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so in today's doctor Alex answers video I just want to talk a little bit about homeopathy and natural remedies or dietary supplements in pets so stay tuned I'm dr. Alex let's an Aryan behind our pets health calm where my aim is to help you and your pet to live a healthier happier life so make sure you're subscribed if that's something you're interested in and in my dr. Alex answer series I take one of your questions and try and give you the information that you need and today's question comes from Lilia who's a fantastic subscriber and has been commenting and discussing with me a lot of different points on bit loss in my different videos so yeah today's question was asked by Lilia and she watched my video that's all about natural supplements dietary supplements and comparing those to drugs so trying to decide you know which is best what's the difference which is the most appropriate one for your pet well where does homeopathy fits into that is homeopathy and natural product can it be thought of as a natural product or a dietary supplement and the answer really in my mind there's no they're completely different so when I think of a dietary supplement or a natural product I'm mainly thinking about a product that actually has got an active ingredient agreed ingredient in it that does theoretically have a action on a body system so that could be you know any number of things and obviously a lot of our drugs or really all of our drugs come from in originally from natural products so that could be an aspirin which I think comes from a tree bark if memory serves me right but what we've done is we've isolated that individual component of the tree bark to produce the aspirin that we know and that we take you know many times you know a week a month or whatever you know depending on your situation so that's something you know we could instead give tree bark it's not as effective or it's going to be difficult maybe to get the they're kind of an effective dose but we could give that and we could expect that to potentially have an action I'm the same would be if we you know eat lots of fish we expect to get a lot of our essential fatty acids so our omega-3 and our Omega six six essential fatty acid so I'll make a three mainly for fish and we could actually expect that and we could then expect that to have an effect that we know when we purify we take actually essential fatty acid supplements that they potentially have a benefit so if that makes sense we can expect something to have an effect now when it comes to homeopathy there is really and if you've seen my videos on homeopathy you'll know my thoughts on this but there is no theoretical reason that we can expect what is effectively water to have an effect on different body systems depending on what substance has been infinitesimally diluted in it the idea with homeopathy is that you take a substance I'm often it's actually something a part of whatever is causing that disease you're then putting in a little bit of water you're bashing that water against a leather strap or something to impart the energy from that substance into the water and you're then taking a tiny amount of that water and diluting it into more pure water and so on for a lots of different times often thirty times so thirty C means that there's been thirty dilutions and that's quite common one I believe excuse me and statistically there is you know actually none of that original particle an original substance in the homeopathic substance so how can that possibly be expected to have a result that you know effectively it's a belief it's it's you know something that if you think about it logically through that description there's no way that can have an effect there's no explanation for that now whether you couldn't believe in homeopathy or not and if you do you've probably stopped watching by now but we that's very different from a natural substance where I would expect you know there to be a theoretical benefit so something that we're seeing a lot at the moment is supplementation so that comes from a natural source the problem being and we know that when that is in a concentrated form and we're getting a reasonable dose than that potentially has an effect or it has an effect in the lab on kind of cells that are grown in a in a petri dish the problem being though is when we take the natural substances that contain that ingredient we would actually need a ridiculously large amount to get the dose that we need so while you could potentially expect that there might be a benefit from taking those supplements if we break it down the likelihood of that benefit is actually potentially pretty unlikely you know that's not going to be the same for everything I guess we would think of horrible medication is very much the same so herbal medication would be a natural product and natural supplement and natural dietary supplement or a natural medication you know whatever the words you want to use again it it may have that active ingredient but whether it has it in the right concentration or not or whether there are other things within that natural product that may actually increase the risk of of side effects developing because you may have kind of compare different chemicals competing with each other I'm I guess an example of that would be would be cannabis so something you know CBD oil is something that is is you know gaining popularity and that can definitely be thought of as a natural medication and natural product or a dietary supplement to use to treat arthritis or epilepsy potentially arm or anxiety but if you just took it from the gave cannabis then that also has um the THC which is the psychoactive compound so while you might get the benefit of CBD you'll also get the downside of the THC and that in extreme circumstances can you know be really dangerous although by and large marijuana is something that is pretty safe and I've certainly discussed that in my couple of other videos about both of those topics so yeah I hope that answers your question I hope that's kind of made things a little bit clearer and not kind of complicated matters yeah I hope it's not kind of too much of a a rant or anything for you but you know that's my thoughts really on where you know homeopathy and maybe a lot of these other kind of alternative remedies come in you know they they maybe not have many much evidence behind them there's maybe no theoretical way that you can link the suppose that effect they have on the body system that they're supposed to be affecting and also often with sorry we've got my cat here so normally I shut my cat's out when I'm filming but Molly has just come to join me and you might have heard her meowing earlier she's wondering what's going on while she's been picked up and shown to the camera and she can see herself anyway the other thing Lily I mentioned was about using kind of natural supplements or dietary supplements you know should use them instead of drugs or is it part of a combination I guess generally in the vast majority of cases if we're going to use them at all if we're going to try them we should definitely think of them as complementary to other things that we can do so that's not always drugs that could be in the case of arthritis we might give a glucosamine and chondroitin or a green lipped mussel extract we might start giving fish oils or we might feed a specific I'm joint diet but we don't want to do that in isolation at the same time we want to control exercise we want to think about modifying one of our pets environment so soft bed keeping them out of a draught reducing the risk of them falling over on slippery floors so putting down rugs and mats and that kind of thing so we want to think of a lot of a lot of diseases we want to think of that it's just one part of the treatment strategy anyway that's it from me those are my thoughts it's getting late and I don't want to ramble on too long but yeah I hope that answers your question Lilia I'm if not you can always leave me a comment down below and I'll try and yeah try and answer that a little bit better but also if you've got a question like Lilia you can just ask me you know over on my website if you follow the link and I'll leave that in the description then I'll do my best to get you the information that you need as well make sure you're subscribed if you're interested in videos like this give it a thumbs up if you've enjoyed it and until next time I'm dr. alex from our pets health and this is the show where you ask the questions and dr. 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