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last year the chair of the Royal College of GP said that fruit and veg is so expensive in Britain that many people simply can't afford to get their five a day it is why we believe that healthy eating is relatively expensive whereas junk food is relatively cheap and this has led some to assume that poor nutrition and obesity are principally driven by economic factors and that some people particularly on low incomes almost have no choice other than to eat junk food takeaways and ready meals but this mantra has stemmed from studies that have compared the price per calorie of various types of food the inherent bias of this method has the effects of making high-calorie food products appear cheap for example a low calorie yogurt appears to be more expensive than an otherwise identical high-calorie yoghurt despite both products retailing at the same price to get to the bottom of whether healthy food really is more expensive than unhealthy food we've used to separate methodologies first we comparing direct substitutes of food products and secondly comparing food products by edible weight there we go 45 P the Dutch watch of my people kilogram here we have the milk skim milk 75 P the same price the semi-skimmed which is the same price as the fourth item okay peace 69p okay more if you want 69p a few frozen peas no we need our starchy carbohydrates we've got the rice right it's very cheap on paths 13 per kilogram even cheaper watching my Pete for kilogram but your cheapest sources of carbohydrates probably are you put some spaghetti here 20 P the whole thing it's 40 people kilogram so then we just need a bit of chicken best bet is this nice chicken breast for pounds per kilogram it's actually on offer over here for pound 17 pick it around now we have the stereotypical junk food the frozen pizzas the ready meals and so on we're gonna try and get the very cheapest versions of all these this seems to be the best bet it's on offer normally two pounds and the currently 1 pound 25 I'm gonna grab some of this this is all quite cheap on the face of it bangers and mash share high in salt high in saturated fat only 1 pound but now these two power 50 per kilogram and a sunny looks not too bad chicken curry and rice high in saturated desert again just only look at the very cheapest foods this is probably the best bet here chocolate fudge cake pie obviously in in sugars one pound fifty and then we've got the crisps everybody knows that crisps are cheap right well depends on you look at it 85p get sealer six bags of crisps per measure by edible weight these are she one of the more expensive items in the shop we got the bacon lots of different types here all of it fairly expensive when you measure it by edible weight 5 pounds 6 power 67 7 pound 15 cheaper small probably this one pound four which is three pound seventy nine per kilogram now we're gonna get to some soft drinks to wash all this down there's the Coke aisle and you can see that syrup caffeine exactly the same price as a full sugar Edition and that's true of all these diet cokes Coke Zero all exactly the same price and then you can go down to the Tesco home brand 53 P a lot cheaper than the premium brands but if you want to go the very cheapest price you've got Sam sugar free there's not a sugary version of the everyday lemonade at all then we've got the water sometimes hear people say that fizzy drinks are cheap in the water the how cars cheap in the water the water 17p cheaper than all the sugary drinks by some distance it turns out there is little difference between the price of regular food products and they're healthier substitutes in most categories a few healthier options like brown rice are more expensive while others like breakfast cereals are cheaper but overall most healthy substitutes cost the same or are within ten percent of the less healthy option now obviously this is just an illustration of a few items from one supermarket but if you go to the new ia Reports cheap as chips available from our website you'll see a lot more evidence showing that a healthy diet is certainly no more expensive than unhealthy diets and very often it's a lot cheaper you


  1. But without government subsidies of sugar and corn (in high fructose corn syrup) the unhealthy food would be more expensive to produce. Yet people still want the government keeping people healthy

  2. To enjoy healthy food, I buy exotic fruits and organic vegetables. That is where the cost is in being healthy is

  3. Really unbelievable the extent people will take to blame everyone but themselves for their problems

  4. I think it might be because they are too afraid to offend the masses (pun intended) of people who can't control their addiction to sugar and the inherent preference for fatty foods. I'm actually mostly buying those kinds of things listed in the video. Sure, some of them don't taste good but at the least all of them are bearable. When I started to be more conscious of my expenses, I used the same calculating method as Mr. Snowdon did here.

  5. Public health are deluded creeps, scared of the mythical big food boogieman.

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