Juiced Up – The Consequences of Steroids: SWOLE Ep. 3

I'm using building tests get the hair out it's a slowly destroyed and I said y'all ready to go you I'm going on eight years now of taking 2008 it's a lifestyle a lot of people aren't ready for it like a lot of people come up to me in the gym and they're like if I take this this and that will I look like you I tell them to stay away from it I tell them not to start it your first shot your life is gonna change we'll never do the things [Applause] a lot of people just think you could just take a needle and also you're gonna look like mr. perfect and bags of Cheetos and three CCS it's not a fad you're getting I should come back the whole lifestyle how many guys don't look good that take steroids you know it you know there's guys in here I'm on steroids that you wouldn't even tell because they don't live the lifestyle people think you know you're going to come in here you're gonna work out hard you're gonna take a bunch of stuff and you're going to look like me or him or him and it's not like that I've been bodybuilding now students 21 so I'm going on 14 years now and I don't plan on stopping I've spent my blood sweat and tears in this place who wakes up every morning meal prep cooks all their food has a steady schedule I work from 7:00 in the morning till 7:00 8:00 o'clock at night and I still find a way it hit the gym every single night six days a week when I started I was a regular natural bodybuilder I stayed natural and so he turned 26 I remember I used to see this guy in the gym every single day and went up to him I was like hey what's up laments to take how's this how's that and he said if you're serious come see me and I'll show you what it really is basically I just keep them in a bunch of little places I got here so I got frigging pharmacy I got all the pins for growth hormone if you want to when I used to take it right now I'm not doing it I have extra bottles that I have laying around and then up here what you're about to see is probably what I've done within the past I want to say the past year this is probably like a collection you know like the empty bottles that I have just laying around so I like to just throw them all out at once at the end of like the year it's just a weird hat that I have there's so many different kind like this one is just the most craziest one it's called trend this one is just known for very bad side effects it can cause problems with your sex drive help you especially when I get to that moment you get our problems this is by far my favorite one it's called p400 basically it's a blend of fast test slow test mixed together and basically is just my favorite of every side you take is just 400 milligrams of faster than everyone there are a whole host of issues that come with taking testosterone unnecessarily know that there is an increase in the type of cholesterol that we've said cardiovascular issues like stroke and heart attack we've seen sudden cardiac death in young athletes who otherwise had no cardiac issues and we're taking testosterone or other androgens we see tendon rupture and there's certainly a possibility not only for enlargement of the prostate but an increased risk of prostate cancer another issue large issue is we see that the blood gets thicker and that definitely increases the risk for cloth so certainly not benign to be taking testosterone when you're competing at a certain level you know you have to you have to even the playing field it's a necessary evil essentially if you want to eat it's a performance-enhancing drug it's not it's to make you do better physically I don't kill any boosters steroids will open up a whole new spectrum of life for me I could be a male stripper I could be on a model it becomes a lifestyle [Applause] [Applause] it's like a whole nother world that opened up for me I've been getting close to model issues now I've been getting close for commercials staying natural and going to like the anabolic stage completely different without it we only get to a certain level that you go push your body and if you want to take it to that next level that different-looking it does help open up a lot of a lot of doors if you're doing like a full-blown cycle I'm not easily not going anywhere from truelist $5,000 I know people that spend $7,000 of them and I mean some of them are pros some of them are trying to get to that level the first person to find out was actually my mother I actually had a couple of kids of growth hormones dumped in the back of my fridge I guess she caught on me waking up every morning going to the fridge doing what I had to do and I still remember this they hit that first home call her hysterical crying my mother wanted to hit me with a frying pan like my mom didn't know that I was going to the doctor every three to four months getting my blood work done and I was overlooked by doctors at all times I still do you can't measure everything yet you can see that the blood isn't getting thicker but there are other blood tests that you can't do to see that the clotting risk has gone up are you now at risk for rupture of your tendon you don't know that through blood work you don't know if you're going to have sudden cardiac death we know from an unexplained reason obviously it's always dangerous when you're getting a medication that's not approved by the FDA I mean I think one of the major sources is veterinarian supplement so these aren't regulated so basically anything that's being used on animals it's not being regulated and humans are getting their hands on it last time I when I got my blood work done my testosterone level came back at 3,000 a natural meld at my age that doesn't take steroids as probably I don't know what you say 500 yeah 500 and to tell you the truth I got nervous because I even go to a sports doctor and he knows a lot about it and he was even nervous there has been times I've got rushed to the hospital like there's times I've been in the hospital my family don't even know and I just didn't want to tell them because it was cause of that and when I first started I couldn't control my anger at all I used to bash every wall in my house and it went from anger to depression I was too great relationships I was engaged a big reason why I came to an endless because of my steroid use I'm going on eight years now of taking testosterone that's right when I come most officially I'm gonna appeal to the doctor pride for the rest of my life yeah get touched treatment because at this point I don't think my natural tests will ever turn back on if that's the case I mean it might but it's gonna be years it's not gonna be like overnight oh basically now I'm just cruising which means most completely but to keep my body at a natural level I take one shot of testosterone maybe once every like 7 to 10 days just to keep my body going I plan on coming off for a while especially now I have a new girlfriend it's going great I see a great future and everything and you know I'm just thinking about right now eventually having kids in the next like year too 34 he still has life ahead of them in terms of you know having a family have kids and I have no idea that stuff affects anything he tells me he's doing it the right way you know I trust them married to the gym and she does now it's finally paying off long as of right now I'm in the process of coming off obviously since I've been with my girlfriend that's the big reason why um but I just want to let you know that so I'm Friday you feel a little better about the situation definitely so I have a plan on going back on I'm not gonna lie 100% I can picture after I have a family and everything and I will be right back into full-blown body building I have that fear in the back of my head about not being as big as I am because I enjoy walking places especially walking with my girl and knowing people are looking at me like holy like let me just stay out of this guy's way I'll be truthful on camera right before I came here I took a shot because I was like it's gonna make me feel better on camera it's just something that I loved and I won't I won't switch it and it is what it is even the day that I do stop taking steroids and I'm not gonna stop bodybuilding


  1. Steroids might take you to the "next level," but even the most ardent users recognize there are often debilitating side-effects.

    Watch the entire SWOLE series here: http://bit.ly/2sDHwvB

  2. dude went all in…no BS!

  3. No one is drugs (steroids or synthol) free nowadays all cheats gymnastics and fakest muscles for posing challenge only

  4. My dads bin doing steroids for 20 years.

    He’s got many of these symptoms..

  5. Worst drug I ever used! I Almost killed a couple people too, the early 90s was a dangerous "steroided" time in America. DO NOT USE THESE DRUGS! You can't undo, what you've done,!

  6. testicles shrink to the size of peas

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  8. I'm tryna get big bro!

  9. This guy is a dooshebag… Knowing what steroids does to you, laughing about it and mocking it makes me laugh knowing your ass is going to die. Fk him and his lifestyle.. He ain't nothing to me.. Dooshebaggie butt nugget

  10. These guys are a joke.

  11. That chick doctor is kinda hot. Would love to make her squirt.

  12. A male stripper? A model?
    I’m neither myself but I know sure as Hell it takes a lot more than looks and pure physical strength to be a stripper or a model.

  13. Hope these guys have watched this video there selves and realize that they are idiots.it must be great to know your a model in your own mind.sad part is, they don't even look that good.and that's coming from someone very familiar with the anabolic world.

  14. A reason why that came to an end is because my penis is still smaller.

  15. Jew doctor.
    Remember the USS Liberty.
    But seriously fok Israel.

  16. 5000 a month? Must be some bum shit because they all look like garbage.

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  18. "The Lifestyle" Look at his bedroom, dude is a slob. He needs to take some of that 5-7k a month and hire a cleaning lady. Im not mad at him for being a meat head, but didnt it occur to him to at least tidy up a bit before dragging a film crew through his home?

  19. Fuck, just eat normal food and push yourself. If you know the system that has been proven effective for many decades that builds muscle mass, makes you stronger, just increase consumption of proper nutrition to meet your energy expenditure. If you work out like crazy, eat more food.

  20. They are very very fat no muscle, very fat and they take steroids????? 😂😂😂😂 for fat body

  21. Two words Lyle…Alzado.

  22. LIe: He went to the biggest guy in the gym and asked him what supplements he take..
    Truth:He found the drug dealer in the gym and the drug dealer made him an addict, now he is a junky and he cant stop anymore…

    Truth: Wake up bro, get back to your natural self.

  23. When people have a beef with these guys they just pull out a gun.

  24. WYM?? they look like shit, when they talk shit about others I cringe so hard.

  25. Beauty in a bottle. That's some fagot shit 💋

  26. It's funny that in 8 years he achieved this physique, His body is soft.

  27. Steroids are mad ADDICTING…. STAY AWAY FROM IT

  28. A bit more cardio .. look at the belly on them..

  29. low self esteem and steroids are a very dangerous cocktail. That's why I always stayed away from it. There is just no ay back and I see a lot of examples in the gym.

  30. Good luck man.

  31. Cringe
    So gross

  32. i see a lottt of half reps

  33. I would love to have huge muscles and be ripped but see my penis keeps reminding me that it probably wouldn't be such a great idea…

  34. One reason when I got to college I immediately changed careers from baseball. Guys was bigger & faster from juicing & anything dealing with needles is not an option for me…

  35. Easy street option..

    Pathetic 🙄

  36. Team KO……well….he is going to be TKOd in a coffin before 40.

  37. i get taking HGH, other than that drugs are fuck' n stupid

  38. Just a video of 3 idiots doing unnecessary amounts of steroids to look like shit. No knowledge gained here. IQ points lost. But this is exactly what steroids do, puts you in some fairytale land of "im gonna be successful now" state of mind. 14 years in the gym and still hasnt figured out how to train right.. Get somebody that knows theyre stuff instead of 3 randys. Smh🤦‍♂️

  39. 8:24 When you cum and your girl still sucking

  40. still can't see them

  41. My heart and respect go out to this guy. My heart because I feel for him and his long term health. My respect because he had balls to come and tell the truth – like it is in the real world for him. I know of a lot of guys who outright say they aren't juicing…. they are full of shit. At least this guy is very honest. I can totally respect a man like that. His choice – is his choice. Live and let be.

  42. 9:12 He's bigger than his refridgerator

  43. whats the point of using steroids if youre not going to be BIG AND LEAN??? this guy is FAT as fuck… it doesnt look good without a shirt on 10:34 who whould want to look like that? id rather be natural and fit than look like that

  44. Seems safe enough.

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  46. You don't do better physically. It is the steroids lifting the weight, not you.

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  48. three retards who all be dead before 50

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