Is Your Health Impacting Your Productivity?

So are your unhealthy habits
at home taking a toll on
your productivity at work? Let’s talk about it. [inaudible] So I get it. We can’t control everything that’s
happening in our lives all the time. And it’s so easy to let
bad habits creep in. Like, I’m living with a teenager right
now and I’m lucky if I get to bed before 1:00 AM when just two or three years ago
I was tucked in by 9:30 and getting my full eight hours every single day. But I’ve created some productivity hacks
for my home that helped me be my best and show up every single
day for my business. So whether you work from home or not, you spend a lot of time there and it can
really take a toll on your habits and your output and your results at work if
you’re not getting support when you are at home. So number 1: Sleep. Sleep is so important and we hear about
it everywhere these days. And yeah, maybe you’re like me with the teen in
your house and you’re not getting as many hours of sleep as you would
like, but when you are sleeping, it’s gotta be quality sleep. So there’s so much you can do for the
design of your bedroom or your sleep space to ensure that you’re getting the
best night’s sleep that you can. And that involves a lot of things.
Your mattress, your bedding and sheets, the temperature in your
room is hugely important. Did you know that turning the temperature
down to 68 degrees makes a big difference in how you sleep? Also
getting the blue light out of that space. So turning off electronics, not
docking your phone by your bed. And I’m guilty of that too.
I know how hard that can be, but paying attention to blue light and
then also the natural light that’s coming in can be a problem when you
need to get all of your hours in. So making sure you’re using things like
blackout curtains and managing in every way your sleep space so that what sleep
you do get is the absolute best sleep it can be. Okay. The next thing we want
to talk about is sitting too much. Now, I’m sitting right now during this video
and we all sit so much at the computer, on the phone. I sit so many hours in a day if I’m not
careful and that can really take a toll on you. You may have heard that sitting is
the new smoking and I take that very seriously. So one of the things
I’ve done to combat that, a little productivity hack in my home
is to get a standing desk for my office. So it’s adjustable. I
can sit when I need to, but I can also stand and
I play games with myself. I have challenges that I’ll stand for
an entire two hour call that I have with my DesignYou Coaching Program
or a consulting client. I’ll make sure that I stay in the whole
time I’m on the phone with them because it’s just so easy to sit
and it’s not good for us. The next thing we want to talk about is
your diet and I know, I know it’s hard. It’s hard for all of us. It’s so much easier and quicker to
just grab junk food or something fast, but doesn’t give us the energy
and the stamina we need. So use your home to support your diet. When I redesigned my home
just a few years ago, my kitchen was probably the main space
that I really put all of my energies into making sure I had a steam oven and I had
the right kind of refrigerator space to store all of my fresh veggies and all
the things that I could create and food prep ahead of time so that when I was
too busy, when I was sleep deprived, when I did have to run to a meeting, that I had things there that were going
to be healthy and sustain me and give me the energy that we need without
energy, our productivity bottoms out. So that one’s really big. The last two things you want to think
about are stress reduction and exercise and they really go hand in hand. So make sure that you have spaces in your
home that you can make exercise easy. Now we all have great intentions to go
to the gym and I try to go at least twice a week, but there’s just
things that come up. And so having the opportunity to hop on
my Peloton or my treadmill or go up into my yoga space make me have zero excuses
for really getting the stress down and my movement up. And these two things really play a
huge role in my productivity at work. So again, even if you’re
not working from home, if you’re leaving there and going to an
office when you are in that home space, make sure that you’re using it
to support your sleep, your diet, your exercise, that you’re
not sitting too much. All of these things really matter and
you can absolutely design your home to support the life and the business
that you really want to have. So if you want more help learning how
to create a home that supports both your business and your life, check
out my free home blueprint. It’s all about creating
a home that supports you [inaudible].

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