JAW RELAXATION EXERCISES (2 of 6) — Vocal Exercises — American English


  1. God job Rachel ..thanks for this tips…regards from Nicaragua , Central america…

  2. Great exercises to tongue.

  3. Great series, good work guys.

  4. I enjoyed it, thank you Rachel, it motivated me to apply this with my pre school english teachers. Because, the way how they pronounce the children will do. Awesome!!!!

  5. Love this exercise. Thank

  6. You guys rock! I love it

  7. Thanks so much for these tips.This is the way to improve my articulation and fluency.

  8. You're welcome! I'm glad you like the video.

  9. Cool!

  10. 🙂

  11. thanks so much rachel, im from nicaragua and my english is getting better every day just i dont stop watching your videos! keep it up!!! regards

  12. You're welcome, Nestor!

  13. hi Rachel! does it sound weird speaking city, better, pretty (like American accent) but some words like internet, center, winter (more British)? i feel that when I tend to speak "American", I start speaking so fast that sometimes even I can't understand myself… specially for my students… what can I do? thanks

  14. Hi Rachel! I love your accent, Thanks a lot for your advice!

  15. Did anybody say your friend looks like Jim Carrey? Expecially when his facial expression goes wild. LOL

  16. Thank you so much ….

  17. Great relaxation jaw, but is this going to help with getting better with the accent??? Hope you answer!

  18. 3:30 rachel you are doing a great job!! hahaha you make me have a fun time in your videos 😛

  19. thanks you
    you are awesome

  20. Love when he says "Totally okay to silly; it's great actually". Many flap Ts pronunciation – my favorite sound in English.

  21. It is an awesome video lol however, I am still quite confused about the meanings of "not use the chin to drop the jaw" and "release face muscles". Does it mean we don't use any facial muscle when we move our jaw down? Rachel, can you explain a bit more about it? 

  22. Thanks for all the videos. The "placement" is one big obstacle to sounding natural in English.

  23. i'm a singer & rapper.. and this has really helped me with that!
    make more of these videos! I love them!

  24. Great Job Mam

  25. Thanks Rachel!

  26. Thanks Rachel

  27. He is very handsome 😀

  28. due have any exercise for sleep apnea ??

  29. It's wordeful

  30. It's wonderful

  31. this really helped me just with my pain in my jaw from alwaysbeing tense

  32. Wonderful

  33. I do it everyday, and now I feel so great cause it really help! THX, Rachel!

  34. I took lots of courses and nobody told me I should drop my jaw. I just realized I do not open my mouth enough. Because it is kind of rude in Turkish language and even in English I have kept  my habit. I will try to make it more relaxed and open. Thanks for this great video.

  35. My teacher even told me that I should keep the jaw while speaking, just imagine that I have a candy in my mouth and speak. WTH.

  36. waw thank you

  37. That's funny and helpful 🙂

  38. I think this exercise great! Thank alot!

  39. Thanks a lot!
    I have a big problem, when I'm speaking in English, I use to change my voice, I don't know why and how, but it just happens. What can I do? It's hurting my throat.

  40. а теперь по русски , пожалуйста

  41. when I talk I sound like a 5 year old child because I cant pronounce my words right, when I was younger I went to speech therapy, so I don't really know why I still don't pronounce words like I should, I don't kno. It kind of feels like my tongue is too big for my mouth and when I talk I just rest my tongue between the back row of my teeth. this problem really makes me insecure when I talk to new people. CAN U PLLLLZ GIVE ME SINCE ADVICE, I want to pronounce words like a teenager for once in my life !!

  42. :V that's so fun :v

  43. @Rachel, when I tried to do the jaw movement with my thumb and finger, it didn't move at all. Is this an indication that my jaw and throat muscles are overloaded?

  44. You guys are amazing! I´ve been studying english for 5 years now but i was not able to get a good pronunciation untill i watched your 6 videos of Vocal Exercises. i thank you so much for what you have taught me in these videos. I´m not a guy who likes adding comments on youtobe videos but i won´t feel right if i don´t take the time just to let you know how greatful i feel for what you`ve done for me. blessing

  45. Is it okay to feel pain in my jaw?

  46. you really make me like a native speaker thanks for that reachel and you are so cute hahaha thank you so much

  47. you really make me like a native speaker thanks for that reachel and you are so cute hahaha thank you so much

  48. I have to teach an adult ESL class tomorrow. I am so screwed.

  49. Guys you have no idea how much this has helped me. I'm in law school and this exercises have helped to stop stuttering.

  50. does flexing the jaw forward cause damage to vocal chords

  51. @ Rachel,does flexing the jaw forward cause damage to vocal chords??

  52. Do you have any TMJ exercises?

  53. is what we can use these exercises to learn another language ?

  54. In 2013, Canada will again take over the Chair of the Arctic Council – 16 years after its first Chair in 1996-98.

    Chair – In which part of speech the word "Chair" used in this context

  55. will this also relax masseter muscle?

  56. I have the same problem as one commented , please help us .
    when we speak English our voice change to another voice . it is not the same tone of voice when we speak in the mother tongue , it is like we imitate someone 🙁 And how many times should we practice once or twice or ?

  57. hahaha I love that. It looks a bit silly but kinda fun and really help me !!!

  58. thanks!

  59. is it important and why.

  60. Yer the best English teachers!

  61. love it

  62. I like it too much

  63. Incredible good idea to do these exercises…..

  64. This was a super useful video and lesson! I loved the yawn part (never knew yawning could be this good!). Thank you!

  65. THANK you my teachers.I liked the video.

  66. Pardon my language but i must say, Tom is a fucking boss

  67. That's very funny and useful! Thank you, guys!

  68. When I yawn horizontally, my jaw hurts.

  69. A great English teacher she is. Love all she did for English learners

  70. U guys superb 👍🏻keep gng l
    It's 👍🏻

  71. are you a couple? you look really cute together! I find these videos really useful, I'm an actress and I'm using them before the shows. thanks.

  72. Rachel's english, it works for me! Thank you!

  73. hello. I'm 29yr female. i was born with cleft palate. i got surgery at age 2. i have nasal voice and difficulty with N.L.NG.M. i feel my palate is tired when speaking. can i speak correctly with abnormal structure in my mouth??

  74. How many time we can do this?

  75. Damn! These tips are amazing!

  76. Great video!

  77. Amazing

  78. soo monotone.. Rachel.. one exercise you should try is how not to look & sound like you're reading a teleprompter while filming a YouTube video 🤦‍♀️

  79. Hey Recheal ,i want yo English courses and Academies

  80. Hey Recheal ,i want yo English courses and Academies

  81. Hey Recheal ,i want yo English courses and Academies

  82. Hey Recheal ,i want yo English courses and Academies

  83. Had no idea my jaw was so tense. Rachel you gotta relax more…life IS silly

  84. Such great exercises! 😊 I feel the difference

  85. l like your video

  86. Watch this stoned. It's worth it LOL

  87. Hello Rachel, I am interested in this video; so, I decided yo translate it to my original lenguagge. It was hard to do, but I think it is important to learn English; so, I hope everyone enjoys my translation to Spanish.
    By the way, I'm from Perú and I love your videos. It is really worthy to watch them and learn from them.

  88. Thanks for throwing video
    By your effort
    Appreciate you dear

  89. Excellent!! Thank you so much, great video!! I love the distinction between (wah) and (ah)

  90. This guy always sounds sharp and tense…

  91. It's also an yawn class!

  92. This is a great video for the learners

  93. .

  94. what's duration and repetition for each exercise? tk u

  95. You guys are great.  thanks so much….

  96. You lost my subscription when you refused to demonstrate the exercise on camera. I'm looking for serious teachers.

  97. 1:50

  98. Rachel: you are genious

  99. Great video. Very helpful. 👍👍👍

  100. Your videos amazing but when i get into your page, i am getting lost and i dont know where to start

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