1. Thanks! Will start tomorrow.

  2. hey dane, thanx for the vid

  3. started today, but tomorrow I will do the reps! Thank you

  4. for how many minutes am I supposed to do this?

  5. am really into it am starting to be good at it recently but its just i didnt get it when u said 25 rep. ____???can u explain plz

  6. LOVE IT…….but how long should i do this before i move to the next level.

  7. I'm ordering a jumping rope right now:) I'd also like to know if I can combine this with some jogging and some weight lifting sessions.. if so, any recommendation program? Cheers!

  8. Great workout. It's amazing how little endurance I have when jumping rope..yet I can do one hour of Zumba and barely sweat! Right now, this level is PERFECT for my endurance level…not too easy and definitely not too hard!

  9. I have a question sorry if it is a stupid question, will with help me loose weight if I did it every morning. Thanks.

  10. I can't do quick steps idk y

  11. Bro awesome channel! I'm gonna go murder a lift after watching that…Thanks for the motivation. Check out my channel and subscribe to help reach your fitness goals!

  12. Thanks man,,,, i think it will take at least 2 months to master it..

  13. I play basketball so I am wondering if skipping will help me in basketball?

  14. Great vid and very clearly explained. Thank you

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