Jumping Out Of Planes: US Army Paratroopers Jump Exercise


  1. Это гражданская авиация? Это же не воины, а какие-то плюшевые человечки. Не уверен, что они готовы отдать жизнь ради исполнения приказа.

  2. Ahhh, the memories! As a former paratrooper of the 1/504th PIR, “Red Devils”…STRIKE HOLD!👍🏿 ‘94-97

  3. GREAT VIDEO!! What are the big bags hanging down in front?? (No funny answers here, please. I know what their other smaller junk is. I have 7 younger brothers!!) :))

  4. having just graduated airborne school, its the worst place on earth.

  5. Not gonna lie the visceral feeling i had watching this was there man Hahaha. I have a feeling that second you pull your shute you're like "eh, that wasn't so bad" though

  6. I hope these cute girls will jump right into our arms!!!

    Russian 76th Airborne Division

  7. M.h.carrillo operation focus retina, Korea jump in 1969,lucky few,and proud,graduated d of 1/503 abn.173 69 /70 .cib,bronze, purple heard,w/oak leaf cluster, and other awards, proud to have had the chance to serve with the best,no regrets.airborne.forever.

  8. 506928 on vous encule les zamerlok

  9. Nice movie

  10. Non-Military guy here. Is the guy in the door way @ 3:40 the jumpmaster?

  11. God Bless America!!!!!
    Greeting from Germany!!!!!

  12. i did 2 night jumps with the 2nd 509th from a c-141. scary jumping at night

  13. Life’s to short to be a leg

  14. Muito legal, show !!

  15. 😀😍

  16. Maravilhoso , tem que ter coragem .. rsrs

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  19. Normandy D-day

  20. Super jump

  21. How scary looking

  22. fast way to apply force on targets! i want a 1.5 million man force that is capable of air drops! full next gen body armor with safety rockets.

  23. I just want to go home mommy

  24. HOOAH !!!!!

  25. So they still use hooks cool

  26. Former infantry paratrooper jumped in to combat over panama with the rangers in December 1989. Holy shit combat was a big scary change from training. Rock on you all!

  27. 82nd Airborne! Roster #692 of my class. Good times. Deployed with the 4/73rd Cav. Delta Co. to Afghanistan in 2007-2008.

  28. Thank you to all these brave men and women 👏

  29. I was born on Parachute Silk the Son of a RA Lifer…joined the USMC then went too Ft Benning Class # 40 May of ‘68 first 4 jumps outta a C-119 graduation jump outta a C-141 Starlifter first Airborne class to ever do so…My PaPa flew from RVN too pin my Lead Wings on…The Rest is History and so am I…Aye Aye Semper Fi👍🏻🍺🇺🇸

  30. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. I got to see the airborne jump twice at Duke field , FL at night…neat shit… retired Air Force firefighter

  32. 💪💪👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 !!!

  33. No goggles and jumping at night, I hope they are landing in a nice flat treeless grassy field.

  34. alpha particles stand up!😂
    note: alpha personel not particles😂

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  38. Nothing against these Guys…But…you can skip all this Hurry up and Wait, Boot Shining, Etc, and years in the Military stuff and just go to any small Airport and do a Static Line Jump in the afternoon after a few hours of Training in the morning… afterward there is Beer and Women too…No Beer or Women in A'Stan or Iraq…USMC 70-74

  39. Heart racing just watching this and I jumped 3 months ago. Hahahahaha good bye Army. Definitely going to miss this jump action.

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