Junk food & healthy food – Fancy dress competition idea….

hello my name is Dingle qatari and I have become a junk food and a healthy food what will you choose if I give you a burger or a chapati of course you will choose a burger because you are like junk food to it there are many varieties of junk food like doughnut bin zaid chips burger cold wing ice cream cake chocolates etc but they are not good for our health they cause many diseases like heart disease diabetes etc whereas on the other hand healthy food like milk coconut tea party vegetables fruits etc gives us proteins and nutrients which are essential for our body it provides us with variety of minerals and vitamins jump or junk food you are not for me junk food junk food you make me fat junk for junk food I don't like you Halliford healthy food you are so healthy healthy food healthy food you keep me pretty and fine healthy food healthy food healthy food healthy food you make me strong healthy for Halliford you are for me so avoid junk food you tell the food say no to junk food stay healthy eat healthy thank you


  1. Nice idea and well spoken!

  2. Omg.. Superb

  3. Nice

  4. I will chose paneer parantha😂😂

  5. Nice idea


  7. very nice

  8. In the end u said something wrong after saying avoid junk food u again said say no to junk food but both has the same meaning☺

  9. NICE

  10. very good concept –
    how to make this ? plz tell me

  11. Not nice at all because she's saying a a a😛 watch mine your talking like an Indian.
    Type zobya as a Vet won first prize in fancy dress my mother passed away in July 15

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