Jim Rome's take on Gym Guy

hate to do it but I was talking about the combine and about a kicker putting it up 25 times and you know I can't help it when I see David Beeler a kicker do that it makes me think of Jim guy I'm not saying he's Jim guy I'm just saying makes me think of Jim guy you know golf guy you know likes to fight guy you know at the party guy and you know Jim guy we all know him we all hate him you don't need to spend a lot of time in Jim's to even know the guy I'm talking about you know the guy who rocks the weightlifting gloves the gloves that he has to Revell crow before every big set unless he's a true purist and he goes with just chalk the same guy who grabs a complete stranger and says yo bro can I get a quick spot only to freak out if you try to spot him or a system in any way screaming I got it I got it don't help me the same guy who when you're in the middle of a couple sets says is it cool if I work in even though he knows it's not cool he knows it's not cool he just doesn't care it's never cool to work in working in by definition is uncool it's an imposition it's rude he knows it's not cool I don't know why he asks but he does it anyway and then he sweats up your machine and if you tell the guy no I'd rather you not do that I've got a couple of sets left he just sets up shop five feet away and stares at you until you're done muttering under his breath about how jacked up your form is and the second you are done he stomps over to the machine and adjust the weight as quickly as possible to make sure you and everybody else knows how much stronger he is than you Jim guy grunts like he's trying to pass a kidney stone Jim guy loudly drops dumbbells on the floor after his dumbbell press so everyone knows he's the guy using 120 the only guy gym guy also loads his 60 megabyte iPod with Godsmack yeah time to get a lift benchpress chest day yeah because God's Mac's gotta be the chest Pet playlist and there are different playlists the pecks playlist the delt playlist the delt playlist is Megadeth usually and trust me they all Rock every playlist hard in the fact is gym guys not there to workout gym guy is there to work it's a job to him in fact he doesn't even call it working out to him it's training oh and gym guy double-fist his beverage you know that a gallon sized jug of water and a bottle of carbo force energy drink that he sips between sets and that's just to get him through the workout curve the training because when he's done he takes off in a dead sprint to the nutrition bar and he loads up on muscle milk and whey protein shakes with a shot of creatine because you don't make your muscles wait for protein there is a 40-minute window for protein you don't make your muscles wait he's got a tab at that nutrition bar as you probably know I didn't blame the guy though for loading up his iPod with Godsmack and Megadeth and what's the alternative trying to lift to top 40 pops lock that every single gym already has in heavy rotation it's like I'm trying to get fired up to get in shape can you spare me the matchbox 20 Coldplay is not getting me fired up for my left gym guy and good luck if gym guy ever steps in and gives you a spot it's your own fault if you ask for one but the fact is no matter how many reps you've already done no matter how gassed you are depleted you are gym guy always thinks that you have one more in you forget that he basically dead lifted the last three reps for you now that now you're working and now you're about to have your larynx crushed by the bar because he thinks that you've got one more left a guy you don't know that you've never worked out with who just stepped in to give you a spot because he knows your body he knows what you can do better than you know what you can do your arms are jelly he's pulling it up for you screaming at you and you're gonna get your trachea or lyrics crushed he's doing all the work he's pulling it up for you but he's screaming it's all you it's all you really freak it's none of it's me none of it's me and none of the last five reps have been me get away from me I'm done no I'm done now I'm dead no you're not Punk give me one more screw you Jim guy one more Punk lock your arms lock it out lock it out it doesn't count unless you lock it do it Punk now you're just crying now you're crying leave me alone Lorenzo Romar joins me when we come back dear Jim let me tell you one time where it's okay to work in when the loser using the machine or equipment is long rest who likes to talk to everyone in the gym guy screw him sometimes I don't even ask I'm working in Thailand SD


  1. "Dudes got a tab at that nutrition bar… As you already know "

  2. What you bench Jim?

  3. How does Jim know about the "40-minute window"?

  4. He's right. I've been lifting for years. Was actually an amateur female bodybuilder. I've seen this happen. I especially hated when gym guy wanted to work in with my partner and I. Really threw us off.

  5. He's right. Gyms are full of tools.

  6. sorry jimbo. we all share the gym.. expect people to work in. UCSB alum here

  7. We all know him….we all HATE him!!😂😂

  8. Hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oh shit this is classic Rome.

  9. I use gloves. I don't like getting ruff hands. It's an OCD thing for me. I usually go to the gym and ignore everyone and spot my self. How is caring about my personal health and having a hobby a douche bag thing? I don't understand.

  10. The only guy more annoying that this guy is "MMA guy".
    You know, the guy who wears nothing but Afflication gear and tells anyone within ear shot how he used to be a cage fighter, but got injured and now he's finally gotten the doctors permission to get back in the gym.
    "Yo bro, popped my shoulder and got put on the shelf. Now I'm back, hittin iron and ready to choke a motherf**ker out".

    Meanwhile, dude has never worked-out outside of the first two weeks he signed-up for a membership and got lazy.
    And the closest he's been to a cage is watching old-school UFC videos and playing UFC on his PS4.

  11. I'm guessing Rome doesn't workout..

  12. I am guilty of putting on "I stand alone" back in the day on my CD player. lol

  13. Brilliant from Rome and 100% accurate. If you're mad at this you are gym guy.

  14. The guy in the pic next to Rome is not "Gym Guy", he's "on the gear guy" because he's juicing, I guarantee thats "on the roids guy".

  15. Damn! I AM Gym Guy – well, STP not Godsmack.

  16. I like it when gym guy calls working out "Training" because I always say Really? what are you training for? that usually works well. "Gym Guy" Runs a Tab at the nutrition bar in the gym Aa ha ha ha ha ………

  17. Gym guy needs to find a good powerlifting gym that has at least 8 squat racks and 8 places to do deadlifts.

  18. that guys sack tho

  19. Oh my god! I am this guy!!!

  20. lol the godsmack diss

  21. I love this ! 🏋

  22. This 'Jim Guy' has no weight lifting etiquette and has obviously hardly set foot inside of a gym. There is nothing wrong with asking for a spot or using weight lifting gloves or working in during someone's rest period.

  23. fuck, look at the guys balls.

  24. I don't mind gym guy motivating me while spotting, even if I am about to die (no pain no gain after all) but the rest of this is spot on. Don't be a douche!

  25. Like 90% of this shit is totally fine.

  26. UNWAR guy who references the weight room as the "sacrifice room"

  27. Frank ca-li-en-do….does this impression perfectly

  28. Jim Rome is not a bro

  29. you. dont. make. your. muscles. wait.

  30. The sad thing about this 6minute NEGITIVE rant that your on is by simply changing the tone in your SMART ASS voice most all of the things you said could be turned into POSITIVES!!! I know your job is to be some "hipster smartass" but com on man give it a rest

  31. LOL ….. 131 "Gym Guy's" out there gave this thumbs down …. LOL 

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