Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, Phil Heath – When Bodybuilding Legends Eat…


  1. this music is just annoying

  2. These guys are walking labs

  3. eat train inject sleep reapt

  4. Do really they are fit.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Where is Ronnie Coleman….

  6. Jerk off!! Dragging his bag across the gym floor..

  7. I always wanted to know where these guys take the money to live?

  8. Scheiss leben 2 std täglich bur kauen und schlucken am ende wofür um mit 50j komplet am arsch mit gesundheit zu sein und wie 80 aus zu sehen

  9. Kai green world bast builder

  10. Eating their anabolic chickens

  11. This body builders were once a chef

  12. Eating machines

  13. I only need to know how they live

  14. This food ad micsing anargy drinking


  16. I fucken hate this song.

  17. wow that is a great

  18. So nice

  19. Comen como toros !!! Mas los suplementos, creatinas, proteínas, anabolicos y nose si usarán esteroides. Por eso es q cuando salen del GYM.. Salen como si fueran unoa buffalos XD.

  20. Focused 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  21. Pill Heath beast

  22. Those bodybuildings never get old. Lol

  23. Jay catlar look nice with his body and face

  24. And steroids?

  25. 2:29 don’t mind the boner

  26. Exelente

  27. Oh,man,y love wayprotein,!

  28. No Other work r business

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