Joe Biden “Doesn’t Have Time” to Tell People What His Healthcare Plan Is

so now I'm really excited to introduce this one okay it's about good old Sleepy creepy Uncle Joe we're going to buy it in it up folks basically find it up simple I think so yeah tighten it up folks but yeah we were talking Trump yet it sleepy creepy Uncle Joe that's mine I created and not you all right so there that's my nickname for him but so basically here's a title this story Joe Biden doesn't have time to tell people what his health care plan is wow this is the same guy he's also a thing he's gonna find a middle ground on climate change Daniel what is sleepy creepy Uncle Joe doin well I gotta say with that middle ground only half the people that are gonna die are gonna die okay better anyway so what do we go Joe pine is running around Iowa as fast as he can not standing on tables like meadow not talking about stuff Fox he's actually very much like Pete I'm getting off track anyway so he says he doesn't have time to talk about health care there are 500 days he doesn't have time you guys he has to run around he's an old man he gets tired he can't just talk about health care one of the things that takes them about 20% of our GDP that's absurd so he said to someone who asked him about that I don't have time I wanted to keep you stay I don't want to keep you standing any longer when asking when someone ask tremendous policy he basically said move along or I'm gonna move along instead he's gonna do the much more important thing that always works in elections just like in 2016 I'm just talking about good old American values and what are we gonna do about that I don't know he seems good thing it'll work really well so as you know Bernie Sanders which is one reason we like him talks about policy Bernie Sanders says here's an issue with health care here's the problem with it here's what's happening the people here's what I'm gonna do about it he was the result Biden of course doesn't have time for that he's too important to deal with those kind of questions and just like budgets as I mentioned earlier policy can't be enough time to talk about policy long time it's not important they have to talk about values that's what you guys need to hear about and so he's gonna maybe talk about it later but guys I mean obviously I'm giving a little bit of emphasis on this but I'm not exaggerating all that much what do you think okay so here's the thing I did a video yesterday on the problem with all blue no matter who I really questioned Joe Biden and his low-energy campaign which is exactly how I'm gonna look at it and I know I'm quoting from Trump but I mean this is the truth about Biden he failed not once but twice twice running for the office of presidency what does everyone expect third time's a charm really with sleeping creepy Uncle Joe I think a lot of people have some of these rose-colored glasses on about the Obama administration well let's see let's look about what happened well let's take a long look at what happened during the Obama administration well one we got rid of habeas corpus the banks and Wall Street got a slap on the wrist in regards to the 2008 recession that they started we got involved with more Wars under the Obama administration we deported a lot of it immigrants from this country we also all let's see what else we did we allowed to turn the blind eye to the mccutchins decision that happened under President Obama's watch now guys correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't or wasn't that good old sleepy creepy Uncle Joe who was vice president to Barack Obama yeah it seems my memory serves correctly yes that was him and so and so on the top of this shoe there was a whole bunch of other air policies that were passed under Barack Obama such as what's the Jones strikes and numerous other concerns of to its personal liberties as well as our involvement in other countries foreign affairs who's and n for TPP yeah oh yeah wait for TPP but but see the thing is Obama and Biden created all these problems all these questionable things but they put a nice pretty face on it because they smiled and they talked correctly but guess what happened the DNC decide to commit election fraud and then Trump became president and then everyone's assuming that Trump created all these policies no he inherited him from the Obama administration whom Vice President Joe Biden was associated with so the thing is is that at the end of the day when you take a look back Trump put an ugly face on everything that Obama and Joe Biden created so I want it was actually earlier today I was listening to it I think it was I it might have been secular talk or humanist report and they were talking about how Joe Biden supporters there there's number one second pick was Bernie Sanders by 27 percent a total and it's the biggest of anyone else so they made a point which is people must not even people still remember those lovely means with him and Obama and they're making jokes about Trump and everyone remember those those were lovely they were stupid and lazy but they were the point people but people like that and so the point is that and this goes again to what we've been saying about Biden he only has the ability to go down as people learn more about him Union people like him until they look up his anti-union bills look up for his NAFTA vote look up for his TPP vote they that's just what it isn't Joe Biden with he's talking about values in all reality because if he talked about his policy people wouldn't like him and he was to say hey Union people and what like he does right now you're fantastic I love you give me your endorsement ill I love unions blue collar rule people go that's pretty cool I like the cut of that guy's jib but if he goes yeah I'm in favor of NAFTA I really like T P TPP I like things that make unions weaker they might not be so happy but that's policy so a lot of the way Joe Biden is running his campaign so far is is reminiscent of how Hillary ran her campaign or even reminiscent about Nancy Pelosi speaks about how campaigns should be run with our values and with that but that went swimmingly right what that essentially means is let's talk about how we like good things and don't like bad things but let's not talk about what we're gonna do or what our policy positions are or what would help people I like the few times in the past where Joe has talked about Mass Transit trains high-speed rail but he gave that up a decade ago or more ultimately I see the campaign is largely vapid but you'll notice if you if you follow someone like Michael Tracy on Twitter he makes a very reasonable point that we shouldn't underestimate his support base he does have support from the over-40 crowd he does have support from the makes more than $100,000 a year crowd he has all the institutional support in the world and by nature of the fact that he was Obama's vice president he gets a lot of support because of exactly those memes that we're talking about though oh the bromance between Obama and Biden so people who are sort of dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and Obama is is the standard bearer for what our party should be those people sort of by nature of their disposition will support Biden unless they're given extremely compelling reasons not to and so the reason we don't hear him talking about his lack of support for unions or his undying support for the insurance industry or his undying support for American military expansionism is because if he goes into those things he will lose support so what does he have left to talk about his values his values which are questionable let's talk about his valleys well first he's in strong ward for the Affordable Care Act which I mean Obamacare which I mean Oh Romney care which is a Republican plan which was supported by the Heritage Foundation let's also look at good old sleepy creepy Uncle Joe's policies on the desegregation of schools and busing you know he hasn't really apologized for that and then also I like how he's doing all these backflips around the Anita Hill situation you know he was very aggressive talking to Anita Hill watch that whole thing in its entirety and you'll realize that Joe's not sorry for how he acted he's saying that he was there and he felt sorry and he believed her but I don't believe in one single I think Boston sent I think that's a political move political move on its part to try and rewrite history even though it's in video returns video it's not only that it's that there's video evidence of him being a ass I know that I know that I understand that we have him saying I call Danny to Hill and I took responsibility then yes send me to hell if she's like no no no I don't take any of that you shouldn't believe that any of that why isn't he called all these other people but the media is of course I did a video on this where it was interesting how Biden's wife is now accompanying him everywhere I'm sure that's not a tactic of any relationship or for the shield it's a shield exactly and one we got we got Anita Hill suffering in in a very similar way to what's-her-name with Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky yeah and Joe Biden doesn't say anything to her until it's time for the presidential election it's like well now I gotta clean up all this stuff I didn't do and so she responds with I don't accept anything but the media narrative is but Biden said he talked to her and that's fantastic and took responsibility because that makes all the difference like I didn't that video was like if you go it's all you have to do is commit murder and so you take responsibility and be Joe Biden that's fine you're off took responsibility fantastic good job but it's amazing how an apology a public apology for almost anything is very rarely taken critically or with on its face value of evaluating is this person doing this to rehabilitate their image or they honestly you know sorry for what they did or said and that gets influenced so heavily by media outlets and other public figures saying oh that was a genuine apology that it's it's the work of others that are sort of cleaning up the image for him yeah and the thing is it's not going to do any good because let's look at this one little slice of information there's a website that's showing the truths about sleepy creepy Uncle Joe and it's getting more attention than his official campaign site that doesn't even have any real policies you want to learn about sleepy creepy Uncle Joe find a website that basically tells you who we really is and what he's about and I'm also going to quote Karimov he writes this there's what's it oh there's a website that's it looks like a like a campaign website for Joe Biden it's a fake campfire about this I neither you didn't know about this no honestly we're gonna have to fight it we'll put it we'll put it in the link later okay I'm surprised you guys don't know about it you're watching this not live it'll be in the description all right Wow watching it live it won't be okay well okay well then and then another thing too what if binded and turned out to be this is from Cara Mouse what if Biden turned out to be a malfunctioning Russian robot from a defunct spy program like an evil Inspector Gadget yeah neoliberalism is calling joy we should start climbing Biden a Russian stooge John and we can just will it into true so Oh since they can't use Sleepy creepy uncle Jeff so sleepy creepy Russian oh no no no no we are still gonna you sleepy creep that's good yeah Trump is not taking them I said instead of Uncle Joe Russian Joe yeah exactly so go so guys that's us biting it up don't believe the manufacturing polls but also we cannot underestimate how far the DNC establishment will go don't tries to make the polls but also don't underestimate the polls yeah so just remember that the DNC of steps will do whatever it can to basically make buy-in the front-runner this is where we all have to get involved and know your individual state laws and voting and how to get people to participate the vote and make sure all the polling stations ro1 watching needs to get ten people to vote that wouldn't have otherwise devote by the time the election happens and the primary yeah big difference it's a huge difference



  2. Joe Biden is trying to deescalate all the uproar about healthcare, climate and wars. NONE of it matters, according to Joe, we can just muddle along, see?

  3. It's between Bernie, Yang, or Tulsi for 2020. Biden is an establishment creep out of touch with the lower middle class.

  4. They did not get a "slap" on the wrist…. They got several TRILLION dollars for their screwing the nation!

    Paul, Kit, Daniel 👍👍👍
    BERNIE SANDERS 2020 💙💙💙💙💙

  6. What is the address of the fake Biden campaign website?

  7. Sleepy, creepy uncle Joe. Pretty much says it all.

  8. He doesn't have time because he doesn't have one.

  9. I like Daniel's position on Biden. That's because Kit is really correct… people ARE wearing rose colored glasses about the Obama years. In truth Obama's record wqs very mixed but I hate seeing progressives circle jerk ourselves into an opinion about Obama that prevents us from ever connecting with average voters. Obama hate is a luxury we can't afford if we're ever want to reach consensus on a long list of issues including medicare for all. Anyone who wants to fight with me about Obama's legacy, my notifications are on. Come at me bros.

    Btw, it's "Diamond Joe". Maybe "Blood Diamond Joe"? It's probably true one way or another.

  10. Obama will be humiliated if Biden is the nominee. Really Obama, this guy was your VP. Trump will get re-elected.

  11. corporate media will keep pushing him..

  12. Another good job…thanks
    Curious…..What do ya think about Warren's "Doesn't have time" for FOX

  13. So “middle path” on climate. To busy to talk about healthcare policies. Wow biden is quite the candidate

  14. Biden's epic health plan is "You on ya own, n*gga!" LOL

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