Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 75 – Full Episode – 25th October, 2019

Gunjan’s engagement photos
have been published in Page 3. Everyone in our society
have read the news. Everyone are talking
about the same. In order to taunt us Shiv published his
daughter’s engagement photos in the newspaper. Chauhan wanted all this. He wanted this coverage. He’s a builder and now he’s becoming
a family member of an influential officer
in the ministry. He would want to publicise it. Chauhan.. That’s enough. Continue with your breakfast. Kabir, you also eat. Rani, the Parathas are great. Nisha cooked it, not me. It’s good. Tek Chand is calling again. Pass me the phone. I will talk to him later. If he wanted,
then he wouldn’t have let these photographs
to be published. Just in order to show us.. Oh, God! Why don’t we understand that they aren’t related
to us anymore. Am I right, Yogi? Right? We are no more related to Gunjan and her family, right? Who’s calling you both? Pick up the phone. What if it’s urgent? Yeah, I will be back. Is everything fine? Yeah, Grandfather. Today’s the recording so maybe that’s why,
I’m continuously getting calls. I will be back. Rani, eat your breakfast. He will be back. Shiv stole away our happiness. Forget about it. Now what’s the use to discuss
about the same? She is right. You had a word with Rani, right? She told you that I will clear
everything by next week. I will return all your money. There’s a problem for now.. No, it’s not that. There are few problems. Please try to understand. Sir, you are abusing me. We are respected people,
and you are aware of the same. Rani is a teacher in a school. You.. I’m in office right now and the recording
is going to start. I will call you
in the afternoon. Yeah, please.. What happened? Did he agree for a month’s time? One month? He isn’t ready to wait
even for a week. It’s a big amount, Rani. This is his business. He won’t spare us so easily. First of all,
that scoundrel got to know that the marriage
was called off. He’s afraid that his money
will go in vain. Now what should we do? Rani, relax. I will see to it. Rakesh,
the one in Hindi drama section. I had a word with him. He has some savings. We will arrange
the rest from others. He was threatening. He was saying that he
will come to your school. Vivek, he has done this before. Our Math teacher, Mr. Ashok had taken money from him. He couldn’t return on time so he entered the staffroom
to take the money. So what was the need
to take loan from this person? He’s charging
18 percent interest. I had taken it for you, Vivek. So that you could contribute in Yogi’s marriage. ‘Sorry, I got late.’ ‘My ATM card wasn’t working.’
– ‘What?’ ‘I forgot the pin.’ The most important thing was that father-in-law
expected the most from you his eldest son, my husband. You are my pride, Vivek. What would we have
said to everyone that we don’t have money? I did it for Yogi. I did it for Yogi’s happiness
and your pride. I’ll tell you what. Listen. I have a plan. I’m ready
to pledge my bangle. We can fetch the money
we want. No. Your mom gifted you
that bangle, right? My mom never stood up
for my honour, Vivek. Oh, that file. I put that
on the table yesterday. I’ll go find it for you right
away. Don’t be so tense. Yes. Please go check. Nothing, Man. A office file is missing. That’s why I was getting
from the office. Yes, Yogi, he got a call
from the office. He’s misplace a file somewhere.
That’s why he’s tense. I’ll go look for it. Get ready now. Aren’t you
getting late to the office? Come on. Wow. What’s wrong with everyone? Why everybody stepped
out like that? Firstly, Vivek went out.
Then Rani did and now Yogi and Khushi. Don’t you think Brother Vivek
was in stress? He told us there’s
recording today. Perhaps, there’s trouble
with an artist. It’s been a while I heard
his program on radio. You guys still listen
to the radio. – Yes.. Mom and I make it a point
to listen to Vivek’s program. My radio is still broke.
When are you going to fix it? Today.. You’ve been saying this.. Easy.. I think all my bones are broken. Pari, please examine dad. I did examine him
in the morning. Grandpa, you go rest
for now, okay? That’s what I’m planning
to do too.. Did you hear that nose.
– Easy.. Let’s go. Nisha, throw this
in the dustbin. Your uncle will be upset,
if he sees it. Sure, Aunt. Nothing. Why are you staring? It’s nothing at all.. There’s Gunjan’s photo
in the papers, right? That’s why everyone’s upset. That’s like my boy. You don’t be tense, okay? Our paths are different now,
you see. If you ever feel lonely,
come to the office you can watch the recording. I was really worried for you. But now I’m glad to see
that you’re okay. Oh, you found the file.
– Yes, I did. Thank you. Well, you go to the shop,
I’m getting late to office or come with me to recording,
if you’re bored You please forget it too.
It’s in the past now. By the way, Aunt, thanks
for the breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Seriously. Actually, I’m having home food
after a long time, you see. You stay so far from home you must be missing
your mom’s food, right? My memories are not that good. Aunt, Parathas were outstanding. Dear, what are you doing? I can manage it. Aunt, please let me do it. If someone offers me such
delicious food everyday I don’t mind cleaning
the table as well. Well, being a doctor, you’re
going to wash dishes. That’s not
what I meant, Grandma. When I lived in Kolkata
I cooked my own food. Why don’t you cook something
for us, a Bengali dish? Sure. Whenever you want. I’ll get a chance to have
home food again. You know, Canteen Food
is too boring. Why don’t you pack lunch
from our house everyday? We make it for everybody.
What do you say, Kusum? Well said, Mom. Please pack the lunch
from here. Hey.. I never saw my grandma. But I always think
that my grandma would’ve been exactly like you. Stop it!
Will you make me cry now? I will not say this. Get your lunch box and leave. Nisha. – Yes, Grandma? Please pack the lunch box
for Pari. – Sure. Come. Come. ‘What was the need of taking
money from such a person?’ ‘I took it for your sake.’ ‘So that you can contribute
to Yogi’s wedding.’ What happened? Why
are you throwing the clothes.. Get lost! Oh, God!
This is such a strange family. The grandma was joking there
and here her granddaughter is
throwing clothes. Khushi, what happened? Khushi, listen to me.
– Leave me! Calm down. Listen to me. Khushi, I will scream and
call everyone here. What’s wrong? Khushi.. Here, have some water. Now tell me what
the problem is. I know that it’s
none of my business. But you are my roommate.
I have the right to ask you. Please go. Leave. This is not fair. You were ready to fight
with anyone for me. But today, you are hiding
your problems from me? Is someone troubling you? It’s life which is troubling us. It’s troubling everyone. It’s trouble mom,
dad, grandma, grandpa brother-in-law,
sister-in-law and everyone. My whole family has got
disturbed because of a girl. Why did they play this game? Oh, come on! Just put an end to it now. Forget it. I know that everyone’s sad after Yogi’s break up.. Just get over it.
Move on, Khushi. Moving on
might be easy for you but it’s not easy for me. It’s not just about that pain which Gunjan and her family
has caused to us. It’s about that deep wound which brother and dad
has suffered. Do you know what? Dad and brother did
so much for Yogi’s wedding. They struggled so hard
to arrange money. They are in serious debt. It’s easy for you as your
family hasn’t got disheartened. We are the ones
struggling here. It’s okay, Khushi.
I understand.. You can’t understand. And please, go. Don’t you
have to go to the hospital? When a family gets
shattered from within it pains a lot. ‘Please stop
fighting and tell me’ ‘who is giving me money
to go to Delhi.’ ‘Ask your mom.
She is rich. I am not.’ ‘I don’t have money.’ ‘You will give money to Pari.’ ‘Khushi,
perhaps, you are right.’ ‘I have never seen a family’ ‘getting emotionally
shattered internally.’ ‘I have just seen a family
getting broken openly.’ Pal, I heard that Sethi is
opening a new electrical shop for
his son in the street nearby. It is going to increase
the competition. Who can give competition
to Yogi? Nobody else in the market
can match his talent. He fixes any speaker
in no time. Trust me. That’s right. Yogi doesn’t have
any competition. Even I will stop worrying. Tell me something. What’s the plan for Diwali? I am telling you.. We must light
the biggest rocket. Right? – Yes. It should be grand
and explosive. It’s Yogi who has already
caused an explosion. Here you go.
Look, guys. Your photo is published here. I know
such a family who smile even in pain. They sing they play ‘Antakshari’. That family can break but they can never fall apart. Khushi, you’re very lucky. That’s your family. Trust me.
You’ve got such a great family. And what should be done
when nothing is in your control? Every problem
has a solution, Khushi. Stand strong.
Face it and it will pass. Trust me. This hard time will also pass. You have messed up this room
just like your brother does. Hang on.
Not a word against my brother. Oh, just look at you supporting
your brother. Keep quiet. Clear it. I hate my room untidy,
you know. Oh, Lord!
Look at this. How was my book at fault?
Why did you put it down? Hang on.. Why did you keep your book
in my cupboard? Did I allow you?
Hello. You’re keeping your belongings
in my cupboard behind my back? Well.. I know.
I can understand. I have to leave to the hospital.
I have patients, you know. I’m leaving.
– Come back in the evening. I’ll deal with you.
– Bye! You’re so weird.
You attended her engagement? Yes, we had been there.
So what? Sir, just mind your own work.
– Yogi just explain your friend.
I was only asking is she the same girl with who
your alliance was called off? Sir, just let it be.
– Hey, no.. This girl had been here with a guy,
yesterday. This guy was also with her
who she got engaged to. They both were roaming
over here. I had no idea she was
Shiv Kumar Sharma’s daughter who you were supposed
to get married to. Mr. Mathur, call her Pradeep
Chauhan’s daughter-in-law. She’s already engaged. Who?
Those owning Chauhan’s estate? Sir, it’s not an ordinary thing to be the daughter-in-law
of Chauhan family. They have a few more
upcoming projects in Noida. Mr. Gupta’s son-in-law
has booked a flat there. Right.. Mr. Gupta offered us
the sweets the other day. You may go there
and have his sweets. Yogi has some work. Just leave.
– What problem are you having? I’m talking to Yogi.
– Sir, even I’m talking on behalf of Yogi.
– Sir, just leave. Why are you spoiling our mood?
Just leave. So, even you got started? I don’t get one thing. If they wanted to get
their daughter married into the Chauhan’s family why did Mr. Shiv Sharma approach
Mr. Prakash? Mr. Prakash is in no comparison
to the Chauhans. There’s no such thing.
They wouldn’t have found an appropriate match then.
I heard the girl cannot talk. That’s why, they would have got
the alliance fixed with Yogi. That’s right. They would
have found a better guy, now. That’s why,
they would have sidelined Yogi. Everyone in this world
is so selfish. Yogi. Buddy.. – Mr. Mathur,
why don’t you understand! Just go away
and mind your own work. Yogi!
Buddy.. Did you read this news? Gunjan’s engagement photos
are published. Girl, what’s your problem! Why are you showing
so much interest in all this? Are you Yogi’s relative?
If you wish I can take your proposal to him.
– Yogi means nothing to me. How is he related to you?
Tell me.


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