Jim Heneghan – Peoples Health Champion

James B. Henneghan! On August 23, 2015, at the age 80 years old, Jim
Heneghan became a 610 Stomper. Becoming a 610 Stomper is a lot more than
just dance moves. It takes attitude. For Dr. Heneghan it took three years to accomplish
his goal. He took Zumba. He worked out. He was not going to give up. “When I begin something, I’m going to
finish it.” Dr. Heneghan doesn’t have a background in
dance. He’s a retired research professor. He taught physiology. But he learned over
the course of his life never to give up. He knew the 610 Stompers were having fun, and
he wanted to be a part of it. Jim Heneghan wanted to show that age does
not define who you are. He’s 84 years old and a 610 Stomper. Bottom line. Jim, I can’t
wait to see your extraordinary moves. Congratulations Jim, you deserve to be a Peoples
Health Champion. “You’re never too old to dance.”

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