Joe: Warren Does Need To Answer About Health Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Any Americans capable of two thoughts at the same time? A hint: single payer healthcare would mean less or negligible expenses as user. Expanded to other areas, what would the conclusion be? Is there a limit to American stupidity?

  2. She cant explain it because she is not going to actually support it! It is Bernie's plan and he has it all in detail just look it up!

  3. But Republicans never need to answer how they'll pay for tax cuts. Got it.

  4. How many times did Gabbard repeat her Regime Change War line? (it isn't)

  5. Someone should first answer how everyone's healthcare is going to be paid for in the status quo.

  6. They didn't touch Sanders because his plan shows how M4A will be paid for, whereas Warren doesn't even have a plan. When David Axelrod asked Harry Reid whether Warren is committed to enacting M4A, Reid said that she wasn't, since she's 'pragmatic'.

  7. Why don't the candidates understand that taxes would go up, but less than the amount people shell out to the insurance companies (which they would no longer have to pay)? And for everyone who wants to talk about how socialist m4a is, what do you think insurance is? It's people pooling their funds to take care of them when they otherwise couldn't afford it when they need it. Trouble is, you're paying into a profit engine that siphons off funds from care. Clearly, that's much better.

  8. Taxes go up, cost of Medical insurance goes to $0, and everyone is covered by it.

  9. Warren was "attacked" 16x!?! oh that poor lil victim. Plz do not ask her to explain her "plan" or her past….that is an attack. "she's a queen" & "she's a star". When you see the MSM fawning over someone like this what does that tell you?

  10. look at these two idiots will ya…. my god… murder'n shome and bloody meeka lol, have you
    no shame ??

  11. You would think there is NO WAY that any of the Democrat Candidates that we witnessed last night could possibly become President of the United States. Now you see why they have no choice but to push a totally illegal & absurd Impeachment of one of the most successful Presidents

  12. They're not just accusations of republican talking points. They are republican talking points. No one has to agree with Medicare for all, but to say that it's taking healthcare away from millions of Americans, among other things, is deceptive right-wing framing designed to scare people and a semantic trick, so saying its republican talking points is accurate.

  13. Extremely Rude Mrs Warren. It would have killed u to be Gracious to Vice President Biden?

  14. I've had enough of side-talkers, and liars. Warren knows that taxes on the middle class will fly through the roof with her "Medicare For All". Bernie was at least willing to admit it.

  15. … healthcare single payer is way, way cheaper. you keep arguing about who will pay, and stating that you need to know and that the US can't pay for it.
    The premise, the argument and the conclusions are of no value. I hope to have contracted stupity but fear that this is just the best journalism you guys can muster by now. I would love to be wrong 🙂 so please raise this one barr and dump on the other hard – both very deserving recipients today, at least seen from the eu.
    The world is getting ready to party so please keep flushing. What good days to come – and you guys will more than have deserved yours; despite the softcore bollocking) 🙂

  16. Omg these ppls Joe an his wife they really see what they want. They need dotard to win as he good sound bit, good stories lines. The remaining middle class will lose we need ANDREW YANG and UBI.. Dotard keep them with crazy news stories an he will if the DNC pick her flaky butt. Pitiful am done with MSNBC. Warren a rock star GTFOH she a joke.

  17. WHAT. You mean to tell me taxes will go up. Give me a break people. Stop acting like raising our taxes has never been done. Mayor Pete handle the problem of police violence against black people in your town. The rest of you stop attacking from within. It's cheap.

  18. Were these guys on the panel even watching the same debate as the rest of us? They think Amy Klobuchar and mayor Pete did well?? I’m not A Bernie supporter but he was the clear winner. Not even up for question

  19. Warren doesn't need to do anything right wingers like Joe and Mika tell her to do.


  21. So the Medicare tax in my check will increase slightly but I will be able to use it now instead of praying I dont get sick for another 40 years. Sign me up. God the elitist spin on healthcare is nauseating.

  22. Putting healthcare decisions in the hands of corporations is immoral.

  23. After the debate last night, all the candidates got a participation trophy

  24. Stop asking this stuupid question. It shows your corrupt corporate leaning propaganda. The reason Warren refuses to answer the way you want is because this fake fear propaganda is used to scare the people from striving for more than the corrupt status quo.

  25. Right now Medicare  pays for some services below cost, so providers bill private insurance more.  A public option where Medicare paid full cost for things like ambulance rides would reduce insurance company costs.  Countries with public health insurance, usually have a competitive market for supplemental health insurance.

  26. Everyone KNOWS the answer, Joe. Because she told us: ADDING LESS to middle class TAXES, than you SUBTRACT from middle class INSURANCE PREMIUMS, is a net gain for the middle class. When people like you try to manufacture a sound-bite of Warren saying she'll "raise taxes" – and she refuses to help you – that doesn't confuse me.

    Your tactical refusal to understand that simple fact, is as intensely off-putting as your belief that your tactics are clever.

    YOU are the @hole, @hole.

  27. Ok, this is what social medicine will be like in part. You have serious medical situatation like in a heart transplant, who gets the heart? The poor man, or the wealthy CEO. How are they going to prioritize who gets treated first in a social medicine society. Does anybody really believe its going to be a first come first serve system. Really

  28. In the UK we pay 10% of our wages towards NI national insurance and state pension. So in your example everyone who works pays the same % from Gates to a mum working in a school canteen. Its really simple. And someone like Gates can have his private health too

  29. The fact that MSNBC allows Joe to BROADCAST LIES is entirely unacceptable.
    This is a perfect example of what a sick joke the mainstream media is: If they let anyone broadcast a FACT, they let Joe "balance" it out with a LIE.
    Grow up @holes; your stupid games are KILLING PEOPLE.

  30. FUN FACT:While burnie wants to blame the rich for college tuition just know since the govt started subsidizing tuition has gone up 1000%.

  31. Taxes probably will be raised for Medicare For All but it probably will be less than the $25,000.00 I currently pay for health insurance. I will probably better off financially. Even if my taxes are raised $15,000 I will be $10,000.00 ahead. Plus I have 2,500.00 deductible and copays. It goes up every year too.

  32. Warren is my choice

  33. Republicans and Democrats are all corrupt I wish the military would step in and arrest all these corrupt politicians and hang all who are found guilty of corruption.

  34. What are you talking about lol

    What votes? For what?

  35. We don't need a debate between these people. The people need to know what their ideas are for the future of America and the planet.These candidates going after each other are a waste of the peoples time.

  36. a wonderful turn of events:

  37. Warren said very clearly that with her plan COSTS would go down for middle class Americans. It is wrong to say she is hiding that costs will go up. Completely wrong.

  38. She is the ONE! All the way

  39. Pocahontas Vs. Pinocchio 2020!

  40. The Vampires are all around us. Never heard anyone complain about their Medicare. How do we pay for it? We create the money the US government has the power to do this.

  41. She doesn't answer because the answer should already be known and in modern politics soundbites go a long way. Will taxes go up? Yes, but overall costs go down. The average American household making roughly $60k would see their taxes rise roughly .3%. That's $180 a year for healthcare, dental, emergency care, eye care, mental health, etc. For Americans that same plan is over $400 a MONTH, that's money Americans see siphoned out of their paycheck for their company's coverage, that's private insurers jacking up prices to profit from barely sustainable wages. So while taxes for the household raking in $60k will pay $180 more in their annual taxes, they will not have to pay the nearly $5k each year in monthly premiums. Plus, Klobuchar and Buttigeig's plans for 'an optional public buy-in plan' doesn't fix the issue where these corporations can just simply lobby Congress to remove what the public option will and will not pay for. The US system is so busted that there is no moderate healthcare plan anymore, it's either a quick and radical overhaul or keep a busted system. It's the same with issues like climate change and guns, if it was still the 90s we could have a 30-year plan to slowly integrate and ease into fixes, but the system instead got bastardized beyond reason and in some cases we don't have 30 years.

    Yes, the US is that busted. Going 50% of the way provides an in to reduce that back down to 0%, the only option is to do what has worked, still works, and will work and implement it 100%.

    So, when Warren said over and over that "cost will go down", it's not that she doesn't have a plan to pay for it nor that she devilishly diverts away the answer (ffs, she's already introduced bills in the Senate with Sanders regarding this very idea), it's because she knows that the soundbite of 'taxes will go up' will sooner travel a thousand miles a minute before she explains the very thing bills like S.1129 says.

    We live in the richest nation in the history of the Earth, a nation with multiple TRILLION DOLLAR corporations, and you want to tell the American people that the US can't afford universal healthcare coverage that even developing nations like Mexico and Algeria can afford it because their costs per year will shrink anywhere from $20 for households making $214k to $6k for the 1/8 Americans in poverty making under $26k; then you obviously don't understand just how broken the system really is in America.

    America can afford it, Americans can save money from it, and the only cost would be taxing those making $50m or more. You know, the people that already make so much money that they actually accrual more money faster than they can spend it.

  42. MSNBC, when are you going to start talking more about Bernie Sanders? You guys are disgusting. All corporate media outlets are disgusting and unfair.

  43. Increase my taxes a litte if I don't have to give 10s of thousands of dollars to Medical Insurance that doesn't even cover me that well.

  44. “Medicare for all will DECREASE taxes on the middle class when you include the cost of health insurance as tax” simple answer. I know we did it in Australia, I don’t have health insurance premiums, I pay a medicare levy in my income tax about 1% of my taxable income… that’s cheaper .. the tax is cheaper than the health insurance.. THAT is the point, and yes I get my own doctor

  45. We need T shirts with . SLOGAN. NO DECTOR. NO KING and wear them at. Rallys. Have our own SLOGAN

  46. Mike Barnicle doesn't like women being mean? LOL but Bootyjudge can do it 10X w/o facing any questions. BYE.

  47. Karine Jean-Pierre is a moron. She desperately doesn't want to acknowledge Pete's clear win & tries to spin Kamala as having a good night…LOL. I forgot Harris was even there. And what did she talk about? Deleting Donald Trump's twitter account….god, what a moron.

  48. Lets see;
    Health ins 30% to 35% over head
    Doctor and hospital paperwork 20% conservatively
    for iffy coverage

    Medicare-medicaid overhead 5%
    Combining medicare-medicaid-VA-emergency room into one entity saving trillions.

    Let the Insurance Companies sell Life and Auto

  49. They are "frozen" because they are in check mate with their stupid lies against Trump.

  50. Universal Healthcare will NOT raise COSTS to the middle class, Willie. That's the reason there is widespread support for single payor among the candidates and in the population in general — to cover EVERYBODY and to SAVE money. If taxes go up but you're not paying Health Insurance premiums at all and that tax amount is LOWER than the total of your previous premium and taxes, that is a COST savings. So a simple yes, your taxes will go up is not a complete answer.

  51. Suspending Trump's twitter account? Really, Harris? What a stupid thing to do — let alone to try to score points by putting Warren on the spot for this stupid issue (btw, it's his tweets that show how unfit for office he is). Twitter, as a private company, has its own policies regarding terms of use and if it — or Trump — is breaking the law, then it's a law enforcement issue. This is the kind of looneyleft idea that conservatives and reactionaries love to point out about the intolerant left. Harris and Gabbard, in my opinion, are not ready for prime time and should be at the kid's table. And, glad to see that the other irrelevant candidates were not there — especially Marianne Williamson.

  52. They went after her, it won't work for them and it won't harm her… check polls in 1 week. Nothing said in the debate will be consequential considering everything else going on.

  53. I think Elizabeth Warren need to drop out of the race our national security is falling apart.

  54. You gotta admit this is pretty awful analysis

  55. thr fact Joe has 35 yrs t on cap hill and can "wrangle votes, is comfirtable, and trusted by both sides, is exactly why we need him leading us out of this mess Trump has by crook and ineptitude done to every segment of our world. iew, standing and previous trust amongst our allies and enemies. He is able to roll uo his sleeves, get to it and. bring us together better than anyone. Nothing fsncy, gaudy, flashy, just a hard working, loving, supportive man, loved by all cultures. we don't need magicians, we need a straight talking unscripted leader we can relate with. Send Joe to 1600, hes right for the job, that's why Trump is so frightened of running against him, head to head, mano mano

  56. I usually don’t need talking heads to tell me what to think about what I just saw.. But in this case… these guys are fascinating, hilarious and I’m afraid I must add another praise, and that is they’re very logical in their analysis.

  57. Why are you lying? Bernie did NOT say costs will go up!! Taxes will go up a little, but insurance premiums wil disappear, copays will disappear, and medicalbankruptcies will disappear.. Bottom line, Overall costs for all but extremely wealthy will go down. Get it right!!!

  58. I'm not happy to say this, but she killed him with one side-eyed "Thank you."

  59. It won't raise overall COSTS on the middle class, but it will raise specifically tax for everyone, but overall COST will go down for the middle class with Universal Healthcare, the middle class will have a net benefit when ALL costs are considered

  60. How are we going to pay for it? We're gonna eat the rich. Starting with you Joe.

  61. There is no "liberal media" to speak of. There is the fascist media like Fox and the corporate capitalist media like MSNBC. Not sure what the latter are going to do once "their boy" Biden is done and gone and the two clear front-runners are both progressives. The public overwhelmingly supports progressive policies in spite of ceaseless lies and distortions by outfits like MSNBC. They are so owned by capital their leashes have left leather burns around their necks.

  62. Agree with Mayor Pete and Amy. Yes or No Elizabeth? Answer the question.

  63. Warren and Bernie are the best candidates. Everyone else is flailing. If you don’t agree with Medicare for all, you are absolutely a BAD democrat.

  64. Here's the answer to the question, Joe, the question from all those 'centrist' Democrats: We have already tried the give-private-insurance-an-inch and there is room left over for public option, etc. — it will not, does not work. The insurance companies were born to compete and win by whatever means they can devise. It is way too late for half measures, there needs to be radical change. And the one thing we know for certain is that not only are private enterprise, free market initiatives incapable of solving the problem but they are the very entities that have created the problem.

  65. Butt lickers

  66. Everyone else needs to start answering why they think insurance companies should get to take our money to enrich CEOs and pay lawyers to find ways to kick grandma off her meds.

  67. These media slugs, especially Joe Scarborough, are intentionally mischaracterizing what Medicare-For-All will cost, which is exactly why Warren is unwilling to answer a bogus question with a “Yes” or “No”; as it is not a Yes/No question by its very nature. When the question is asked in the form of: “Will M4A cause taxes to go up?” that question implies that Americans will be paying more money for healthcare coverage than they currently do under private healthcare plans. To be clear, Americans WILL NOT have to pay taxes or any costs under M4A IN ADDITION TO what they currently pay under private healthcare plans; any tax or cost that Americans pay under M4A will be INSTEAD OF costs they currently pay under private healthcare plans (premiums, deductibles, co-pays, other out-of-pocket costs) because M4A replaces private healthcare plans.

    Just look at how they mischaracterized Bernie’s answer to the M4A cost issue. They said: “Bernie admitted that taxes will be increased on the middle class”. This is a complete mischaracterization (bordering on a lie), as it is only a part of Bernie’s answer.

    What Bernie actually said about how M4A will be paid for was, Yes, there will be a M4A tax, but in return for that tax, citizens will no longer have to pay private insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or any other out-of-pocket cost that they currently pay and the new M4A tax will be less than the premiums, deductibles, co-pays & other out-of-pocket costs that citizens will no longer have to pay, so, the average American (those not in the Top 1%) will save money under M4A compared to what they currently pay for private healthcare insurance.

    That is the true and complete answer to the question about M4A costs. But these pundits ask a question that only addresses a part of how M4A will be paid for and then take issue when Warren (or anybody else) doesn’t answer the question on the false premise in which it is presented. To compare apples-to-apples, I would label the monthly M4A paycheck deduction a “Premium” (which is currently being called a tax) in order to do away with this bogus premise about M4A “raising taxes on the middle class”. The reality is that M4A is a healthcare plan that will replace healthcare plans that Americans currently have and monthly costs that Americans pay for healthcare plans have always been called premiums.

    Just like when one’s employer decides to change the company healthcare insurance plan, employees compare what they will have to pay under the new plan compared to what they were playing under the old plan in order to determine whether they will be better or worse off financially under the new plan. When one focuses on only what M4A will cost (whether that is called a tax or premium), that does nothing to answer the question of how much M4A will cost Americans or whether one will be better or worse off financially under M4A, as whatever M4A costs, that cost has to be compared to what Americans are currently paying under private healthcare plans.

    When an American turns 65 and “their private healthcare insurance is taken away from them” and they begin coverage under the existing Medicare, an amount of money is deducted from their monthly Social Security checks to pay for Medicare coverage and that amount of money is not called a “tax”, as it is called a “premium”. BTW – that current Medicare premium that Americans seniors pay is $135/month, which is why one does not hear American seniors complaining about having their private healthcare insurance “taken away from them” and having to go on Medicare at 65 years of age. I can guaranty that whatever private healthcare premiums Americans are paying before they turn 65 are much higher than the $135 they will pay under Medicare.

    The Establishment has a huge vested financial interest in not enacting M4A because many different interests are making a lot of money under the current inefficient, overprice healthcare system that is based on private insurance. The U.S. currently spends approx. $10,500 per capita on healthcare, which is the highest cost any country spends, by far. The country that spends the 2nd most on healthcare (Norway) spends approx $5,600 per capita. That $5,000 per capita difference multiplied by 320 million (the approx U.S. population) represents a huge inefficiency in the U.S. healthcare system and that huge amount of money goes into many pockets in the healthcare food chain. So, naturally the Establishment will fight tooth-and-nail against any system that will put an end to this huge inefficiency that financially benefits the many in the healthcare food chain. So, when politicians talk about M4A “taking away private healthcare insurance”, they are taking about private healthcare insurance that is vastly more costly to Americans than a M4A system. Now, the vastly overpriced private insurance based system would be worth it if medical outcomes in the U.S. were superior to medical outcomes in other developed countries, but that is not nearly the case. In addition, not all Americans have healthcare coverage under the current system despite the U.S. system being so much more costly than the healthcare system of any other country. The World Health Organization ranks the overpriced U.S. healthcare system #38 in the world. So, Americans are paying Rolls Royce prices for healthcare coverage and getting Ford Pinto results.

  68. Joe Biden knows where all the shot glasses are in D.C.

  69. Both the NY Times and CNN have actually labelled (D) presidential candidate
    Tulsi Gabbard as a "Russian asset" because of her wanting to pull our troops out
    of Syria. THIS is even more absurd than their Trump smears, but you good people
    eat it up anyway.

  70. MAGA 2020

  71. Lol, is this conservative media? Bernie didn't say COST and PRICES would go up.

    He said TAXES would go up. And your COST of living will go down.

  72. Most on the show are so out of touch with everday Americans. Biden was condescending, if not sexist in his treatment and he fought her on the CBF and BanK reform before she was even in office. To try and take credit for it after the fact was a bad idea. Fact is, if Obama hadnt been 100%in support of it Biden would not have helped.

  73. Warren said that the rich will carry the burden because they own 90% of all liquid asset. You tax the people who have 90% of the pie not the working class who only own 10% of the liquid asset.

  74. Warren has no clue how her plan gets paid for…
    Her answers consistently involve looking at the question like she's being victimized by the sheer "asking" of it.

  75. Bernie Sanders for POTUS
    Bernie Sanders for our Sanity.

    Elizabeth Warren – The Republicans best choice. (I'll pass thank you)

  76. Mika got some Pantene in her hair. Cuz she's worth it.

  77. This is what happens when you're on top.
    You go, Elizabeth.

  78. People who dream small fail big.

    I can put another way. If I put 500 dollars a month in your pocket and you had to pay 100 dollars more at the end of the year in taxes. Did you really pay more? That's 6000 dollars a year that you don't have to pay. I'm going to bring down your COSTS. That's what she's saying. You want her to say she's going to raise taxes because that's a talking point and then you want to use that bludgeon her with. You're being denied.
    There's also the wealth tax that she proposed to pay for the medicare for all which isn't even her plan, btw.

  79. If this country could stop wasting millions prosecuting and investigating dirty politicians we would be able to afford healthcare for all. My doctor billed my insurance company $400.00 for a 10 minute office visit for a quick physical to renew a prescription. That's insane!

  80. Sure she does. And do does your stooge Biden. His dissemble, then pivot on Hunter Biden's ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, REPEATED long term soft corruption is his Hillary Email's. Face them directly without a hint of hubris, or he's done like a Christmas goose.
    But MSDNC doesn't ask, because they're appallingly lip-locked as a DNC mouthpiece.

  81. What's it going to take to understand we need medicare for all. Another great depression? Both the rich and poor lost everything back then. I'm so sick of seeing poor and middle class people going to remote area medical fairs. It is so third world. Are we all really that greedy?



  84. This moron said twice that Medicare for all raises costs twice. Why is he blatantly lying when every study says it saves overall costs and middle class families costs

  85. Private taxes called Premiums are a lot higher than the public tax that would give you real health care.

  86. Destroy AMERICA. Vote BLUE!

  87. MSNBC cannot deny the growing support for Andrew Yang!

  88. Biden did not help Warren.
    He was nowhere to be seen.

  89. These journalist are lying to you taxes will go up but you will not have to pay for premiums and copays which over all is cheaper.

  90. Yes or no, did you use a knife when you robbed the victim? Adding the phrase "yes or no" to a question with a major unstated premise doesn't make it a yes or no question.

  91. She Did Give A Stright Answre Directly, In Which She Repeated Several Times, What She Said Is She would Not Pass A Bill to Rasie Taxes On the Middle Class, She Will Raise Taxes On Millonares and Billionaires, An Major Muiti-Miliion and Billion Dollar Companies To Do This And Yes I Agree With Her They Can Come Up With That Money By Rasieing Taxes On the Super Rich And Super Rich Coporations, The Pharmacutical Companies, and Insurances Companies Alone with the Millions and Billion Dollars They Make On The Backs Of The Poor and Middle Class Alone and Don't Pay Taxes Or Pay Clams Alone Willl Make Universal Health Care Affordable Alone, Correcting the Ballance Between The Lop Sides Ballance Between The Mega Rich and The Needy In This Coutry Would Make It Affordable!!!! Not to Mention the Other Millions and Billions Of Dollars With Held that Would Aid This Country From Other Sources Of The Mega Rich In this Country!!!!

  92. The Best Trump Rally is watching Democrats spewing Stupid Ideas! Go Democrats! </;>)

  93. Only clicked on
    Msnbc to see how they are reacting to the Yang movement. You guys remember when Andrew Yang said to Warren "I have the data"?

  94. Not one Progressive on the set…

  95. Joe's a dickhead

  96. It's simply a matter of how our tax dollars are shifted

  97. BS. A real equitable  tax plan will pay for this. Are we as Americans for all Americans or not.

  98. Joe or Jo totally  disagree.

  99. The America, citizens without all of the policies, but it is America "small people" who look to our government to continue our democracy. The brightest and the lesser value academically want a government that works for all

  100. Out of all the Dem candidates pete has taken the most money from the health insurance industry. I am not even sure pete really cares about becoming a president, he is campaigning for his corporate donors interests not the people of our nation.

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