Jerry Ward Admits His Body Dysmorphia – Bodybuilding Creates A Female Mindset!

hey everybody its Jason blah here now that my a bulaga Tori have formative videos are done for the day it's time to talk about current events in the online fitness community and I can't believe I did not find this video on my own this was actually linked on my Facebook fan page yesterday I went ahead and watched it and it's a video by Jerry Ward basically highlighting what I've been telling all you guys all these years about bodybuilding I'm joined by Jerry words Coco Puffs look hey guys now that I'm like 43 and I'm only like 200 pounds I feel embarrassed to be in a tank top and when I get around other bodybuilders like there's this demon in my head telling me to I need to go on a big-ass cycle and get on insulin again the hell wants me all right guys legally put on my plus 5 had a speech craft let's see if we can be a little more intelligent about this and guess you know rather than just single Jerry out although I haven't got a single Jerry out a little bit this is exactly what I'm talking about when I tell you that bodybuilding is not a masculine mindset it is a feminine mindset and it will turn you into a woman psychologically and people say how you can't say that it's not feminine it is guys this obsession with how your body looks now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wanting to look better right I'm not saying that people misinterpret that but this obsession that the weird bodybuilding cult has that ends up being a big drug cult and a degenerate lifestyle and everything else this is what happens right you have guys like Jerry here I mean we're technically rivals similar-sized YouTube channels right similar size outreach we compete with each other here same age category what's the difference he's busted up beat up can't train can't train has all these insecurity issues and you have guys like me I'm in my forties lifting heavy ass weights still looking to compete and powerlifting looking to get stronger do my best I know that I don't have the best disease in the world and I don't care doesn't matter I got loose skin from when I gained 100 pounds when I was fat laying in bed sick I spent a year in bed sick I take my shirt off I train shirtless I've been known to be at the pool I've been on boat party shirt listen you know what doesn't matter women will still hit on you if you're just confident in your fun to be around how you don't even have to be that socially outgoing you just need to be confident that's it I don't care they don't care and by all standards for 40 something year old dude I'm actually doing really good you'd be surprised how many of them else will hit on a guy that looks like me you'd be surprised guys doesn't matter and then you got guys like Jerry insecure to put a tank top on I mean to actually be so worried about your bodies here's one almost say to you guys a lot of you guys out there you're already in this mindset of having this body of his disorder because this is body dysmorphia let's quit calling that big a wreck see ya all right let's quit using a slang term let's call it what it is it's a body image disorder that leads to eating disorders or leads to drug abuse all right and you got guys like Jerry who got so caught up in that lifestyle that he never learned how to train and now that he's not on all the gear he doesn't know how to train that's why he's smaller he's shrinking he has no legs anymore he's small he's hurt he's beat up and then you have other guys like me we come off of trt everything else and we're still holding our size we're still been able to make gains because you have to learn how to train being focused on performance being focused on injury prevention being focused on the things that really are manly that really are masculine being strong being athletic here's the difference walking around beat up banged up all right this matters a lot of you younger guys this is what's gonna happen to you you get caught up in this whole physique obsession instead of saying hey I want to be strong I'm gonna be fit I want to perform my best and then if I happen to look good that's great okay if you feel like you need to do a few curls you get some bigger biceps you need to trim down to the low carb diet for a little while to lose the love handles by all means carry on that's fine they want to look a little bit better problem but when you get obsessed with it to this point and you start to think like a woman because that's what the bodybuilding – it is it's a feminine mindset thinking about how you look is more important than what you can do and how you perform that's a feminine mindset that's not how men think and you get into that mindset and then look what happens all these years are hard work all this years of drug abuse and the guy is scared to take his shirt off he's he doesn't want to be seen in a tank top in public he's embarrassed by it right that's ridiculous that's the mentality that you develop if you hang out in these circles and you get obsessed with your aesthetics obsessed with your look it's not gonna make you confident the best thing you can do for your confidence is just get in and train become strong we come out when you can forget all of that and say hey if I happen to look better that's good I've put a little work into it but don't focus on it right if you focus on it that's where you're gonna be you're gonna be like Jerry one day you're still gonna be insecure about it after decades of training decades of gear abuse you're still gonna be insecure it's not gonna make you more secure to obsess about if you're insecure now and you're training because you feel insecure with the way you look and you start focusing on that instead of how you feel and how you perform that's gonna be you in 15 years and 20 years you're still you're gonna be more insecure then than you are now all right it really destroys your mindset and that's the worst part you have guys like Jerry you know again he's gone through this whole addiction thing his whole drug addict thing and then it carried over into his training because he's still obsessed with putting needles in his body and then what happens what's the first thing that they tell you in any form of sobriety what's the first thing they tell you addicts need to avoid other addicts if you're an alcoholic you need to quit hanging out with people who are alcoholics if you're a heroin addict you need to quit hanging out with other addicts what is Jerry do he knows it bodybuilding has ruined his life and certainly he knows that the terrible lifestyle he knows that got him addicted is different for everything from street drugs to large amounts of antibodies and doses that I would have never used by the way people always say Jason could use had a box not like the doses that Jerry's admitted to I've never used anywhere near what he did even when I did you stuff okay and it's been a long time it's been quite a few years at this point and I never approached the doses that he used I would have been a monster because I actually train hard and I know how to train and then the difference is you know he gets into that and knows that his mess with his wood if he goes and hangs out with bodybuilders well what do you think is gonna happen you hang out with a bunch of people who are abusing insane amounts of drugs and then you start being tempted to use insane amounts of drugs again well isn't that kind of obvious again why are you hanging out with these people Jerry Jerry you've gone through these 12-step programs you've been through all this rehab for your other stuff well you know that you have a steroid in a PDA diction also why are you hanging out with abusers why are you glorifying their lifestyle instead of admitting that bodybuilding is a degenerate crappy lifestyle that we need to be denouncing in the fitness world not holding up and endorsing it's terrible bodybuilding is terrible let's call it what it is it's a degenerate lifestyle full of drug addicts and prostitutes and anyone who glorifies it quite frankly in my opinion is a piece of you're a piece of just like all these body builders are and that's how I see a pro bodybuilder everyone sorry yeah but I look at it I see a piece of that's what I see I see someone who glorifies insane amounts of drug abuse and destroying their body that's all I see you know you're gonna hang around these people and then you wonder why you're tempted while you're oh man I need to gain 40 pounds of muscle or I need to do this I need to do that once because you're hanging around these people Jerry quit hanging out with people like that don't go to expose with these people now say that to any of you out there who you know you have this this body and his disorder already starting to develop quit hanging out in the circles of people who contribute to it go hang out and athletic circles hang out in circles of people who care about actually training and performance and strength and athleticism and fitness and health hang out in middle circles there are plenty of communities of that out there you don't have to go hanging around the whole goofy bodybuilding world to hang on a bodybuilding for we're the only way you look good is if you abused trimble own that it's impossible on weaker steroids to even look good you know cuz that's their mentality everyone who looks good is beauty certain drugs right you can't do that with just training a diet the look that they want you to have so we come over to the point if you hang out in little circles you're not doing yourself any favors if you already feel insecure about your body right instead maybe hang out in circles of people who is not that big of a deal right focus on your fitness focus on your strength focus on your performance the stuff that will improve your confidence if you know will make you feel confident get your deadlift up to a you know 450 right I'll get you squat up past 300 pounds for reps get your overhead press up to 185 200 pounds you know put some real work into some worthwhile endeavor as far as your performance those that you know will improve your fitness will probably make you look better gonna make you look bigger more muscular it's gonna make you fitter gonna make you stronger it's gonna produce produce improve your capabilities so I'm getting tongue-tied focus on most things get away from this silly goofy bodybuilding and aesthetics mindset because it's nothing but a cancer and look at what it's done to Jerry he said right there on camera talking about the problems that he's struggling with as a result of it that's what a lifetime of bodybuilding does for you all right that whole community that whole world is cancer and it's a degenerate lifestyle all right guys but that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


  1. Look Jason, you definitely have a valid point about bodybuilding and body dysmorphia, but I disagree that body image issues are solely within the realm of women. Whether one looks at eating disorder rates or body shaming guys for being fat (definitely happened to me as a kid), it's totally something that men (not just bodybuilders) experience

  2. The sound it made when you threw the Cocoa Puff 😂😂😂

  3. no tanktops below 220ibs!

  4. I love the coco puff lmao

  5. But what about power lifters and strong man?? They abuse hella drugs too.

  6. Yeah I saw that video. When one takes the drugs you’d think they’d realize that the day will come to go off them and shrink like a balloon right? I guess once you’ve been extremely large and shredded in the gym/public it’s hard to look like a normal size natural bodybuilder. When making gains naturally you feel good about yourself. When you become the incredible shrinking man after going off the drugs, I’m it’s hard to feel good about yourself. I guess that explains why they probably go back on them. What a vicious cycle. No pun intended : )

  7. Who would actually downvote this? It's absolutely resounding truth from start to finish – It's not healthy to obsess over your shell of the way it looks – because of just how hollow the endeavour will become as it declines. And it naturally will, when that is all you care about, and then can't afford the drugs anymore. It's a complete cancerous ordeal all around.

  8. Looking juicy, antidisestablismentarianism 👍🏼

  9. 💯💯💯 u don’t have to be socially outgoing you just gotta be confident Jason ain’t neva lie

  10. The Coco puff is responsible for Jerry growing back his hair… And he won't take off his he needs steroids..that.."MAKES THAT SHIT SQUARE" 😂😂😂

  11. Honestly I'd be happy to look like Jason when I'm his age

  12. At some point do you pity Jerry?

  13. Speech craft? To hell with him!!!!!

  14. Let's see 10 years from now. Who will be healthier. Jason blaha or the drugged bodybuilders.

  15. caca… how would you coach junky wart? how would you rehab him back into a serious strong lifter?

  16. Spot on JB. We train, we work hard. We don’t care how we look around other people. Just do your thing and focus on getting better and it all works itself out. Wgaf what anyone else thinks.


  18. Chop Suey, what do you think is the best forearm exercise?

  19. Coach, what is Jerry's endgame? Getting his arms and pecs stuffed with PMMA?

  20. Like I said in his comment section, that’s the addiction of drugs Period !

  21. Coach gets me so wet when he throws that coco puff away from him like an absolute alpha

  22. Lmao can someone please explain to me what that coco puff business is about?

  23. Cynthia, debate vegan gains with your superior non-negotiable strength athulete mindset

  24. My condolences for Nova Mr Blaha 🙏

  25. Here for Jerry's cocopuff!

  26. Don't forget bodybuilding is gay for you too.

  27. everyone should gain 40 pounds of muscle even Brian Shaw

  28. well spoken, coach

  29. 0:00 thought that was the new background lol

  30. Coach, exactly how many obligatory informative videos have you done for the day?

  31. Bodybuilding and body positivity/feminist bullshit are of same toxicity.

  32. Anyone else just feel really guilty about themselves cuz you train to grow muscle? I sorta did 🤨

  33. Coach is wanting to have a six pack manly enough for you or is that going overboard lol

  34. Definitely a feminine mindset

  35. very informative, crab.

  36. These are much better without the crafting. Just wish he'd lose the background

  37. Focus on strength and athleticism and "looks" should take care of themselves.

  38. Do men that compete in powerlifting or other strength sports abuse drugs to the same level as bodybuilders?

  39. Between that and his latest video, Jerry Ward is speaking out against bodybuilding even more fiercely than Jason is. I don’t even think he realizes he’s doing it, but he’s basically outlining the crux of the issues with the lifestyle and the toll it can take on mental health. What I’m unsure of is the causation. I don’t know if it’s pursing bodybuilding that necessarily causes body dysmorphia or if people prone to body dysmorphia or perhaps already have it are drawn to bodybuilding through selective bias. Probably more the latter, I would think. Based on my experiences with people with body image and eating disorders

  40. Women like confident masculine strong men who make an effort to look after themselves.
    They couldn’t give a single fuck whether your are 8% or 18% bodyfat.
    If anything they find men who are more concerned with their own appearance than they are themselves an extremely unattractive quality.

  41. My main goal is to look like a greek statue.

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