JUST BREATHE! Chiropractic Adjustment with INTENSE Soft Tissue Work

now anything happened to the shoulder over here they're just hard laughs when I was kid can you see let me end up there a while since I've seen this this this shoulder here is so hot you see the scoop over here I sleep I found myself waking that place yeah thought it was gonna be all over here and it is but then I see this scoop here in his shirt and I go uh-oh so it's down into here in the lab yeah okay that's pulling it no the place could be over here it is rather yeah okay could that you hear me say this all the time on YouTube here's the lateral curvature you go straight across usually there's a rib out of place 9 out of 10 yeah and it's right there yeah left-hand side you to go up they're supposed to be like a nice lordosis in there and it's just straight right there look straight ahead oh we got an anterior can I say your passer yeah okay cuz he's you know pastor work you're studying writing okay look he's got anterior head carried about good two-inch there lift your pants up for me just a little beside see your ankles I do we have some boat legged this here yeah heredity motorcycle horses when I was a kid okay oh do you have pain in the knees oh yes on the inside yeah now this isn't the best table for this but it still works yeah I got you okay so he's got a left short leg move this to 90 degrees and it goes long classic PIL iam on the left more restriction here more mobility here does that hurt when I do that mmm tenderness mmm no just the aggravation of being 44 okay and then what I'm gonna have you do is you're gonna look towards your right don't worry about the paper just look towards your right let me do it another way and that shifted it yep and then that shifts it and then look back down and then we're gonna look over towards the side nothing there back down for me you're gonna take your left hand and place it behind your back you can yep that's it nothing there back down wash the table yep other hand for me right there that also changes it that one pan that come back down so again confirming this lateral curvature here that we have he's got a problem right here on the right perfect last one up here yep okay I'm gonna go harder on the side out when we got this rib out over here I don't know that might take some persuasion yeah I'm gonna be careful okay I've been doing a lot of driving the past week so yeah kind of phrase wait you know I get it eventually it just right there that's where it is deep breath in more time nope that's we'll leave that alone for now I gotta do a lot of soft tissue work here let's get started here's the green roller there's your rib oh my goodness mm-hmm we gotta get that right in in fact right now it's high on this side no we can go back to that he gets regular chiropractic care from I'll give a shout-out yes dr. Judy Roy East I'm chiropractic Knoxville Tennessee I'm cheating under rattling know when in Florida you gotta find yourself well I told her I was coming to him Oh just man up here oh yeah this time that's where our where the way the little world yeah that's right side just all the way up I can feel when it finally lets go but I got my work cut out for me today they're gonna see that Ramon dragons lit today whoo my mama always say that was special good um I'm gonna have you on your back sometimes clearing off the neck I when I was doing the leg lengths your neck was a big part of it so I need to make sure that I get the neck cleared Oh before I continue yeah that you know that that I'm gonna have that meteor be sore tomorrow oh you want me to really dig on that and get that – yeah that's cool cuz it's bad yeah Oh mm sorry the soreness will only last for about 48 hours and you'll feel pretty good this is what I'm going for this is what my goal is to move you know I'm going to get it in a second starting to come out here we go congestion even up into the occiput how many hours do you look down a day mm-hmm a lot that way you didn't you know what to expect him you came in to think yeah okay like you knew was that Taylor Swift's on progress thanks a little yeah no pain no gain at least in my world I'll live through this just to hear it pop you live for the noise make the noise no big ole worry I'll promise you I know you were saying like people will recognize you you like oh no pop do you like a TV show or I believe we broadcast on Facebook twice a week oh we do the like service one so any more than Sunday no booth that it was a little yeah once Brattle plug for houston baptist church my not find us on facebook come to church with I know I can't open it it needs the adjustment now it's ready oh yeah c1 c2 right here right here nice that was definitely c1 c2 let's park the other end of the car in right here almost got it oh there's one more left in there and it might not go I might have to do something else to get to go it went a tiny bit that's right it's right here underneath doom right nope I'm gonna have to karate chop you a little bit on that side that's fine you're okay with that I've always wanted to tell a chiropractor this you break it you buy it good job hmm yeah all right so we're gonna get into this shoulder here take Gordon let's see what this one wants to do he's having trouble putting this around behind his back increase the flexibility here we go yep you'll feel it into your arm that's the bundle right there nurse got a little bit of a knot right in here all right I'm just using my little red star saves my thumb forgot to ask you how your neck was doing it feeling good so how'd you try to turn it you but it's okay to just stay still for ten minutes afterwards anyway I'm not on the spine spine is here right to the side breathe pushing t1 down give you a break next one down scoop it right there hmm so here all right so this one you're saying the whole sewer huh nothing into the rhomboids which is a good sign just Terri's know that lat you know that I was saying over here what happened here me yeah what happened I saw something like that that's just really riding high on this side I mean I know lateral curvature you know postural ey this could be a problem but first time is the worst I think if you were to come back in a week and do this again it would be nowhere near this bad just a lot of metabolic waste in there that hasn't been cleaned out you never know what you might find and one more one more right there now now it's good yeah yeah this is the part that I had trouble adjusting all throughout here I mean this is I can't even tell distinct vertebrae because it's I mean I get when I feel the spinous processes I can but the ribs are so congested I'm swollen it's like gliding right on top of them I'm unable to distinguish the ribs yet I'll get there Hyup here that's all nice and loose now you just gotta work I gotta like carve out this rib cage here one at a time it's just such a spasm and this is causing you if you neck shoulder pain okay because this if this isn't moving in your body then the neck and the shoulders just take all the abuse the brunt of the work it's like when you're on a farm right don't you need everybody to work and everybody's participation and if one guy just sits decides to go take a break now you have to work harder but that's what's going on these guys are just sitting on the sidelines not doing anything because I favor him it's because you sit forward and you round your back you slouch for lack of a better term you slouch and they get stuck they pop out and they weld that way too much I went over that rib that I could not get yeah there it is to be not itching to pop anything anymore is there something that you feel I could pop right now manually myself your mid-back here yeah you can be twist yeah you that yeah that's what you're popping the rib out yeah that kind of makes sense I don't want to twist I want a PJ from back to front pop because when you twist that's not closing the joint down you're up you're separating the ripoff of the vertebrae no twisting Illinois State on the exhale return I got it right under hand yeah just there you okay yeah yeah they need to go this way it's just Oh twist it there Bri there goes there good a little bit that's all I need one more time check it that's it II don't um got it one more key hair one more just really really close to being there oh there what's up there we go there we go okay well I can see the rib that's out well it was out a little particular spot right there see you just turn in red you know you're not turning purple you're like isn't that bad though no the redness goes away in a couple minutes why are we saying the redness goes away the petechiae stays flat arm over your head again like we were doing earlier but lift your face up and over your hand okay like that there we go little easier to breathe now maybe go nothing much man I don't just you to break down yeah look at that now you gotta go take a video of that that's pretty cool okay I got angel wings yeah actually very little pity key a good this is this redness will be gone in a couple minutes there feels like my left side my ear feels more open well here we go oh no shoulder issues right not too bad come on alright alright that's 100 this sides got a lot more flexibility up here and then we get to like where the heart is usually t5 rib is out where the heart is yeah and there it is very very common to have this one out like everybody has it I haven't met one person that doesn't have this surely wait doc why do you want to because you just want to make sure that that one stays flexible mm-hmm the heart just beats what's from six weeks of life and it doesn't ever stop beating and it pushes this rib out always t5 right there there it is okay toes good know that ones usually want to crack spit no I think you got these already yeah a lot baby to a party okay reach up her head and grab the table you go doesn't want to go alright which is this gotta go alright so on your side facing when they act give me this arm yeah it's gonna be a little bit different than most chiropractors aim for the low back mm-hmm I'm right here on your sacrum so it's not as papi clicky as the low back so I don't know if I'm gonna get a pop but if it's there I will find it I'll try alright its bottom leg straight for me though yeah that's my axis that I spin around back head back yep alright you need it right there come on there's one more one more one more there it is top part of the sacrum yeah what what else did I miss that was good oh you heard them okay here we go left side if it wants to do what I wanted to do Oh send you back to Tennessee here mister it's a good back ok I think this is already closed [Applause] there you go wonderful all right well then you should be already good do okay thank you


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  6. “Meh just the aggravation of being 44”

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  8. She says no twisting but i do it to crack my back almost everyday when im not cracking my back over my chair

  9. She is good because she actually doesn’t lie when it cracks, she’s so honest by saying we need one more spot to get a crack and she finds it when she doesn’t, plus she removes your muscle knots/ tightness , she makes your muscle go straight and not knotted

  10. soft tissue work? more like modern day leeches

  11. I see your username changed to chiro_dragon 🐉

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  14. Sorry but, women just don't have the strength to successfully accomplish adjustments in most men, probably better with other women.

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    She certainly works like one. Love it!

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