Is Whey Protein Safe ? which one to buy ? [Hindi]


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  2. Sir mera w8t 55 mai why protein use kr sakta hun

  3. Apna mo dech …protein ha ha

  4. look who is advising.. u need fat to fit video

  5. A.j

  6. Kya bola sirr aapne ki jo log mere bloug dekhte hain hahahaha

  7. सर चिप किल्ले गाल विवो प्रोटीन से उपर आ सकते है क्या

  8. Dost ki promtion krdi chutiye ne

  9. Uncle log Gym m kabhi Gaye ho zindagi M

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  11. Shi h bro

  12. Techo ruhez is here

  13. Bro you are handling Fake Whey Protein 😂

  14. Whey protein have many dangerous side effect!

    Which caused me stomach cancer.please do not consume.. this products all are fake.

    Body builder just promotes this product actually they don't even use it, instead they use steroids injected in body which body builder or gym trainer never revealed!

    If possible consume natural food… like fish,egg,banana,dry fruits,milk etc.

  15. Gharwale nhi maanenge😂

  16. chutiyo😂😂

  17. 2016 prasad and 2019 prasad.. Fully changed bro.. ✌️😀

  18. Bhai number kha pe hai

  19. Don’t try to fool the people .
    Gym dekha nahi aur bechane chale Protein.

  20. Hm kon SA le please reply

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