Jud Dean – Secrets of an Awesome Chest (Bodybuilding)

hey Judd Dean here hope you enjoyed the workout video worked really hard to put together awesome workout routine for you guys it's gonna focus on chest back and the all-important sexy abs everybody wants and be sure to check with your physician before you begin any exercise program that's a lot the next section we're going to discuss is the chest nothing says masculinity quite like a nice broad thick powerful chest people will tell if your chest is in shape even if you're in a t-shirt it's one of the few muscles that you can really see that silhouette I want to make sure you don't have that bird chest the first thing you need to understand is that there's two main muscle groups in the chest now the pectoralis major makes up the majority of the chest it's the big muscle it's actually what you see when you're looking at someone's chest the pectoralis minor is a lot smaller it just takes a little very small portion of the chest over here in the corner it's really only used for n range motion that be at the very end of our pressing motions toward the end of our language don't worry so much about blood muscle using minor or major just worry about really feeling it in your chest and getting that great burn


  1. nice physique

  2. Nothing says masculinity like cleanly shaven armpits. 0:53.

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