James Charles 🆚 VS Tati Westbrook and the Real BS of the Feud 🐍Selling Snake Oil?


  1. Hi can you give details about what you found out about the Lypospheric vit.c. I have seen it recommended for medical reasons and I’m really interested to know the pros and cons. Thanks!

  2. Funny you mention the free gold supplement bottle from Ulta, I got that in a free gift with purchase and did not try it, I don't trust it… On the other hand I have purchased several bottles of the HUM hair and nails supplements, and now that I think about it I have not seen any difference in my hair and definitely NO improvement in the overall health of my nails…

  3. Definitely a good video! Cocaine was once hustled as a health benefit, same with tobacco. But we all know where that ended up. The simple fact of this whole thing is that consumers need to be wary of false promise via marketing and do their homework before buying, let alone consuming, these snake oils. And the FDA really isn’t on our side anymore.


  5. So true ty!

  6. another great video, people are going to believe what they want until they get liver dysfunction then they know but it´s also too late lol because you only have one. actually vitamin a and d can kill you if take too much of them, wish you adressed that too.

  7. I think Liposomal Vitamin C is a valuable thing to have on hand during flu season. There was a man with swine flu who was on life support doctors wanted to disconnect him, end his life basically. The family fought to force the doctors to give the man IV Vitamin C and the man recovered when Vitamin C was used. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20005468 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpS61x93xtE and this is a very interesting lecture by Suzanne Humphries an Internist and Kidney Disease Specialist. She debunks some of the myths of Vitamin C and talks about ongoing research around Vitamin C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0LLX0sgwAU ) . Also, since Vitamin C is absorbed in the small intestine people with Crohns and Celiac disease are at risk of Vitamin C deficiency. Let's not forget the famous 2x Nobel Peace Prize winner Linus Pauling researched Vitamin C for most of his life. Contraindications for Vitamin C would be a G6PD genetic mutation; pregnant women; young children and people on blood thinners. This is a great source for studies and other info about the value of Vitamin C https://www.vitamincfoundation.org/

  8. This took guts

  9. No comment on the supplements, everyone has to make up their own mind. I think you should have listened more carefully before you accuse Tati Westbrook of only speaking out once James Charles promoted a rival brand. In her video she states that she has been advising him against these problematic behaviors. She states she made excuses for him because of his age and had hoped he would grow up and stop acting that way. In fact, she stated several times that her feelings of betrayal were more from the on-going problematic behavior than simply that he promoted a rival brand. Please, you need to be accurate.

  10. I should add that you piss and crap out most of the supplements you consume. Too many vitamins can actually be harmful. Some of the weight loss vitamins out there contain Octadrine and chemicals within that same family, it raises blood pressure and heart rate, and thats just a fragment of some of the chemicals and their risks in particularly energy supplements. Taking too much of any vitamin can cause damage, like too much vitamin A. Chemicals and vitamins in excess can cause you to develop kidney stones, cardiac problems, etc. So there you go. These people are trying to capitalize. I'm severely deficient in vitamin D, I'm prescribed 10,000 iu's a day. That's ME. Yes vitamin D is good, and necessary, but not everybody should take that much just because a vitamin is good in and of itself.

  11. Many are actually now purchasing the halo Vitamins and I wish they’d watch your video so they can know they aren’t even safe to be taking. 🙁 It’s kinda scary. Like Tati won’t even leak the team she worked with to make the vitamins, it’s kinda scary.

  12. I know! You are so right, it’s a total scam! SMH and too many ppl fall for it.

  13. omg what color is your lipstick?? it so pretty

  14. Actually what it is really about is James predatory behavior. No one cares about the supplements at this point. But I get why you would want to make this video at this moment to “capitalize” on the potential views you might get.

  15. The bottom line is to confer with your medical professional regarding supplement use.

  16. I'm so glad someone has FINALLY mentioned this. This is a fight over one set of bs vitamins over another.

  17. Girl I needed this video, I love your channel so freaking much…..😍💝💟💗💖💞

  18. Wow great information that I had no idea about! Thank you 🙏 Also I have a question? Does that mean all vitamins and supplements are bad for you and not FDA approved? I always that that beauty specific supplements were just fancy packaged vitamins! Are the ingredients different?

  19. OK, I will admit when I first saw your video and it's title, I was like NO not her too! She is above this drama! HOWEVER, I clicked to watch because I adore your content and boy am I glad I did. You have been the only person that I have seen that has created content on this matter that is of real importance and not self serving or feeding into the beast that this has become. I love how fearless you are and how unapologetic you are for ripping the bandaid off of the BS. The most ironic part for me was that your hair is THE MOST beautiful I have ever seen it in this video and your skin is flawless and truly glowing and you haven't taken one single dose of snake oil. So, take that witch doctors! Please never change! We need people like you here on the Tube to dilute the nonsense a little. Thank You for all of the hard work you do for us!

  20. Great video!

  21. The saw palmetto ingredient was a huuuuge controversy in the early days of when she released the vitamins, but research showed that the ingredient was too low a dosage to have the negative effects, and in regards to her not coming out with his behavior until the sugar bear pill deal, she was trying to do it behind the scenes, but it wasn’t working, she mentions that in her video too. But yeah, I’m not saying this to be all blah blah blah, just clearing up the air from some misconceptions

  22. Great video ❤️

  23. 👍

  24. Your video needs to go viral tbh! 👏#Jamescharles #Tatiwestbrook #vitamins #Youtube #vitamin #GabrielZamora

  25. I actually have long beautiful hair and people think I have expensive wings don't get me wrong I like them and the reason I like them so the damage would be less for my hair yes have tried some biotin supplements and I get is shiny hair and to be real is better with argan oil an we age we need vitamins and yes I have been checked by doctor and lab results is watch your health more because we are oral drinking these you may increase appetite.

  26. Almost all involved in this drama are all in the wrong, in their own way, they all need to grow for the better and seek professional help, especially James, his friends should definitely guide him with that and yes I also mean Gage and Sam when I say they are all wrong not just Tati, Jeffree, Gabe, Nikita and James because they seem far from innocent from my view point too. They all need help and so I wish all of them healing, and growth for the better. Best of luck to them all. I’m non biased and see the mistake they all have made during this situation and even in the past like jeffree for example who’s being a hypocrite! He did the same shit, probably worse for all we know and has “grown” from that past and apologized for it so why the fuck is he not being by James side, giving him advice to help him to be better, while believing in growth in James? Because he was able to believe in his own growth when he did the same and apparently has which I do personally believe.
    Age doesn’t matter to me when it comes to mistakes or doing just wrong in general, I have a heart that believes in growth for all! But yes I do agree James is literally still 19 and that’s young but I still set that aside and just believe in growth and the best in humanity no matter what one has done, but it’s up to them to seek the help to better themselves.👌

  27. Great video. No BS indeed!

  28. Omg wowww I never knew this

  29. From watching Tati’s video she has checked James multiple times trying to get him to stop. This is just the first time it’s been brought to the public. Anyway definitely will not be buying any of these supplements, sound god awful!

  30. Thank you for this video.

  31. Thank you! I was totally appalled by tati’s video! I thought it was a real “mean girl” move to air all his dirty laundry for millions to see. She knew exactly what she was doing to the kid. To me that was such an immature move.

  32. This is the best video I saw about Tate and jams drama 👏👏👏

  33. Girrrl, what is that highlighter? It looks super astral! I also love today's look. All this bogus science deserves a hair flip from you. <3

  34. I have a huge respect for you.
    Everytime i wanna buy a new product, i come to your channel and watch your review about it. Keep up the good work and thank you for being honest in this crazy industry.

  35. Woow you are really good in researching

    What about taking multi vitamins that can find in pharmacy? Do you advice to take them or just skip them ?

  36. Thank you for drawing attention to the real issue here. This is why I always come to you for beauty recommendations.

  37. LOVE this video lovely!! Thank you for always keeping it real!!! you're the best!!! xo

  38. You are absolutely correct! Sadly, the drama with Tati is ridiculous. Remember he is basically a kid and she is a grown adult. I do not want to watch the videos about any of this nonsense. They should resolve this matter off of YouTube. I subscribe to learn about skincare and cosmetics, not personal drama. I love your channel! Thank you!

  39. Yessss!!! 100 times yes!!

  40. Just wanted to say I am a fairly new subscriber. I noticed you a few months back and watched a couple of videos and from day 1 there was something that I trusted about you and your recommendations, and whatever else. (i've picked up a few things you use like the hourglass finishing powder and laura geller highlight because you are so natural and radiantly beautiful and I want that!! haha) That being said, this is extremely formative and I feel like you are a trustworthy source and I appreciate this video because it could be eye opening for a lot of viewers.

  41. Well I dont care for the drama and never watched any James Charles videos and I dont watch every Tati Video. All I know is that the Halo Kiwi does make a visible difference on my skin. I take it now a few months and have the first time in years a balanced tzone my undereyes are not as dry and my pores look smaler (maybe bc of less oil overproduktion?). My sister and mum dont know who Tati is but they saw my skin changing and take them now. They do like the results. I will stay away from the pink pills though. No saw palmetto for me!
    But besides that I hope this crazy whitchhunting stops soon. I cant even imagine how this boy must feel right know.

    PS sorry for my english it is not my first language 🙂

  42. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Really great and informed youtuber

  43. A huge "Thank you" for you very timely video. Was driving down the east coast to take our daughter to her summer college internship. She mentioned she wanted to take vitamins for her hair. I played your video in the car and it was an eye opener for both of us!! Can't thank you enough!! Love watching your channel!!💕😃

  44. What do you think of St. Tropica hair vitamins?

  45. I totally agree with you!!

  46. I completely agree with what you said, Sarah. Tati had no problems with his behaviour up until the point he did something that involved a competitor because they offered him security at Coachella.

    What Tati has done is calculating and manipulative. I don't agree with what James Charles has done regarding his sexual behaviour towards straight guys, but what has that got to do with him using a competitor's supplement? Tati is trying to play the victim, but I really don't see it.

  47. I can tell you feel strongly about this – rightly so! Truth and no drama, that’s what I prefer. Thank you!

  48. The FDA is a big set up for all of us! If you really want to know how it really is watch “what the health” on Netflix! The blind fold will really be lifted from you then!

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