Julie Andrews: Therapy Saved My Life


  1. First

  2. First to like too

  3. I wish there was another Princess diaries movie with her

  4. She's an interesting and amazing woman, I could listen to her talk for hours. So lovely.

  5. That right there is a woman who brings me joy. Absolute legend.

  6. MY QUEEN.

  7. “What is that music?” Lol

  8. ''as stringent'' not ''astringent'' steph-en!

  9. Trump Favourite Things (aka The Millions of Lies with the Sound of News Sick)

    Bannon and Breitbart, lies spoken and written,
    Call Girls, Hotel showers, so golden they glisten,
    Wild goose chase stories Tweet into the air
    Myths about wire-taps truth cannot repair!

    Clandestine meetings
    With Vladimir Putin
    Bright orange spray tan and bags to keep loot in
    Brown paper packages tied up with string
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Young Girls in showers with beauty queen sashes
    White gowns, pointy hoods, Nazis and fascists
    A White House for winter and then into spring
    These are a few of my favourite things

    In the long nights,
    When I'm Tweeting,
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply invent some more sh*t I can fling,
    And then I don't feel so bad.

  10. So the channel is going to start posting the whole show an hour before the they usually do?? Yes!!!!!!

  11. She is a fantastic human being! Always will be!

  12. "I get raunchy and very wicked"
    !!!! I would give anything to witness this uninhibited version of Julie Andrews. She is one of my favorite people who is currently living.

  13. Her voice is so smooth and angelical!

  14. Legend! I was a fan of her singing starting from the womb🎶

    Thank you Julie for addressing mental health❤🙌😍

  15. Such a wonderful lady .

  16. I fucking love Julie ANDREWS!

  17. “Patience dear lad” 😂♥️
    I love her so much. She’s so classy and beautiful ♥️

  18. ICONIC. <3

  19. she is everything , everything , everything !

  20. me 'wow' too! i have always loved her work! ty so much ms andrews for bringing such joy into my world, and i can't wait to read your new book! ty both for making this a beautiful night! trumputin has made everything such a nightmare that i had forgotten how lovely the world can still be!

  21. 'Chim chimmeny'

  22. She’s so sophisticated and articulate

  23. I would be reduced to a mush-mouthed imbecile if I was sitting that close to that lady.

  24. Emmy, Grammy, Academy )))

  25. I’ve loved her since I was 10 years old !

  26. Nine minutes is not enough

  27. Therapy should be a free community service. Affording it is* THE* problem.

  28. This woman has more life in her than I do, and she’s nearly 4 times older than me

  29. Legend isnt come near to describe her….there are some creations that even God should be proud of.(Which He is 😜) God bless her 😍😘🙏🙏❤

  30. Julie Andrews is just absolutely delightful.

  31. 34th

  32. She's like a virtual "Mother" figure to me and no doubt many others. The Sound of Music was on TV about once a year when I was a child, eventually got it on video tape and used to watch it on a regular basis to the point where I can pretty much quote every line and every song. It's probably on my real Mother's top-3 favorite movies list (#1 being An American in Paris). Julie Andrews, just her name evokes thoughts of purity and perfection, but she is refreshingly real and brave to talk about some of her darker moments. Why talk about your therapy? Why not? If it helps somebody else… Bravo!

  33. She looks gorgeous for 84.


  35. Stephen fanboying over Julie Amdrews, and Julie Andrews controlling him like Mary Poppins control children are always a pleasure to watch

  36. Thank you for such a amazing Guest. Mrs,Andrews you are a Icon. I hope you understand what you have influenced. Many many children have dreamed of all your movies. Thank you for your amazing and unique talent. I will continue to show originals to my future kids with all your work.

  37. Holy CRAP, she's 84 years old!!!! She looks, sounds, and acts so much younger!

  38. The Sound of Music has one great starting intro (not the truncated TV version), one of the best.

  39. I love her even more now

  40. Hard to believe she doesn't have an EGOT

  41. She easily looks like she could be a member of a royal family.

  42. Mary Poppins Returns was a huge disrespect to the original’s legacy.

  43. She's so nice I love her

  44. Is she from the us? Her accent is unique and elegant imo!

  45. I hope she gets a much bigger role in Despicable Me 4

  46. She's such a muffin

  47. Just 9 minutes?! Shame on you, Colbert. You wasted twice as much on boring Will Smith.

  48. Nice to see Julie Andrews… WoW! 84 and still looking good….

  49. I could feel the tension between them.

    Colbert: "Tell us any one. It's CBS"
    Julie: "Can we just move on?"

    She's very blunt.

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