#JeetFix: Hard Workout Motivational Video for Gym, Running, BodyBuilding | Exercise Speech in Hindi

JeetFix Hey, Listen! Let’s go to the GYM! Bodybuilding has Two Rules First one, Never ever leave to Sweat! And The Second Rule is never to forget The First Rule! B’coz Dictionary is the only place where Bodybuilder comes before Hard work. Listen, Ain’t you a Young Human, So Look like a Young Human! Gymming One Hour Daily can make you a different being from Rest of the Crowd! And One Hour is only 4% of the whole day! The result never comes in one night! It requires many Workout Session. The Actual Workout begins when you start feeling I’m Tired. If you are looking Cute just after the Workout Session, that Means you’re Cheating Yourself! Your Body is Your First Home, Where You are living! Make its Wall Stronger! The Study is as essential as Your Big Biceps! Some of you think Body changes itself But Only a few know to leave the Dream of Muscles and They get back to The Hard work, Sweat for themselves! What’s the difference between a Common people and a Bodybuilder? Let me tell you When his body starts paining like hell, Even then he never leaves working out! When the rest of the World is Sleeping at 4 AM, Then the Hormone of Hardwork begins to Circulate in your Veins! When people start Complaining about Weather-It’s Summer or Winter At that Time, Washing off your body with Sweat makes you The Real Bodybuilder!! Bodybuilder knows one thing perfectly. The Pain is Temporary, but The Result is gonna be Permanent He will feel proud of himself He will be different from others. His Confidence level will be high! Whenever you are in Stress Just give Two More Reps When you get a Signal from your Brain-“Muscles are Paining!” Then reply to yourself- “Muscles are Enjoying.” Never ever Try to Cheat with Your Workout! It’s not like your Girlfriend/Boyfriend It’s Your Own Body! If you wanna do it, You will Do it! Crazy People Trains! And Lazy People Complains! Whenever Your Body Pains Think It’s Your Weakness draining Off! It’s Not Sweat! It’s Your Extra Fat Who is Crying like Hell! Commandoes Learn- “The more you Sweat in Peace, the less you Bleed in war! Means The More you will Sweat being Alone, The Less you will Bleed in front of Enemy!! A Bodybuilder knows this Perfectly! But Here your enemy is your own Laziness Who never wants to Do Exercise, Never wants to Wake up Early in the Morning. Never wants to Do Weightlifting! Take some Energy Drink But if you will stop, You will Lose the Game! Then It will be Your Biggest Loss! You will be defeated by Your own Laziness!! Rest of the World will automatically win! Fitness doesn’t mean You wanna look better than Others. Fitness means You want yourself Better than Yesterday! Should look better than Yesterday, Should have more Power than Yesterday! Your Hard work will give You Six-Pack abs! Must Tell Your Mother-” I’m going to the Gym. Will be coming late” While going to gym, think, Why am I doing this? Think of them Who had Cheated you once Back! Think, Who had Disrespected you? Who made you cry a lot? And then Give different Names for the Exercises! Whenever you will do Push-Ups! Then You will Remember of that day, When your Friends called you Weedy! While doing Crunches, You will Remember your Breakup! While Running, You will Remember that Day when you were out for Medicine and Missed the Bus! Make a Routine, Sleeping, Waking up, Working Out, Draining Off! And Repeating Again and Again Pain is for Sometime But Proud will be for Lifetime! That I’m better than Other I’m more Fit than Others! And then you will gain Confidence for all the Work you were unable to do! It’s not a Scam, It’s not a Joke! It’s your Training to make yourself Like a Cheetah! You are Young, So Look, Younger! It doesn’t matters You have failed for 7 Times. Stand Up in the 8th Chance! You will Enjoy the Work doing,When People around you says You Can’t do it! You Can’t Run for Miles! You Can’t Make Your Body! It’s Difficult to Start Workout But once It gets started, No one can Stop You! And One day When You will be again in between those People Who used to say You can’t do! You will not Speak at that Time. Your Body will automatically show Who you are right now! Stop eating These Junk Foods!! How you look is decided by what you eat!! How much you Sweat! What you Think! Listen, Stop Procastination You are Stubborn! You are gonna Look Different! Whoever sees you, Says- Your Body is as Strong as a Mountain! Just Push Yourself once for Workout!! !!Then You will Sweat Daily!! And If You found this Video Helpful Then Do not Forget to Like and Share and Subscribe to See My Upcoming Videos! JAY HIND!VANDE MATARAM! JeetFix


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