Is Magnesium Stearate Safe In Dietary Supplements?

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand,
author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the CanXida range of dietary supplements. Thanks for checking out my video. Today, we're going to talk about and bust
the myth on "Is magnesium stearate toxic for your health?" So, I like watching that program called Mythbusters. Do you watch that sometimes where these two
crazy guys blow up things and do insane things? I reckon it's a pretty cool program. I'm going to destroy a myth today about how
some people believe that magnesium stearate is poisonous and toxic and destroys your health
and causes cancer and all this sort of crap that I read online. Stearic acid is actually a naturally occurring
fat found in most fatty products. All animal fats. Coconut fat. Cocoa fat. If you're a person who's really worried to
the point where you can't sleep at night because there's magnesium stearate in a dietary supplement,
then please also avoid anything with fat in it. All animal products. Coconut fat. Any kind of fat at all. No chocolate anymore. All that stuff's taken out because all of
that will contain a kind of stearic acid in it. Stearic acid is the immediate precursor to
oleic acid, which is found in coconut oil. If you're having coconut oil, please stop
it. You'll die a horrible death. If you're so petrified about mag. stearate,
you need to carefully think what you're petrified about. Maybe you're getting hyped up by people who
claim it is toxic based on stupid advice because it is not a toxic thing at all. Magnesium stearate found in dietary supplements
is usually six to eight percent magnesium oxide, so it is magnesium bound to stearic
acid. It's used as a lubricant. I used to work a long time ago for a dietary
supplement company in America with a crazy guy who ran the show. Absolute lunatic of a guy who came up with
all these false claims. He was one of the first people to spread this
claim about mag. stearate. When I started to really research it carefully,
I realized that this was a stupid claim to make. It was basically a claim that was perpetuated
by a capsule manufacturer to try and annihilate all of his competitors who made tablets. This particular person started spreading rumors
that mag. stearate is toxic and poisonous. Funny thing is this person was a huge wine
drinker and had huge marital problems and a lot of issues himself. So, you be careful about what you hear online
and why it's being spread. It may actually be a load of crap. As they say, "Be careful about reading health
books because you may die of a misprint." Don't believe everything you read online. Mag. stearate is a perfectly normal and easily
degradable kind of fat in your digestive system. Unless you�ve got cirrhosis of the liver
and you're drinking a bottle of whiskey a day, which I don't think you're doing, you
may have issues with fats. Stearate is required as a lubricant. If we don't use stearate in tablets for example,
we can't compress tablets properly, we can't coat them, machines gum up. They stick. We can only put half as much in a tablet,
which means you've got to take twice as many tablets at a higher cost with a less effectiveness. If you think that stearates are toxic, then
please tell me right now that you're only going to eat rice and nothing but rice because
everything else has got some kind of fat in it. Then you can bet your bottom dollar there
will be some type of stearic acid in any kind of fatty product that you eat. Please don't believe this kind of crap that
you read online. I wrote a big article, which I've often emailed
out to people. My CanXida tablet formulations contain magnesium
stearate. Stearate's been used in tablet manufacturing
now for as long as tablets have been made. Please don't let people tell you it's toxic. The US Pharmacopeia has given it the GRAS
rating, which is generally regarding as safe. The GRAS rating is pretty darn hard to get
hold of if something has got even the slightest possibility of being toxic. Any GNP manufacturer who works with very high
manufacturing procedures will use mag. stearates in a tablet formation. Remember, it was a clever marketing ploy designed
to assassinate anyone who sells tablets or market tablets. It's designed by a person who's anal about
capsules. The funny thing is the capsules the person
was pushing at the time were bovine, so no good for vegans. You be careful about the kind of advice that
you take from people. As I say, please don't die of misprints if
you read something that may not be the way it should be. Take care. Thanks for tuning in.


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