Is the Paris Café Culture Hiding Healthy Eating?

the thing I loved most about Paris was the culture of food and specifically the cafe culture I'm starting to notice a big difference in the flavor of all the items of things I'm eating in Paris the real butter in this croissant has so much more flavor than any I've ever tasted so why does the food seem so much better in Paris the Louvre Museum was a fantastic afternoon of viewing the world's greatest art treasures but I'm more on a search for the greatest French food finds you know the amount of open space here is impressive and the Parisians use the open space and leisurely pace to their great benefit in this park our families joggers men playing chess boys playing soccer and babies feeding ducks but I'm most interested in the vendor selling baguette sandwiches for lunch over there this sandwich like everything I've eaten so far is simple but it tastes better than anything I've ever had that was slathered in sauce it's a simple great baguette with one slice of ham one slice of cheese and a thin swipe of Dijon mustard the dome of sacre couer Cathedral is on the highest point in Paris in momart this artist's town is also the home to the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub and many artists like Toulouse Lautrec Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso but for me the art is in the cafe as Heather and I sat down to the best pizza I've ever had but again it was just too simple to be believed a simple delicate yeast dough crust some crushed fresh tomatoes and a few slices of cheese with some whole basil leaves and the flavor of that basil stayed in my nose for hours and then there were the bakeries ah the patisserie I wasn't in Paris long enough to taste every single one but I sure tried and what I remember thinking was that each one was the work of someone's hands not a machine and when I bought an extra croissant that afternoon it was hard and stale by the next morning no preservatives I got it simple I got it fresh I ate it now well all this fruit exploring has made me tired so it's time to find another cafe and in the market Rue Cler we enjoyed a great light snack with some wine and cheese plate at the Cafe du marché where even the children are very well-behaved the next feast was for our eyes at the Olinger a museum where I got to view Monet's water lilies we stumbled across this ancient Roman arena where children now play soccer and you can't toss a croissant without hitting a cathedral in Paris our quick tour of the beautiful stained glass of saint chapelle only made me four hungry for dinner now and that evening we went to the smallest restaurant I've ever seen it was so small that I couldn't get a photo of every part of it or I'd have to stand outside this is the kitchen and the five tables that had served but here's the key they serve some of the most amazing and artistic food I've ever had these frogs legs were so lightly dredged not deep-fried in a beer batter and the escargot and a parsley butter that just had to be mopped up with a fresh baguette what a great day of food in Paris everything so flavorful yet so simple but I still don't know the French secret to great food you


  1. 0:26 It's not a french because this sign mean "zero" in France!

  2. Good insight.

  3. @s2sari i know.that freaked me out.=/

  4. @TheDave000 Ohh,nice to know..

  5. @ChefToddMohr i love your videos!Planning to move there so i am trying to get as much information as possible! =)

  6. @VivianRinSC U r so right!people don't really TASTE the food and that's bad.u r supposed to enjoy it.

  7. @Garunnu – Thanks for the kind comment. Your English is just fine, better that most people. Good luck in school!

  8. If you want to be a success in this world, just tell people what they want to hear. Otherwise, speak only truth and accept the consequences. "Healthy Food?" Bah, Humbug!

  9. @byLivio Are you kidding? The french invented heavy sauces and highly seasoning food! Look at some of Escoffier's recipies and they are the richest heavyist creations possible. It's all lightened up a lot since the 1970s and neuvelle quisine but still french cooking is some of the heartiest I've come across. Try scandinavia, italy or Japan if you want to see simple light food. Definitely not france! The main difference between french and US is france has the best produce in the world.

  10. Standards + passion. I miss Paris.

  11. @VivianRinSC – Bingo! That's what I hope to prove during the next set of videos. Keep watching, I've got some great footage of Paris coming.

  12. I think the "secret" is in the simplicity and freshness of the ingredients. No matter how fresh a veggies might be in the store, it can't compete with something I just picked from my garden. I don't have to season the things from garden as much as I do veggies from the store. I also think the way food is consumed leisurely may also make it taste better. Here, it's usually in a rush we eat. I know too many who inhale their food. No way they're tasting it.

  13. Maybe part of the secret to "great food" in any culture is for the diner to have a wide enough palate.

  14. Great vid!!!

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