John Mackey: “The Whole Foods Diet: […]” | Talks at Google


  1. is weed considered plant based

  2. Audio clipping issues 🙁

  3. ftc doing nothing about this merger…who says monopoly money can't buy anything irl

  4. What if you are an O or A2 Blood Type? Research says that eating like hunter – gather is necessary for that type . Dean Ornish brought in the cracked oils that oxidize and throws off Omegas – i.e. high oleic canola hello gmo – Why WF pushes that in all their prepared foods and most of the packaged foods idk. Would much rather have butter and evoo but that's too expensive for the Whole Foods world. Mark Hyman and Dr Mercola and Dr Amen have the brain and body research on fats for the brain and hormones. John your research is pointing to old news to keep selling that book. "One mans food is another mans poison" unknown. John Mackey is probably a body balance type and that's why that carb -veg-fruit-no Oil diet works for you – every body needs different fuel octane. Whole Dairy is fine if you can digest it. Help us stop the insanity of weird diets of tofu… if it's not delicious it's not gonna work. If it's not going to fuel your day it's not going to work. I am gonna stick to meat, veg, potatoes, butter, soups, salads and family meals from home cooking. Blessed to be able to shop at Whole Foods, Central Market and garden herbs. Salad Bar and gardens for kids AMAZING !!!

  5. Dr sebi the famous black herbalist weas saying for years how hybrid foods high in starch caused heart and erectile problems.

  6. They did study where people were told to eat 10 or 12 slices of white bread per day and whatever else you want to do. The results were people lost weight. It's not the bread, it's the other junk.

  7. Whole Foods the company is expensive but the stuff is great. And you can get cheap stuff too like the bulk bin section. The quality of the vegetables is very high and the organic vegetables are not any more expensive than standard stores but the selection is hugely greater. They even have free health events there like Rip Esselstyn. I hope Amazon does not destroy the store.

  8. Great talk. That vegan activist guy at the end and people like him are so frustrating. They'd rather Whole Foods didn't exist than it be practical and try to improve things. Hopefully Amazon/Bezos will continue Mackey's good stewardship.

  9. Selling meat when you know that it is bad for the customer is weak. Drug dealers also state that they do not make the customers come to them.

  10. This man is a clown

  11. I came here looking for John John Mackey

  12. Starch based diet for the win!

  13. Incredibly boring made "Whole", this corporation is led by balding retards with a turkey gravy complex, and don't forget the throat slitting going on in the store, goaded on by fat and stupid customers wanting their pound of putrefying flesh. Relatively soon after cancer and erectile dysfunction ("can't get it up fat boy?") follows; before that rank body odour.

  14. how can one speak on this when one is the owner of a store that sells all of it that he says shuldnt b eaten

  15. He was what this company had that was whole in principals not ignorance and greed.

  16. Í am disappointed hearing that he is making money by selling meat, dairy and eggs… so he is not really better than the industrie.

  17. Thank you John but, you are very hypocritical.

  18. Can't you produce better audio for your videos at Google? I would think you have the technology to do so.

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