Josh Cox – 2012 National Success Story Winner – Anytime Fitness


  1. This story is awesome!

  2. As someone who's been there so many times, it's really nice to see a trainer who's also been there. It's hard to be 300 lbs and have somebody who has never been more than 20 lbs overweight telling you how to fight it. He's living MY dream, to be that person who can say 'yes, I KNOW what it is like and what you are going through, let me change your life'. You go, Josh =D

  3. Wow anyone else laugh watching this… I don't know how people could take him serious

  4. Wow. Way to troll…

  5. A lot of people take me seriously. They take me seriously because I help them stand up to people like yourself, who choose to go out of their way to bring your negative energy to a positive thing. If you're laughing, you're the very bully who I stand up against. And I'm damn good at it too. So how about you go help yourself by being a jerk by yourself, because regardless of how awesome you THINK you are, you're embarassing yourself in front of a LOT of people. Sorry man.

  6. what the hell?! None of the anytimes in Australia, ACT that I've been to have an extra room!! Farrrrk!!

  7. Hmmmmm……. Very Interesting……

  8. My son Thomas Alva brought me to your video. Your story brings tears to my eyes and inspirational at the same time. Good for you, overcoming your pain and moving beyond the past. To all those who doubt that you can get the very cut look without ANY enhancement, my husband did it…he has less than 6% body fat. He competed in body building competitions and won. And my son is a beast as well:-). Keep up the good work Josh:-). Much respect…

  9. As you can see from the video, Josh has changed many lives, including mine. If you're laughing it's no doubt because you see the thing you fear most, positive change. Sorry that you're too scared to do anything about it. I no longer fear change. I embrace it. and I dare you to do partner pushups with me…I'd make you cry…..

  10. Amazing, truly amazing.

  11. fucking pig

  12. Just watched your story via the Anytime website. You're a top bloke, Josh. Total respect from Down Under 🙂

  13. Don't even pay attention to people like that, well done on your accomplishments.

  14. my hero!

  15. You are great Josh. What have those bullies done with their lives? ….probably nothing.

  16. Such an Inspiration for so many!!!

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