J. Cole – Work Out (Lyrics)



  2. The good shit mommy

  3. Who else thought he was was saying "work on me" this whole time

  4. “That’s unfair but, so is life, take a chance roll a dice. Money can’t buy love cause it’s over priced, don’t overthink it just hope it’s right.” J. Cole knows it all. Now this is rap.

  5. It’s so sad because this song brings back memories when I was a kid and I had no worries in the world and now as I’m getting older I’m not able to be reckless anymore because we have to “grow up” and it’s sad to think how time flys I miss the friends I lost throughout the years so I’m actually crying right now I don’t wanna grow up 😔😕

  6. I still LOVE this song

  7. Man my parents used to clean a hospital and I remember listening to this song with my brother and sister life is going by fast

  8. 2019?

  9. The background beat is fire 🔥

  10. This is the first song I've ever heard from j Cole and I never knew I was seven btw

  11. Always loved them 808's bumping in the back xD

  12. 3:10 is the best part and also 2019 gang where you at?

  13. 🤷🏾‍♀️2k19!!??😍🥰😜

  14. This song is lit

  15. 2019 still fuck it up to this song

  16. Childhood, plz come back.

  17. Me just finding out this song is by J Cole

  18. Kanyeeeeee baby

  19. This song got me in my feels😞

  20. I'm glad this song exists, cuz it gave us Let Nas Down.

  21. I was out here like 5 years old running around singing this song😓🤩

  22. who's listening in 2021

  23. Shit goes hard till this day idc ESPECIALLY about a specific person

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