Jillian Michaels Rants About Keto Diet: Is She Right or Wrong? || LIVE REACTION


  1. Some of the fruits that pack the biggest nutritive punch are the berries, which are ok on Keto.

  2. She's about as wrong about Keto as you Keto people are as wrong about fruit.

  3. She knows the benefits of a Ketogenic diet. She also knows on this type of diet the grain industry would suffer and have a surplus. The workout and diet industry would also suffer. Imagine everyone on a Keto Diet plan and not having to rely on the diet industry. 👍

  4. I lost 98 pounds on keto and I' m feeling great. Does she actually believe the crap she's telling or is she just bought by the low calory-dietfood- mafia?

  5. Jillian means well, but her grasp of the science is obviously lacking. Trust me, keto is the safest and most powerful bio-hack a human can use to improve their health.

  6. https://youtu.be/jt7CRzPjnmM

  7. Human mother's milk also has the LOWEST protein and fat content of any mammal. Keto is death. You might temporarily lose some weight, but in the end it kills you, other humans, the animals, and the planet.

  8. I work out intense 3 to 4 times a week, the Keto diet has made me feel great with fasting and a large amount of macros and yes I do eat other fruits in small doses. I'm down 20 sleep better and found my abs love it

  9. Someone should have stopped her from making a fool of herself on national television! Everything she said is against science! This is what’s wrong with our country…. with out make up she would look like dog shit, lets see how she’s “really aged”. Let’s let the Experts handle talking about the Keto diet, not some washed up fitness actress trying to have some more fame reading from a script.

  10. Studies are manufactured to brainwash the average person that the food pyramid is correct. Ummm since humanity allowed governments and corporations to dictate what we would eat and how much, we have seen an increase in diseases that never existed 100 years ago! Shouldn't everyone think about that???? I mean we are the only species that goes on diets!!! Have you ever seen a lion go on a diet or think to themselves, nah I won't eat that gazelle I need to watch my waistline?! No. Humans are the only species that doesn't seem to get any diet right, except when thousands of people worldwide do Keto, Intermittent Fasting and even Paleo with outstanding results, mainstream and yep Ignorant and Uneducated celebrities go mad 😡 with the results, because whatever the hell they've been doing ain't working as fast as the perfect diet that human beings are supposed to eat!!! Oh and there is a great documentary called The Perfect Human Diet. As long as there are people questioning the likes of Jillian Michaels and why she is on a warpath against Keto (makes one wonder why she doesn't want people to lose wight and get healthy?) is because she may have an agenda. Whatever the hell it is I hope some figures it out.

  11. She's a sugar and food industry sell out that got paid to lie in public , no conscience

  12. She only cares about her bank account, NOT lives! Follow the money trail! She can’t even back up her insane claims with facts! I lost my gallbladder because of the horrible diet she suggest! Keto is being used now at MD Anderson, the top number one cancer hospital in the country! You have to be in ketosis before they will give you chemo. People with Alzheimer’s has had it reversed on keto! Keto is not Atkins. This woman has no clue! Sadly she’s hurting people not helping! Follow the money trail….

  13. Hey dude, let the lady next to you speak!

  14. Jillian has an attitude as if she's simply just trying to win an argument . She could care less about the truth . She's addressing anyone who's ever challenged her on the matter .

  15. Any ' scientist ' that thinks they're the end all be all has gotta go .

  16. not arguing but breast milk has no carbs??? you lost my attention after a dumbass comment like that!

  17. one more question Dr Stubbs? did you win those gold medals with or with out carbs?

  18. Somebody needs to send her a Keto Teddy bear, because she really needs a hug, 🙂

  19. Jillian the propagandist. Probably paid by the carb companies to discredit keto. Shame on you

  20. I was on keto, had kidney problems. My Dr told me to stop keto right away, she said I would have kidney problems and high chlosterol. Now I do a plant based diet and never felt better. healthy inside and out. Blood work all shows the differences.

  21. She is so misinformed, she has made an idiot of herself.

  22. Seems like she's trying too hard to sell her ideas..

  23. I've watched several of these rebuttal videos now, and I"m surprised that no one is talking about the fact that within the very first minute, she almost stuck her foot in her mouth, realized it, and course corrected. She talked about carbohydrates as "anything that elevates…*pauses and course corrects*" Does anyone else not find that funny? What was she about to say? Anything that elevates blood sugar? Anything that elevates insulin? She stopped herself because any rational person would have heard that, within the first minute of her video, and thought to themselves, "But wait, isn't is good to keep your blood sugar down at a normal level? Isn't it a bad thing to spike insulin?" I just find it so funny that she clearly realized she was about to make herself look foolish, and immediately stops and course corrects.

  24. LMAOO insulin is zero XD she has no idea what she is talking about!

  25. This is what happens when a fool learns a couple of keywords and starts creating a theory of her own without care for scientific facts.

    What an idiot.

  26. This skank just needed publicity

  27. MD, Doctor of Medicine, they are licensed to practice medicine. keto diet is not medicine. Why should we listen to those MD, not the research scientists? Keto diet is a research program, it is not in the mature stage yet.

  28. We should trust Jillian. Ruining all those peoples metabolism on THE BIGGEST LOSER makes her very trust worthy.

  29. Pissed it's cutting into her profits! She has no medical/nutritional education, training, or certifications whatsoever! She's just certified as a personal trainer and fake as hell!

  30. She didn't say u won't lose weight she said in the long term it is not healthy.

  31. Don''t forget too that the Biggest Loser literally starved their contestants to make them lose weight in a short period of time. The show's doctor enforced it and some of the contestants sued years later (after their non-disclosure agreements expired). I bet that's why they no longer produce the show. Such hypocrites.

  32. This is the start of the food industry push back to fasting. Keep spreading the truth people!!

  33. Hey Gillian, keep your Transgender cakehole shut. You are a misinformed idiot. I’ve been Keto for yrs. I’ve reversed all autoimmune…tons of energy. I’ll out live you …you f’n shill

  34. She’s a fuckhead, but dam she’s hot

  35. I think ole gillian michaels has a hell of a God complex!!! As she talks about the pitfalls of the keto diet she says…."I" have gotten rid of pcos….I have gotten rid of diabetes I…..I…..I….well the keto diet is capable of all of the same things…and as far as i can see the folks on the biggeeeest loser…most have regained the weight and then some and manys metabolism were slowed….my point is thwt there is more than one way to skiin a cat…..i prefer keto….its easier for me to stick to and so for me it iisnt a FAD diet…..this diet is surely not a FAD for those with epilepsy that use this diet or those with cancer ect….there is real documented eveidence that this diet has medically proven results for many with these conditions….yet she is calling it a fad diet…..i call diet pills a damn fad!!i see a woman that has recognized that others have found another wayto take their health into their own hands…..thhey are gettiing results without her and her ddiet pills and that means loss of money in her pockets….her opinion is becasue of a financial agenda….my opinion

  36. Never trust a lesbian

  37. She doesn't want people on keto, she would be out of business. For all we know behind closed doors she could be on a keto diet we don't know what she's eating.

  38. I've been doing Keto for about 8 months.

    I've lost 73 pounds

    My A1C dropped four points.

    My Liver and Kidney function lab results are perfect for the first time in decades

    ALL OF MY BLOOD WORK AND URINE labs are 100% perfect (again for the first time in years).

    My Cholesterol and Triglycerides went from scary high and dangerous to PERFECT

    My blood sugars went from the high 300s down to between 100 – 130 (still a little high but way better)

    And I no longer need to take 7 pills (yes, literally 7 pills) per day.
    I take 0 drugs.

    But . . . yeah Jillian, Keto is bad.

  39. stupid people think they know everything. intelligent and wise people are always questioning themselves if they have the right picture about reality.
    stupid people that are very confident are the worst. they ramble out something without knowing that they are completely wrong and uneducated.
    guess where Jillian Michaels fit in.

  40. Follow the money… 💰💰💰

  41. I don't care what she things I lost.
    60 lbs I came off of all insulin and I pay her no mind just another celeb doing mindless promotion I have had nutrition diet and disease biochemistry so I have a fair understanding of the process so go home

  42. Look, you can get a panel of any body to comment word for word on anything anybody says. The issue that none of these so called experts ever or maybe even rarely mention, is this issue of toxins being ingested from over consumption of fats, in particular, nitrate cured and high nitrogenous foods which can include the way in which some vegetables are grown not the vegetables themselves. These two children commenting on Ms Michaels opinions are simply duped by science ,big Pharma and the medical system. Bacon , according to any scientific study is among the highest carcinogenic foods in our food chain along with most cured meats. The way pigs are raised and interfered with genetically and with hormone and antibiotic applications right up to the abject cruelty in their slaughtering not to mention the chemical curing of their already toxic meat, is frankly appalling and this is simply the case with all commercial animal marketing. Fat of any kind is the garbage dump for the lymphatic system; all animals even if they are raised correctly or captured in their wild state and that includes us, manifest environmental and ingested toxins in their lymph system s which are stored around the body in fatty tissue. Leave Ms Michaels alone she doesn't have to be qualified as this or that " expert" and I for one appreciate her candor in shedding some objection to the consummate madness around eating large quantities of meat fish and poultry or even small but regular consumption or these items, despite the fact that I'm neither Vegetarian or vegan or any such derivative and that this diet is thinly veiled as healthy is just another marketing joke pitched at an unsuspecting and increasingly narcissistic public.

  43. I agree that a whole foods approach is good and I have nothing against keto. However the fact that she says "I can do this for you" makes me think Jillian is just trying to disguise a marketing ploy as "educational".

  44. Studies are interesting but I prefer results. 6 months on KETO and ALL of my blood work is better, ( I have it done every 4 months). So good are the results, I have don't need diabetic medication to control my blood sugar level. My triglycerides went from 174 to 100, (this is fat in the blood), Hdl went up. I lost 25 lbs. Starting at 195 that is a pretty good amount.
    I wonder how many of her clients kept off the weight without hitting the gym for hours a day. Common sense is something that fools believe in. My beliefs are common sense, yours are foolishness. Common sense was butter was bad, margarine is good, eggs are bad, grains are good.
    The best way to lower insulin resistance is to lower insulin levels by lowering the blood sugar. Her anti KETO position seems to be motivated by her own greed.

  45. Not all clowns wear goofy shoes and make animal balloons.

  46. I probably missed the point here but I don't see how doing keto and no longer being diabetic is a problem …obviously seems to be a problem for Jillian Michaels

  47. The state of emergency she's not telling you……, is that the body…. when in ketosis is noticing it's not getting all the sugar from carbs and sweets. 🤣 for her to say that is laughable to me because once your body can't run high and low on sugar, which is and addiction like cigarettes (and we all know what happens when we take something away….the body is addicted to…. that's not good for us. )
    It reacts. That is not always bad. In ketosis the body suddenly has to find a new source of energy. Guess where it gets it? From your stored FAT source. The body can run on its stored fat but if we keep eating processed carbs and sugar most body's will hang on to that fat and no matter what the poor person does, they can't loose the weight stored as fat. These people are usually in their upper 40s and 50 but not necessarily because even young people who've packed on fat due to poor diet will also have a difficult time. And we all know kids are addicted to sugar.
    Just recently I listened to an interview by Dr. Berg with a past contestant from the biggest looser. He said they ate a monitored diet and exercised 40 hours a week to loose the weight!!! How many people realistically have time to do that? This man although appreciative of the experience in time gained his weight back because he didn't have time to exercise 40 hours a week even when he continued to eat healthy. Most of us work a 40 hr. a week job. Now this man eats a ketogenic diet and the weight is coming back off with regular exercise.
    I think the real emergency is the one Michael's and other health experts are feeling. Their pocket books.

  48. If you notice she say's these things with no explanation as to what she really means, it's Vague but people think , "OH NO , THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE.!"😱 its deceptive.

  49. Very good video conversation. I wish she would actually make eye contact with the camera. It seem like she is just being rude, and not acknowledging that we are watching. Things like that would just make me walk away, like why I'm I even here. I don't have time for 3rd wheel conversation. Lmao

  50. She posted this bs and hasn't come back to view the feedback, that's my bet.

  51. she wants to stay skinny and everybody get fat and lose money! smh

  52. well facts dont lie

  53. Keto is LEGIT….lowered my BP to normal range, reduced my fasting blood sugar 15 points down to 80, and took 10 lbs off my mid section…..it is a bona fide life changer! And to be honest, I am not folwing it to the T,,,,I quit all sugar and reduced my carbs significantly and within 4 weeks, all my vitals improved. 💪

  54. I think she doesnt understand nothing about Keto. She should study first.

  55. Omg ! JM will be poor so fast ! Even thought she ends up supporting Keto NOBODY WILL BELIEVE HER BECAUSE WE WILL THINK SHE CHANGE HER MIND BECAUSE OF THE MONEY ! I feel so embarrassed for her ! This is so horrible.

  56. Bimbo thot. Probably a great $35/hr personal trainer but has no place giving nutritional advice.

  57. Where are the biggest losers now? She is angry

  58. What study is she referring to? She provides zero facts from any reputable documents. She's not a doctor, she's an exercise coach. This has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING but cutting into her income.

  59. Jillian Michaels IS the biggest loser. What a hack.

  60. I’ve really never liked Jillian Michaels. To me she comes off as phony!! I don’t like her attitude! Especially in this video. I’ve seen her in many interviews, and although she is knowledgeable on fitness, she knows much to nothing on the keto diet! I am sure she is loosing profits, that’s why she’s cutting down the keto diet.

  61. I think you guys are doing a great job on your interview with each other. And she, Jillian Michaels sounds a bit crazy. She obviously is trying to back up her beliefs that she has been pushing for decades. She doesn’t want anything getting in the way of that and making her look a fool. But it is obvious she has not paid any attention to the research that has been being done about ketogenic dieting,.. The doctor that I noticed you guys did not mention but that doesn’t mean anything really, is “Dr. Eric Berg” he is extremely balanced when it comes to the ketogenic diet and one that many people should be listening to.

  62. One of the best ways to tell how strong a persons argument is is to see how they react to others who claim to be proof against it. In Jillians case, I saw an interview where she said that the people who talk about keto working for them being 'just bots.'

    Thats a really lazy way to shut down debate; claim the other side isnt even human therefore not even worth addressing. I was willing to at least listen to what she had to say….until I saw that.

  63. She is as well as weight watchers and others are so monetarily affected by the keto diet.

  64. We all moved on from the 90s fitness culture. Things evolve and new realities come in to play. Now we know more stuff and better than we knew 20 years ago and it's only normal. However, It seems like Jillian Michaels is still stuck in the 90. If she was smart, she should have adapted to the new and more effective ways of planning a sound and healthy nutrition. Too bad, she is shooting herself in the foot because Keto is going nowhere!

  65. this is the same person who got caught sneaking diet pills to her group on the Biggest Loser and making people work out for ridiculous amounts of time to drop weight quick. Great job Jillian and by the way, how many of your people that went through the Biggest Loser kept off all that weight? You are a fraud!

  66. Lost 22 lbs in 3 months. No working out. Jillian, you're wrong.

  67. Anybody else think she looks like she used to be a man?

  68. She needs to go do her research . May actually learn something. !

  69. you guys need to make a stronger come back to prove this woman is making a lot of fake comments… she is making a lot of fake comments based on zero studies (studies from her head) and you did a poor job of arguing against her


  71. So, mangoes and papayas are essential foods? How did people survive before the diesel truck and the reefer van?

  72. Love the implied assumption that you eat like a pig on Keto and don’t eat real food. Keto stresses eating “real” food as much as possible. Most processed food are dirty Keto IF they fit in with Keto at all. Also, does she understand the difference between 20 carbs and 20 net carbs I wonder?

  73. EVERYONE STICK WITH KETO YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! She is the biggest loser lol…

  74. Let’s have compassion for her she learned all the wrong past ways that the comercial world new in the past let’s hope she will take time to learn. She has no training of the truth !!

  75. She sells soda and fat burner pills…

  76. hate it or not i lost 18 kilo in 2 months dont listen to this dumb ef keep researching keto and omad

  77. You guys are really being too nice when it comes to Julian Michael's….

  78. You need to do Keto WITH Intermittent Fasting – not without

  79. She also endorses popcrisps…

  80. Nothing more hilarious than listening to Jillian Michaels spew out buzzwords in some kind of word salad in order to appear knowledgeable to her fans. It's such a scam, and she should be ashamed.

  81. Jillian Michaels just makes herself look more and more like a fool every time she goes on you tube and tries to say negative things about the Keto diet. The Keto diet has proven to help people loose weight and keep it off. People who don't know about the Keto diet say all you eat is fats. But, if you really do your study and actually use the Keto diet you will understand it is more than that. I for one am doing a Keto diet, and I have to say it is the best diet or should I say a healthy way of eating. I use to buy into what society and the media have been saying for decades that fats are bad for you, but after watching Dr. Berg, Thomas Delauer, and doing my own study I realized all these years I have been doing it all wrong. I have to say for the couple of months that I have switched over to the Keto diet, I have seen results and have felt so much better. She is just trying to talk bad about the Keto diet because she wants to promote her own diet, which does not work. The facts do not lie. LOL

  82. Jillian Michaels is a CARBoholic ,, she herself is addicted to carbs .. She sells all kinds of bag of goods LOL


  84. Sorry i have to agree with her. Any term ending in "osis" is a crisis condition. I hate to see the cholesterol levels in keto eaters in 10 years. Moderation is key.

  85. She absolutely doesn't know what she's talking about ! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !! Keto is just not good for her business, that's all.

  86. What people have reversed their diabetes with her,I am a dental hygienist and the inflammation in my hands is so much better ! Keto has reversed my osteo arthritis as well as lossing #30 lbs! She can’t sell anyone the carb full way of eating!

  87. How can reversing disease be a bad thing? Keeping the insulin hormone low and resting the pancreas allows the body to burn fat. Another good thing. It’s obvious she doesn’t know much about keto. It seems like she’s stuck in the past.

  88. I'm 54 yo. When I was 38, move more eat less worked. When I was 50 I did the same program and 2500km of mountain biking all summer left me hungry and I lost no weight. I discovered keto, and lost weight with almost no hunger. No doubt I was insulin resistant and the ultra low carb allowed me access to fat burning which carbs/insulin lock out. She's pretty and has the great genetics but it ends there. Opinionated, misinformed and short sighted. Keto diet follows medical science and works. Reduce insulin and you reduce inflammation and enable fat burning. Listen to Dr. Jason Fung, Stephen Phinney, Peter Attia, Benjamin Bikman, Robert Lustig. They're doctors and Phd's and they will steer you in the right direction. She's just pretty and misinformed.

  89. HI Jillian, please stop telling shit and show the evidence. Please listen to the doctors and physiologist and you will learn about how our body really works. Listen to Phd. Benjamin Birkman, Dr. Paul Mason…. If you have some evidence please present them, in the meanwhile, please listen and learn:



  90. come on everyone lets find out who is paying this women to spout all this rubbish someone must be paying her

  91. Thanks. We need unbiased opinions about all this.

  92. Lady, someone should tell you that your eyes gave you away! need a trainer to teach you that trick!

  93. Anyone that actually knows about Keto knows that jillian Michaels is completely wrong. Anything bad she speaks of regarding keto, is only when keto is done wrong. Keto isn't just eating meats and cheeses. Her nutrition and training programs are basic and no one buys her stuff anymore so she attacks Thomas delauer and the keto diet to try to sell her stuff. This false knowledge will get her a couple paychecks this year but then she'll die off again. Don't believe her fake science keto videos.

  94. I think these 2 hosts are WAY too generous toward Jillian. She has clearly been coached and paid on what to say by the food industry and her own people who make money from buying her supplements, books, SodaStream, etc. Her statements make you suspicious of Keto by spewing a lot of word salads. She has to be careful after the scandal with The Biggest Loser show. I feel sorry for all of those people who've gained the weight back AND it damaged their metabolism permanently.

  95. she really sounds funny its becos she's selling less fat burning pills + less soda :)) since keto became popular :)) so funny


  97. You should interview or ask French doctors about Keto because in France Keto being used medically in hospitals since the beginning of the 20 th century ( yes already a century) They don't advice to do any keto diet without proper supervision nor medical needs for the risk are greater than the positive results. Just eat healthy 3 meals a day… as it's done in all countries with good health, France, Italy, Japan… and you'll be fine.

  98. Jillian Michaels is losing the battle to have the right to humiliate people on live television whilst plugging her chemical merchandise and promoting her high carbohydrate corporate partnerships.

  99. I lost 100 lbs without being in ketosis. I eliminated all bad carbs, I have an aversion to sweets so I never eat a sweet taste. No fruit, no juices, nothing sweet. I changed to the good fats, no margarine but real butter, Mct oil , coconut oil, ghee. Avacado. What's wrong with what I'm doing.? Jillian not everyone can hit the gym like you do. I lost 100 lbs without exercise. After I lost and got better I joined the gym. Some bodies react different. I can't eat mango, or any fruit at all.

  100. shes wrong n yes my blood sugar has gone to zero n so has a friend's so thats not correct n im not fat no keto or diet used .

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