Join Kindred’s Hospital Division

It’s important to have people in health care who want to make a difference It’s kind of a start-to-finish environment with Kindred we’ve seen patients that their worst and we get to see them progress and get better until they’re able to hopefully go home It’s always a learning experience I just learned so much over the years since I’ve worked here and I just like the knowledge that I’m gaining from here we can count on each other like we can always tell if one of us is getting you know kind of behind the other one jumps in and helps when you get to know them and sometimes they’re here so long you feel like they’re family or they feel like you’re family to them I try to tell every patient and every patient’s family I want to treat you like you’re my mom my dad my grandmom my grandpa when they are good enough to where they can just go home and then what it’s a wonderful as they come back up and see you that’s rewarding because I feel like I get to make a difference in someone’s life

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