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hey I'm Jesse hülkenberg in LA for her athlete and I'm here to talk to you ladies today about why women should be lifting I spend so much of my time coaching women on how to change their bodies yes on the outside their physiques but how to also change your lives and your bodies on the inside to reflect those lifestyle changes lifting has obviously changed my physique in my life in more ways than one but I wanted to give you some key points on what I believe are the most important reasons for why you should be lifting too number one reason why women should lift is it gives you confidence I cannot stress this enough I have so much more confidence now in my mid-30s than I have in my entire life when I first started training I would walk into a gym and I would really be frozen if I wasn't training with my husband or a friend I truly had no idea what to do even if I knew what machine to go to I was so worried that people were watching me and I wouldn't know how to adjust the machine or it was sitting on the machine wrong all those things are running through my head and I didn't have the confidence that I should have when you want to go into the gym and you want to have a great workout so now that I've been lifting I feel like I own the gym when I walk in and I love that it's taken some years has taken some experience but if you just keep going to the gym keep lifting you build up your physique you're gonna build up that confidence and you're gonna walk into the gym you're gonna take whatever equipment that you need to take and you're just gonna kill your reps and your sets and you know what so what if people are watching me they're probably watching me wanting tips for me wanting to know how I'm doing what I'm doing and nothing feels better than that when you're in the gym with that kind of confidence outside of the gym I can't even go grocery shopping in a tank top without women and men stopping me saying girl you look so good what do you do what do you do and it's just really neat to be able to say I lift it's as simple as that I say I go to the gym and I lift it's just so neat to be able to put on a dress or put on an awesome pair of jeans your favorite jeans and just have those curves and feel good about your body and walk out there in the world and just know that you feel great and you look great the second point I want to touch on is a really really awesome one because we get to eat all the carbs we want well maybe not all the carpus we want but we get to eat a lot of carbs if you're lifting with intensity in the gym you get to eat you have to eat you won't have an intense workout if you're not properly fueled before your workout a lot of women are really scared of carbs is it going to make me fat is it going to make me gain weight and it won't as long as you are lifting with intensity and have consistency in the gym you need those carbs to change your physique so if you have carbs all day long on a on a leg day for example your body will use up every drop of thought to grow muscle to maintain muscle and to completely change your physique and that's a pretty darn good reason to eat carbs to lift weights lifting weights it's what's going to put muscle on your body and change the shape of your body and change the way that you fit into your clothes a lot of women get caught up in changing their physique by spending hours in the gym doing cardio it is important to do cardio I definitely do cardio but lifting weights has completely added curves that I've never known to exist on my body my butt my glutes my legs have grown I have awesome legs and I'm not scared to show them off whatsoever I love wearing my favorite pair of jeans or just my leggings it just feels so good to see hamstrings through my leggings another awesome tip is that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn it's as simple as that so build more muscle and your body has to work harder and burn more calories to maintain that muscle mass than it does to maintain body fat when we do cardio only for example we are burning fat but we're not really building muscle but as soon as that session ends the fat burning stops when you lift weights with intensity you are burning fat and you are burning calories and the really awesome thing about lifting weights is as soon as that sessions done the fat burning does not stop your metabolism is increased you're burning all day long you go home and you're resting you're still burning calories your metabolic rate has increased and you're going to have the effects of that training session all day long and all night long while you're sleeping so I don't know about you but I'm really into burning fat while I sleep the next point I want to discuss with you ladies is something that you may or may not be concerned about quite yet in your life but as women we are at higher risk of osteoporosis and what that means is we're a higher risk of fracturing our bones breaking bones and the way we can absolutely squash that is by lifting weights with intensity and I don't mean you know a few reps here and there on machines a little bit of circuit training I really mean intensity get into the gym you can use machines you can use cables you can use dumbbells you can get in the spa track whatever is comfortable for you just lift weights and whatever you're doing do it with intensity you will build muscle mass you will increase your bone density and you will increase your strength which will help you later in life it'll help you now but it also help you later in life to reduce that risk of that osteoporosis which you definitely want to avoid all of those bone fractures and breaks at all costs the last thing is just being able to say I got this so whether it's carrying your groceries carrying your luggage putting your luggage in an overhead compartment rearranging your furniture I don't know about you but I love rearranging my furniture and it's really neat to be able to scoot that couch and move that dresser or house without needing any help but one thing that always cracks me up is for example in the gym setting up a left and guy walks up and he's like hey do you need a spot and you got to just be like you know I got this so now that I've discussed with you as some of my top reasons on why women should definitely be lifting I want you to check out the page below I have given some of my top exercises and a sample workout of some of the best types of workouts that you can do that give you the most bang for your buck they recruit a lot of muscle they recruit a lot of energy and it will give you that intensity that you're looking for in the gym to increase that strength and build that muscle so if you have any questions about anything I've discussed with you today you can catch up with me on body space or face book both of those usernames are Jesse fitness you can find me on instagram or twitter at jess Helgenberger and for more free videos and articles just like this keep coming 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