I am master Flynn prior to opening the gym I taught western fencing and I also taught Philippine Escrima style swordplay mostly to actors I taught Tom Berenger it's night for 2 & 3 star wars is really about the hero's journey and if you think about it so is working out going to the gym there is a call to adventure leave home you test yourself and battle your demons and hopefully ideally you return home stronger mark don't act mark believe it huh whoa well hang on hah what was that how's the lightsaber toss when what is that Vader doesn't Empire he throws it yeah but do they ever both throw it and catch it no no so let's not do it here the main Jedi lesson is to stop trying so hard I mean that's what the force is all about is just to let go and once I did that the idea for the gym just hit me and so I went out and raised the money and my grandmother died as well so that helped now we have this wonderful facility I have 32 active members I have two lifetime members and and just yesterday we had our first multi lifetime member which is very exciting so kill pose want to look the geek factor is high there's there's no doubt we are geeks but you have to remember geeks are cool now this is our time and great three and four perfect you feel that yeah give it up for bill you can make fun of it sure I mean hahaha this is ridiculous Star Wars is silly I get it I understand that it's funny but sometimes life is about what comes after the general workout thing is that and if people would just understand that those are 1699 I know I know I'm sorry even my students most of them don't understand that hey stormtroopers hovering around three that you know no no bill horse you weigh 185 185 stormtrooper friendly if they would just really commit to this and get past the humour of it and come here four nights a week or commit to the gold package which is new pay more attention to their costume how's the rest of the costume coming well a couple of parts need to be bigger actually a lot of the parts need to be bigger or Steve needs to be smaller most importantly is to choose the right character to emulate because if you choose a character say of high integrity or high ethics or a great warrior and you come here and you work hard enough and you really focus those traits of that character will affect who you are out in the world I've seen it work great let's go table top less mine Terry less mine more core less mind more core good good now let him have him Wow Wow I um I came here four months ago I was messed up really I just lost my job I was putting on weight like crazy I was like 75 pounds heavier I get around a woman and I just freeze up maybe this voice in my head telling me I wasn't good enough where I wasn't cool enough most too fat but now since I came to the gym everything's changed now whenever I see a pretty woman I'm like hold up I'm Lando Calrissian I blew up the second Death Star everybody talked about Han Solo forget Han Solo manly taste him about Han Solo that ship was mine he wanted off me in a card game now I'm telling this program works changed my life one time I ran into this woman at the sales racket Bay I don't really know you guys I want to any to meet someone here sing on but hang on just one okay Organic you come around here everybody mark Nathan could you guys come here Lando I want to show you an example of exactly what I'm trying to teach what's your name sir that's awesome look at this costume Steve you see it I'll do that's what I'm talking about look at those lights look at the attention to detail look at that weapon part of the program Oh what's going on I knew the force was real just not that real found out firsthand it's hard you know I can't do a lot of things I used to I can't clap can't text message Oh hanging pictures is very hard but it's okay it only makes me stronger and giving up is not an option I have to move on and do it move on to something bigger something better oh no we're starting from scratch but that's life and you don't give up what if Michael Jordan gave up when he didn't make his sophomore high school team what if a ram Lincoln gave up and he lost his first election actually if Abe Lincoln gave up then Michael Jordan would never have had the chance to give up anything so no I won't give up not ever


  1. Watching in 2019

  2. Anybody know if there is a more than 360p quality copy of this anywhere?

  3. This actually would be a good non-satire idea.

  4. While we were honored to be the impetus for this adorable romp, this lightsaber martial art is very real, and The New York Jedi are still teaching to this day! Check out And always huge thanks to Van Roble for the satire!

  5. 11 years this year time flies.


  7. actually thats the most accurate expression of a lightsaber 😀
    just cutting people in half
    not like in the movies…

  8. Rumor has it this video is what inspired Gareth Edwards to come up with the Darth Vader massacre scene in Rogue One

  9. This was one of the first vids I watched on YouTube….

  10. nice short motherfucked, make another jaja

  11. wtf

  12. kms

  13. omfg please tell me that's a joke xD


  15. dafuq did i just watched

  16. Lmao that black dude.

  17. Genius. Will subscrive.

  18. Shame this hasn't received more views than it has

  19. So… Christianity is the dark side? Thanks for clearing that up hehe 😉

  20. Brilliant

  21. It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when normal people are able to shed pounds so easily with "Fat Blast Formula" (check it out on Google).

  22. LOL

  23. Feel the force! Shall I help you?

  24. dude star wars is not funny, its one of the best movie in the world. but this, this is funny hahahaha.

  25. …but they were Younglings….

  26. Wow the most succinct Joseph Campbell integration of the monomyth I have heard to date. And furthermore more apt the interpretation of the people who follow it.

  27. That was well done and the last couple of minutes were LOL funny.

  28. "Or Steve needs to be smaller" I died laughing. XD

  29. I know, still sounds… bad. xD

  30. … why not…

  31. "My grandmother died and that helped"
    What the fuck

  32. He got inheritance from her to pay for the gym

  33. "My grandmother died, so that helped"

    … What?

  34. Sad.

  35. Now thats a gym Im looking for 🙂 Its awesome idea.But at the end I expect Voldemort 😀 😀

  36. I've never wanted to join a gym more!

  37. I would go in as Darth Malgus =) or Maul

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