James Stephens | Mental Health Awareness Day

My name’s James Stephens, I’m here to talk about my personal experiences with domestic abuse growing up as a child in
Suffolk, as being one of what I would determin as one of the lucky ones to have
come out of our situation. In every walk of life it’s really good for people to look past just the angry lad or the misbehaving child and say that actually
there’s a lot more to what’s going on there and have the confidence as well to
ask the question, because I would not be someone that would just tell someone
what’s going on at home I left school I started going towards drugs, alcohol, I’d
often be in fights in town and generally living a rather unhealthy lifestyle. There’s something really important to be said about how young males deal with their anger I felt for a lot of years that I had to be quote the man of the
house and actually that’s it that’s not right for a kid there was that age at
all. A thing that did really turn stuff around for me it’s been a member of like
the Air Training Core and other social groups it was a healthy form of
escapism is the way I’d like to put it so being part of those groups helped to
give me a good founding in society about what what was really normal compared to
situation I was in.

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