Is Hidden Mold The Hidden Cause Of Your Health Problems? with Dr. Mark Filidei

welcome back so we're talking with dr. mark phillyd a of integrative functional medicine here at aim and Clinics he's taught me so much about how to work up a toxic brain and mold was sort of the thing that started it off for me that patient that I mentioned Carolyn and I'm like her brain's being assaulted and not one lecture when I was a psychiatric resident or a child Skytree fellow on mol mental health right and then about 13 years ago Dave Asprey so the really well-known CEO bulletproof coffee he got aspects can actually from a friend of mine in San Jose who I taught how to do spec and his brain looked moth-eaten and Dave was doing his MBA at the Wharton School where President Trump got his but he said he couldn't think that he had brain fog he had anxiety he had insomnia I thought he had a DD but his scan showed severe overall low activity and then he discovered he had mold and he actually went on to do a documentary called moldy right that you can watch online I excitedly like free mo LD I think or you can google it and find it and I mean just stunning I have his brain 13 years later and it's dramatically better so so what do you know about mold how often do you find it and what are the symptoms and then why do you do about it right so I actually do quite a few talks around the country on mold I actually used the Dave's intro to moldy to show folks how it can really affect people dramatically it's a pretty good movie I ask every single patient that we see have you ever lived in a place that's had a water leak roof leak plumbing problem be amazed how many people say yes or do you get use your basement get wet especially in the Midwest where you have basements they get wet they get moldy mold is really bad for your brain it's very common it's also in food of course dave has you know bulletproof coffees one of his main things it's in coffee and other things too so it can be ingested but we're more concerned about what's in your house so how do you know if you have mold if you have if you see a spot on your ceiling you probably have mold behind it this is not the stuff you see in the shower or the little mildew that's not what we're talking about there's usually hidden it's behind the walls it's in the ceiling it's under the floor had many patients that's have come through here all if if not all many of their problems are directly from mold exposure so mold is everywhere there's some bad ones though they're called toxic molds they produce mycotoxins those are really bad for your brain anybody could have a reaction like an allergy reaction runny nose watery eyes any mold can do that the toxic molds are the ones were more concerned about the so called black mold it can cause very weird psychological symptoms neurologic symptoms fatigue brain fog is the most common thing I hear about I just can't focus I just can't think anymore my memory is going not so much on the pain that's more kind of a Lyme thing but you certainly can't get things with mold so if you've had a water leak in your house you may very well have a problem I just had one of our patients who had a mold inspector come by didn't find I suspected mold because they were testing positive mold inspector came by did a very poor job didn't find anything I said no you really have it I'm sure they had another person come in and it was scary the room he was sleeping and this is the husband who had multiple issues OCD anxiety he had cancer a few years before and mycotoxins are immunosuppressive they will promote cancer so it was all behind the walls black mold behind the walls under the floor in sealing and he was living in this for years that could obviously affect you in a very adverse way so it can be stealth you don't have to have a Katrina mold problem to have an issue so for patients that specifically have exposure in the home that know about it it can be a problem you can do home mold tests so mold testing can be problematic again I could talk for hours on this I do but you can test your home you can test your body so we do tests here that can if not directly but indirectly show us you have mold exposure so um you know when you brought up Katrina I'm just thinking of places where there floods right where you start and hurricanes or Florida where you get really whole populations exposed to high levels of mold I used to live in Hawaii and humid when I actually I grow on your shoes that's right I had two Haitians say that yeah take care of it and when you live near the beach there's often Malta's grows faster correct the humidity do you remember my dad when he had a mold right right right and he got depressed and this is a guy that doesn't get depressed he gives depression so if people suspected it's like wait a minute I have I've had a flood I've I have these water damage spots on my ceiling can they go to Home Depot and get a kit and have those those aren't great so if you want to do your own home testing you can do something called an ER me test erm that's actually kind of government approved relative mold enos test can be helped much more specific than a home depot test so you can order those online there might be a couple hundred bucks but it gives you an actual parental what's there specifically you can also get a mold inspector of course if you're really worried about it okay so you could do a whole mold to give you a basic idea so yeah it can be tested answer those testing as well as rid of the mold is critically important how do people once they have it in their body get rid of it so very good question and so there's kind of two major schools of thought out there one is just to get rid of the toxins with binders charcoal clay oral stuff but you may actually be colonized by this so the only time you ever hear about mold in medical school is when we talk about Aspergillus so yeah it's called an aspergillosis immunocompromised cancer patients but guess what you could have a little bit of that in there even if you're healthy and you're kind of bringing your mold factory with you continuing to get the mold so you need to do systemic treatment sometimes medication nasal spray is what have you so didn't need to be determined where it is as to how you get rid of it and mold is fungus so is there a connection between that and Candida yeah so it's it's in the kingdom of fungi so yeasts and molds right some yeast people of right it's in beer or wine so but you get the idea there that the yeast are turning grape juice into wine by creating alcohol so those can do that in your stomach Candida can turn the sugar you eat into alcohols which is why a lot of people with Candida have brain fog and insomnia and anxiety problems it's not the same kind of thing kind of but it's not the same kind of alcohol not that not the good guy so does it make you feel good does it make you feel really loopy Spacey so one of the top things I see biological causes of anxiety insomnia and sleep is Candida all right so when we come back we are gonna talk about Candida and then we're gonna begin to talk about affections that can also be toxic for your brain stay with us if you're enjoying the brain Warriors Way podcast please don't forget to subscribe so you'll always know when there's a new episode and while you're at it feel free to give us a review or 5-star rating as that helps others find the podcast if you're interested in coming tame and clinics use the code podcast tab to get a 10% discount on a full evaluation at Amen Clinics comm for more information give us a call at eight five five nine seven eight one three six three

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