ban flavours all together. Canada has already done it.

  29. Im naked

  30. I would probably go back to smoking cigarette the whole reason I started vaping is that I enjoyed smoking and it gave me a saver way to do keep doing that

  31. If there were diy flavors you could by I would add them to the tobacco juice or quit all together

  32. I would still like to see an episode where Chris and Ian go out in the streets and find smokers and see if they can trade them starter kits and some e-liquids found on Zamplebox in exchange for their cigarettes.

    One of my favorite parts of watching talent shows is you get to witness the exact moment that somebody's life changed. You would literally be showing that on your channel in the lives of (soon to be ex-) smokers; which would be great imo 🙂

  33. Lol its illegal FOR ( kids) anyways isent it ??

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