John Green's Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig)

yesterday I was at the Indiana State Fair and I got to see the world's largest boar he weighs more than 1,100 pounds and he can't stand up because his body is too big for his tiny little legs and what you ask is the name of the world's largest boar walking tall tank walking tall the world's largest boar who can't walk reminds me a little bit of America's health care system depending on your perspective he's either impressively huge or distressingly huge so what do you do when you have a pig that's so big you can't walk you either kill him put him on a diet or keep feeding him which is more of us with the healthcare debate boils down to don't want to talk in a non-partisan way about the health care debate but I don't want to talk about death panels because they're not in the bill and the stupid unsophisticated debate about them has distracted from a really large and significant issue so here are two things but pretty much everyone conservative or liberal agrees upon one the United States spends way too much of its gross domestic product on health care and to our current health care system is radically unfair whether you have good health care in America is dependent largely on whether you work for a big company because big companies have to provide health benefits and second whether you have a pre-existing condition which a lot of times isn't your fault some people argue that we need to sort of large-scale government-run insurance companies the so-called public option which everyone would be able to buy into and poor people would pay less than richer people and then this huge government-run in sherwood negotiate lower costs for procedures and also cut down on the number of procedures used now even though the public option would not in any way eliminate private insurers private insurers still hate the public option because they know that the government insurance company will be larger and therefore more able to negotiate lower prices which will in turn make the public insurance less expensive which will make people less inclined to use private insurance then you have the people who want to put the pigs on a diet who say that instead of a public option we can create these sort of non profit insurance companies that will then have to compete with private insurance and because they won't be for profit companies they'll be incentivized not to work for the shareholders in the company but instead to work for the patient's they represent now of course the downside of the put the pig on the diet plan is that you still end up with tens of millions of people who have no health insurance whatsoever and then are the people who don't want to health care system overhaul they want to keep feeding the pig a lot of those people are happy with the current state of their health care and to be frank I think they probably don't want to pay for people who make stupid decisions here's the underlying problem even though a lot of people are screaming Auto on socialism no socialism in America right now we have a lot of socialism we share the cost of schools and roads and the military we also currently have socialized medicine we just have an outrageously bloated and inefficient system of socialized medicine because there are hospitals in America where anyone can go and get treatment that treatment may eventually bankrupt you and it may be of poor quality but you can get it and I would argue that if the inefficiency of our socialized medicine that in the end makes health care so much more expensive than it is anywhere else in the world is health care a privilege or is it a right if it's a privilege even if it's a really desirable privilege like indoor plumbing we need to stop giving health care of any kind to uninsured people who can't pay for it in advance I think the reason we continue to treat people who are uninsured it's because we don't believe that health care is a privilege we believe that it is a runt and if it is a right like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness it is the responsibility of a government to protect that right


  1. DAMN that was LOUD! Otherwise it is good food for thought.

    Edit: Of course I am now realizing that most of my thoughts centered less around the topic and MORE about how loud that music is and how I hope the video ends soon because of how loud the music is!!!!

  2. fucking stop that background music.

  3. The birth of Crash Course! 🙂

  4. I'd like to see videos more relevant to today's issues. This is so old.

  5. Awesome content, awesome slideshows, HORRIBLE music and volume.

  6. Amazing work on the animation. My only complaint is that the music is too loud and competes with the narrator.


  8. they screaming "I don't want socialism" … unless it's to bail out banks.

  9. We get free healthcare in Australia, why's it so hard for America?

  10. well actually, in NY at least, it is a law that all buildings must have indoor plumbing. don't know if this is across america  or not.

  11. A couple years late to this, but I really love this video and I can't pinpoint why. Great job all round by everyone! =D

  12. what software did you use? 

  13. why is Ireland and the UK shown seperatly from Europe. were both European 

  14. Love this. Period.

  15. Thought Cafe please make a video on how you do your graphics and video animations!! I really love them and I want to learn how you guys do it? What software do you use?

  16. damn homework

  17. An off-topic comment but I find the shaking in the video to be literally, headache-inducing. Thanks for the Thought Bubble though!

  18. Health care is not a privledge, nor is it a right, It's a necesity. It's just like the roof over your head and the cloths on your back. The government in most circumstances should not foot the bill for either, Rich people go and get designer clothing while poor people shop from good will and if even in a worse sitution recieve clothing VOLUTARILY from other people. It is not the job of the government to force people to pay for neciecities. It's everyones job. but like all jobs, it's at will.

  19. That is porcentage compared to the number of People living in the country, Mexico has a population of about 117 million, the US has a population of about 316 million people, so you can see who has the higher porcentage, but in terms of more people US is still number one. I didn't say that the service of health is good I say that the system is good. The labor union of Medics it's what f it up.

  20. The World Health Organization ranks America's health care system as 38th best in the world (which, fun fact, is only two spots ahead of freaking Cuba). Mexico is number 62. Mexico's health care can't be that great, seeing as the Mexican obesity rate is a percentage point higher than the American one (which, considering how fat America is, is really saying something).

  21. Yeah like the Mexican healht care, why odesn't anyone says anything about the Mexican Health Care is one of the most advance in the world, everyone can have acces to health in two goberment controlled hospitals, IMSS and ISSSTE, but if you have private insurance or a lot of money yo can go to a private hospital that has better service than those two mention hospitals.
    See, it's probably even better than the Canadian one.

  22. Whoa! My head aches after trying to listen to JG's rap explanation of USA health care… or rather the lack thereof. Suggest moving abroad to another country which will not only appreciate your skills & talents, but also provide Total Comprehensive Healthcare at no additional cost nor require mountains of time-consuming & confusing paperwork. Just got to focus on being hired by a firm in the EU, Canada or other similar enlightened civilisations.

  23. The reason we don't do that is BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE

  24. A right is something you with or without other people or governments a privilege is something some or a other people give to you.

  25. the music kinda … made me nervous

  26. not feeling like anything constructive right now, that i realize my critisizm won't change a thing for american health care.

    then again, how can i help you from here anyway?


    this video is distressive.

    i love the content. i love the animation. but why this heavy music and all the shaking? i know the audio from green is not perfect, but one can hardly remember the fax when everything seems so overly energetic and aggressive. don't get me wrong. this is a serious issue and i'm not even american, but why hurting the accessibility of a topic which is already pretty damn hard for most people to get into?

    yeah i'm feeling really constructive right now:

  28. Dat Beat…

  29. While I love the animation the background music is really annoying and kinda redundant imo. I think it would be easier to listen if you just have the Johns voice without an intrusive background beat throughout the entire video. Just my opinion (and I may be the only one), otherwise excellent presentation. Keep up the good work and dftba. P.S. Thank you for the awesome work on Crash Course 😉

  30. I totally agree that at the core of this debate is the question of whether health care is a right or a privilege. And honestly, I don't know. I believe it is somewhere in between. Some procedures like emergency care I believe are a right, but others are not. And where and how you draw that line, I don't know.

  31. lol I know, I've been watching the vlogbrothers for a few years. This question is an inside joke within nerdfighteria.

  32. It's as much one as the right to an attorney.

  33. Australia has the perfect balance between the more socialist continental European nations and the more capitalist US. I believe we spend about 6% of GDP on healthcare.

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